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Unfortunately, it is no longer for sale in Hong Kong.

I purchased one about ten years ago, as I was entering an Oto showroom and was highly recommended by another visitor who was a chef and had been suffering from elbow pain. Since a few years ago, the product is no longer available at Oto. About the same time, the power adaptor broke down and the device could not be used for awhile until I found a similar power adaptor to replace it.

Purchased in June 2009.

Best therapy money can buy and you can use it over and over

The e-cell was introduced to me by my Occupational therapist (deep tissue injury) who by the way charges $80 a for a 30min consult. Before I was always at the chiro/physio/OT for deep tissue inflammation from repetitive labour work. Using anti inflammatory drugs and creams with remedial massage did help, but it was very expensive as usually I would need many sessions just to get better. Since I purchased the E-cell, I have been able to use it myself, lend it to family members and refer others onto it. I have the E-cell for over 7 years now and have had so many uses out of it that it paid for itself. Furthermore, each time i do 4 x 30 min sessions (so 1hr in morning and 1hr before bed), the pain in the affected area is totally gone and movement is as normal by the next day. I no longer take anti inflammatory drugs or go to the therapist and neither do any of the people I have recommended the E-cell to. It is not an over night cure but with constant use, the damaged tissue or nerves seemed to have healed. If I had to see the therapist for 7yrs I would be broke and the pain would be my wallet. Thank you to the people who developed this. I really can't thank you enough.


I have had my Ecell for years. I used to wake up with hands like claws and was in pain. That no longer happens, having sat and watched TV at night clutching my eCell for weeks then months. (Helps other parts of my body too, including shoulders.) I've recommended it to an aunt who was in pain walking up steps. She's no longer facing knee surgery. I'm about to recommend it to another friend and that's what made me put this up.

E-Cell continues to amaze me

I own an e-cell (and sell them) and use it for everything from bruises, swelling, sore back/disc problems, osteo arthritis in the neck, aches from hard work in the garden, carpal tunnel etc with amazing results. When a friend visited with his swollen knee strapped up (he is getting a reconstruction mid January) I strapped it on with the vascular card for 1 hour. I wasn't hopeful of a great result because of the short amount of time he used it but when he stood up without pain and could straighten it as well, I thought 'how good is that ?' Also he is still without pain after a week and his friend has bought one on his testimony. If you own one and it isn't working for you check that the cards are inserted correctly. They are small and when not familiar with them it is easy to do.

As good as they say it is!!

We bought one of these a year ago, my husband's OT suggested it for his shoulder injury. A year on, his only complaint is trying to get it off me :) After 40 plus years of netball, my knees leave a lot to be desired. With the E-cell I can play my weekly netball, pop the E-cell on with the vascular card inserted and all post netball inflammation is gone. I also use it as an ongoing treatment for my knees, using the cards in the suggested order. My elbow bursitis is also kept under control by using the E-cell. As for my husband - he's also found relief from his shoulder injury! The E-cell does just what they say it does. We're very impressed and would recommend it for anyone who wants to minimise their pain and suffering.

Great little device!!!

I bought the e-cell by chance at the local agri show, not really expecting much from it.
I'm 34 years old and have osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease in my lower back. I started having trouble with it around 10 years ago and it got much worse this year... couldn't bend over, very stiff especially in the mornings, very bad sciatic pain, the need for painkillers...
I used the e-cell almost constantly after i bought it and was very suprised that my back seemed to be getting better after only a few days of using it. I finally can move again, hardly any stiffness, no constant pain anymore. I haven't taken any painkillers at all!
Coincidence? Maybe... But it's telling to see some stiffness and pain coming back if I don't use it!

E-Cell was the best investment I did for my back!


I have a constant ache in my lower back due to Osteoporosis (T-2.6), or should I say I used to have a permanent ache. Use the e-cell three times a day or when you are working and - no pain. I have now been using it for 4 weeks, and consider it the best value for money drugfree pain relief you can buy. I am also looking forward to using the osteoarthritis card for other aches & pains
It works! Drugfree pain relief. Invented and produced by an Australian company.
Runs for 30 minutes at a time, so if you want to use it for longer periods you need to press the start button again. A small price to pay.

I will absolutely guarantee this review was written by someone connected directly to the sale/ownership or distribution of this tool. How strange the company has been going going for 6 years (they claim and no reason to believe otherwise) and this is the only review - and such a glowing one at that..... it is not hard to read between the lines, the way this one is written is just a bit over the top......oh, in case you are wondering, - yes we have one of e e-cell units and certainly would never be able to write anything nearly as good as this near perfect little pitch, but it will no doubt pull in a few naive punters - JB UKDerek certainly does not have any connection with the suppliers of the ecell other than as a customer. Everyone responds differently to the e-cell but we can absolutely confirm that we have a better than 95% success rate based on our 90day money back guarantee. The e-cell also has the benefit of scientific double blind trials conducted by Edith Cowan University in Western Australia. Go to www.ecell.com.au for general information or www.medictechnology.com for more detailed technical info. It's not magic, just science; mimicking the body's own endogenous signals to speed recovery from injury, or degenerative issues. Over 6000 sold in Australia alone with less than 2% return. Derek I love my ecell can I use it for headaches if so what chip

Questions & Answers

Hi, please tell me where I can buy battery for e -cell? Is only working 5 minutes and stop. So I assume the battery are gone. I tried in many places to buy batteries and nobody can help me. Regards Izabella
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I don't think the normal user can actually change it. If I had trouble with my battery, I'd get in contact with the person who sold it to me. Or if that's not possible, contact someone from eCell directly. Sorry I can't be of more help

Could you tell me if the e-cell is the same as you would use in a operating theatre? Thank you.
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Found this question by accident. For information on this product please go to our web sites www.ecell.com.au for general info and www.medictechnology.com for more more detailed info. The e-cell is designed to speed recovery by modulating cellular membrane in order to maintain the cells resting potential thus preventing the natural leaching of potassium through lack of movement or exercise due to injury, accident or post op. etc. we have many, many people who have benefited using it both pre and post op.