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EC Credit Control

EC Credit Control

2.8 from 11 reviews

Excellent Service!

I have been talking about having legitimate terms of trade completed for quite a while. I finally bit the bullet and Kay has made the process quick, simple and easy. I was very happy with the price and could not recommend Kay and the team at EC Credit Control any higher.

Persistence Pays!

I had my terms of trade complete quite a while ago but never got around to sending them out. Due to reminders from the wonderful Kay and with her help, going above and beyond, they've finally been sent out to clients.

EC Credit - Great Service

We have been dealing with EC Credit for a number of years now and have found them to be very professional and informative.
Our first point of contact is Paul Willis, the Area Manager ..... if he doesn't know the answer to our enquiry, he will follow it up or refer us to the right person.
Yes ..... You pay for their service, but it is their area of expertise and knowledge that is the greatest benefit to our business.
In late 2018, we had our Terms of Trade updated for a couple of different entities.
We have used their Debt Collection services in the past and in regards to PPSR, we had our equipment already registered and have used EC Credit as a referral point since.
We believe our business is in a better position from a legal standing since working with EC Credit ensuring we are kept up to date with the latest Trading practices.

Fantastic Service

EC Credit Control approached us to discuss how we extend credit to our customers, we met with David and he confirmed what we had always known but never acted on, that our Terms and conditions were not sufficient. David helped us implement a raft of practical changes that have really improved how quickly we get paid and its even empowered us when dealing with disputes.

EC Credit control disgraceful company

my husband and I run a small contractor business and we were approached by the coffs harbor rep from ec credit control, we were in the HIA for years and he told me that they are miles ahead in service for a one off price of 3500.
DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THESE FOOLS, it is not a one off fee, nor is the service was he says it is, absolutely rude people and I think they do this to get your money and they want you to stop dealing with them, im disgusted in how they treated our clients as well, we got a bad name by their bullying to get money back for us, now our business has suffered from engaging them, do yourself a favour, don't be sold by a stupid salesman do your research, read the reviews and for tradesmen look at someone like the HIA
their contracts look like a mixture of HIA and MBA and office of fair trading all rolled into one.
there was no half a star so I had to pick one star
this business wont last long, bad service, rude staff and a bunch of shonks, absolute waste of money,

Unprofessional organisation

I had several missed calls in the early morning from Malcolm of EC Credit Control. I wondered why someone was so persistently trying to call me at unreasonable hours so I called back. Malcolm was interested in engaging my services as a private investigator and wanted me to meet someone and sign up for something to see if those people had stolen his template documents. I told him I didn’t do that sort of work but would happy to discuss with him in case I could refer it on to someone else. Malcolm said he was in Brisbane but would call me when he returned. He didn’t call, and in fact rather surprisingly and humorously and odd lodged a complaint about me with, well, my own business. So, obviously his strange complaint - under the name “TGary” at Gmail - went nowhere.

I’ve sometimes wondered if I should call back and ask him what his motivation here was but I have not been sufficiently interested, however my enduring memory is that EC Credit Control is clearly an unprofessional organisation of cowboys, not professional investigators.

No idea on service

I have never written a review in my life but for this I had too!
Don't waste your time, far more better companies that are worth investing time with. I was mislead and requested a meeting in which the SALES lad who signed me up came in and black and white fluffed around why we were being charged for an unsettled client matter. The accounts and sales team are detached and have no idea on client value. This is a money train and you won't make money from the credit service as they have charges that aren't clear and the sales team don't even understand them.

Verbally abused me and threatened me

Im a person who has dissability. I get dissability pension and a single mum of three. Today they threatened and verbally abused me. I was shocked and had to go to hospital with heart condition

Rude, Arrogant

Save your money, do not buy into this service, I wasted every cent I spent on this so called service, [name removed] very rude and up him self. Would not recommend them.

Excellent Job

I have used EC Credit control for not only My Business Terms and Conditions which they totally removed the "fluff" but also for chasing a Clients Outstanding debtors. They are extremely professional, ask a lot of pertinent questions and actually give you the time to get the paperwork together which most don't. I have NO hesitation in recommending EC Credit Control for Any legalities with regard to your business.

A total scam

I "used" EC Credit Control, years back... They offer "Terms of Trade" which is a copy and paste of terms documents readily available online.
Then they offer "debt collection", you are meant to prepay "debt collection fees" and they you are "sure to get your bad debt"
Well this is a total scam, they will write letters to the non paying client, which they can just ignore, and then they will say "we have done all we could"
Save your money, do not buy into this service, I wasted every cent I spent on this so called service.

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