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Ecosa Topper

Ecosa Topper

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Useless and misleading

Purchased the ecosa mattress topper as it states it will Transform Your Old Mattress - Turn your old mattress into a 5-star luxury comfort by adding extra cushioning to comfort your body, absolute nonsense. Also this mattress topper gets extremely hot but ecosa website states - Sleep Cool - The unique 3D structure has cool spaces in between and pin-core holes throughout to keep you cool at night, again absolute nonsense. The only positive reviews about this mattress topper seem to be the ones used on the ecosa mattress, but the ecosa website clearly states "your old mattress ". The 100 night trail does not apply to the mattress topper because the ecosa knows it's a fail and it will definitely be returned. All purchasers should report this to department of fair trading.

Purchased in July 2018 for $320.00.

Heats up NOT cooling tecnology!

The matress topper heats up during the night. The first night I woke up my body was overheating. I thought oh wow I've just wasted $300+. After reading ecosa don't take it back (illegal i would have thought according to Australian consumer affairs) I was determined to keep it on in the hope my body would adjust and get used to it. Its been 10 days and I've just ripped it off the bed at 3am! So annoyed

Purchased in April 2019 at Ecosa for $320.00.


I had an ecosa mattress given to me and the company was so nice with my questions (and I asked 100) and i had been saving up for the topper which was priced at 319 for a queen. It was taking me ages because Im on a pension and its not easy to save. Then I saw the black friday sale and I thought thats great. 25% off 319 and with this other coupon I had it brought it down to somewhere reachable for me. Then I go to the site and the price now reads 400 with 20% off which brings it down to 320 (not 319) but "generously" made to be 25% instead which brings it down to 300, not 239.25 which it would have been. I really quite upset and frustrated because of this. It was hard enough trying to save up what I have so far. I was hoping to get the topper before the 100 night trial expired so I could see if the mattress was going to be good for me. And judging from the comments if its not good I wont be able to get back what I saved if it doesnt work out.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Ordinary - too hot, wake up sore

Bought this topper a couple of years ago for about $300, tried it on several different mattresses in the hope that it would get better, but I was kidding myself. Very hot, wake up sweating in mid winter, feels like sleeping on a giant marshmallow, you sink into it and it’s an effort to roll over in the middle of the night which tends to wake you up. Better to put your hard earned money towards a good quality mattress.

Date PurchasedMay 2016


Mattress is of pretty low quality, when they say that you can alter the firmness - makes no difference, also, the different layers mean you get an ugly miss-shaped mattress.

The service is deplorable, they were 1 week late in delivery after I specifically confirmed the delivery date, to be told they had updated their systems and were again late. They then never processed the poultry $30 refund after I chased it up 3 times.

I find the product horrendous, really it is cheap for a reason it's a terrible mattress, and the service worse.

Sold mine to buy a Sleeping Duck and much happier.

The sheets are ok, very expensive for what they are.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

No good

I brought a Ecosa Topper found it is no good wake up every day in pain I can't even return it as they don't refund on the Toppers so now am stuck with it never buy through them again

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Rubbish Topper

I bought an ecosa topper based on all the hype on their website which is totally misleading, I suffer from 2 fused vertebrae of the spine, they said it would help ease the pain when I rang them, but it's the total opposite it's worse than sleeping on a wooden plank it's way too hard, so into the garage it went & I purchased an alternate brand topper so now I get a decent nights sleep, I wrote a review on their website & they won't even publish it which makes me question all their so called good reviews.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Don’t know what the hype is about!

We purchased this topper with the promise of softness and a cool night sleep. And with a hefty price tag we had a high expectation. This topper survived one night, just one! If you have the expectation of a cloud of softness, you will be dissapointed! It is not soft by any means (maybe I am spoilt I like a very soft bed) I was left with a sore back and sleepless night. I ended up purchasing a better topper at a local bedding store.
And with a no return policy we put this purchase down to a bad night a casino scenario, left with less money and nothing to show for it!

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Ecosa Queen Topper

My partner found the ecosa mattress too hard and we purchased the mattress topper. While it made a difference to him, I anticipated a better product for the price. The topper attaches to the mattress with elastic bands on the corners, which squishes the mattress, slip off easily and don't keep the topper in place. I expected that the topper would be fitted, like a fitted sheet.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Worst mistake I ever made.

Decided to give the topper and pillow a go. Big no massive mistake. You'll get a better pillow from red dot for $20, but at least i got that. I have been waiting 2 weeks for the topper and will probably have to wait another 2 weeks for it as apparently they sent the topper to a unknown address. And don't bother calling them or using the online chat to get things sorted out. They actually tried to blame me, said I gave them the wrong address, how did the pillow get delivered then. Stay away is all i can say. Far far away.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Cannot live without my new topper

Love my new topper! Very comfortable on my bed as it has added more cushioning. Thanks Ecosa for creating such an awesome product! I cannot live without this product. will purchase the pillowcase soon

Terrible Product and Terrible Service by the Customer Care assistant Cyrille

Bought the Ecosa King Size topper, the webpage for the topper leads you to believe there's a 100 day trial. So that's the only reason we chose it. Tried it out, and it made my back worse, as well as too hot. Went to return it and they said the topper does not have a trial.

March 11th 2018 Update:
The mattress topper was not comfortable and became too hot. I also could not reach a deeper sleep so was constantly tired. Only reason we purchased was because the webpage for the topper contains "Invest in our mattress today. We offer 100 day trial". When we went to return the mattress, this was instead for a different product, so now we are stuck with a useless mattress. We tried it again for a longer period of time but we became a lot more tired. Do not recommend at all

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Not my matrress, great service

We gave the Ecosa a try, but it was too hard for us. The topper made it much better, but after I got back pain, we had to give the mattress back. While the mattress wasn't for us, the service - delivery, contact, pick up, refund - was straight forward and very easy. ★★★ for the mattress, ★★★★★ for the service.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Misleading and Deceptive Policy

WARNING - Although they state in large writing that there is 100-day money back TRIAL. This only applies to the mattress not the topper. We wanted to return topper unused and in its original packaging but they will not accept it. I will never deal with this company again. They advertise 100 day free trial on their front page and then bury the details in the fine print. Good luck to anyone dealing with this company.

Date PurchasedOct 2017
Hello Sorry to hear you are unhappy with our policy. All information relating to our trial period does clearly state "Ecosa mattress". Even the banner you are referring to on our home page which states "100 NIGHT TRIAL, 15 YEAR WARRANTY We invite you to try the Ecosa mattress for 100 days and let your body decide. Our rules are simple. If You don't like it. We Refund It!" This information is not at all hidden or deceptive and is available on multiple pages on our website but we apologise for the inconvenience causedYour comments is disingenius. You are not at all sorry for the inconvenience caused. You should clearly and expressly state that the 100 NIGHT TRIAL DOES NOT APPLY to the MATRESS TOPPER. You don't and then treat your customers with contempt for misunderstanding your policies. I sent you a photo of the product unopened and still in its original packaging but you will not accept its return. Your company is disgrace.

Great night sleep!

Well so far the mattress is great. We bought the mattress topper as well which gives a bit more comfort to the hard mattress to suit both my husband and myself.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Very Comfortable

I bought this mattress and topper for my 22 year old daughter who is very very happy with it. The mattress on its own would have been a bit hard, but with the topper, she says it's very comfortable, very supportive and is so pleased with it that when I need a new mattress, this is definitely what I will be buying.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Stop procrastinating and just ORDER ONE NOW!

I was only allowed to buy/try a new mattress because of the return policy, as my partner was very attached to our old mattress. I extensively researched all the online mattress options and gravitated to ECOSA because it had 3 comfort firmness levels (whereas the others pretty much only had one = firm).
We ordered the mattress at 8pm Sunday evening and it ARRIVED LESS THAN 24hrs LATER! Super impressive!
We unpackaged it and slept on it straight away (did smell a bit latexy on the first night, but totally bearable) on the standard default firmness option. This was too hard for us, so after a quick email to customer service, they promptly responded to flip over the first layer. So the 2nd night was much more comfortable, but still not perfect. So we ordered the mattress topper. HOLY MOLY that has been life changing. My partner is an insomniac and after adding the mattress topper on top he said it was the best he had slept in YEARS! He then chucked the old mattress out in the council clean-up, ITS GOOOOONE!! And pretty much since then our sleeping has improved. The minimal partner disturbance is the BEST.
Buy one NOW - you'll be wondering why you took so long to get one! :)

Date PurchasedSep 2017

We took to our new mattress, like ducks to the water!

The Mattress is beautifully supporting our body weight, we never feel the partner move or roll over. Without the topper we felt the body was just lying on top, without sinking in at all. Now with the topper the support is the same and the sleeping comfort is better, as the body slightly sinks into the surface.We are thrilled to to have found this mattress, as we loved the mattress at a hotel in Calgary, Canada, which had similar characteristics.

Date PurchasedJul 2017


I love our Ecosa mattress, its seriously the best bed we have ever had. At first i did think it was too firm so changed the inside to the med-firm arrangement and it was better. Still not exactly what i wanted though, so we ordered the topper and its divine!!! Its cosy comfy but firm and my back feels amazing since sleeping in this bed. So does my husbands. I truly love the combination of the mattress with the topper, it is truly luxury plus.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

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Questions & Answers

I've just purchased the newer version and have set it to the medium/firm setting. Will it soften or should I buy the Topper? It's a lot more to spend after buying a mattress. Can you trial the Topper? Is there a discount to buy it if you've just purchased a mattress?
2 answers
HI Anne I recommend you change the setting to medium if you are finding the mattress firm on the medium-firm setting. There is a zip around the base of the mattress, undo this and peel off the top cover. There is a secondary cover inside with another zipper, again unzip this and peel the top off the whole way. This will leave you with two layers of mattress in individual protection socks. The base layer (yellow) is the biggest, leave that as it is. The top layer is the natural latex and gel memory foam layers. Flip this layer over so that the blue side is on top. This will make the mattress softer We suggest allowing 2-4 weeks for your body to adjust to a new mattress and for the gel memory foam to soften to your body. Please keep the topper as a last resort after really trialling the mattress as there is no trial period on the topper however we can offer a discount on the topper if you wish to purchase one and have previously ordered our mattressHi there, I am thinking about ordering a Q mattress after purchasing a KS through your company for my son. If I buy the Q mattress and then decide to purchase the Q topper, how much discount will there be please? Much thanks, Annette