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MicroCloud Mattress Toppers
Latest review: My old, relatively cheap topper had gone flat. Was looking for something a little more substantial and you get what you pay for. I thought that the price for this topper, though not cheap, was also

Super Sleeper Pro
Latest review: Have had the topper for nearly a year, we purchased it for our holiday rental, I sleep like a baby on it. I am thinking about getting another one for the other beds. All the guests who have stayed

Ecosa Topper
Latest review: I had an ecosa mattress given to me and the company was so nice with my questions (and I asked 100) and i had been saving up for the topper which was priced at 319 for a queen. It was taking me ages

Bambillo Mattress Topper
Latest review: Ive had mine for less two years. Ive washed the machine washable cover 3times & now, its shrunken at least 3inchs from Queen size, to more Double. Also, straps are useless.Mine broke two months aftr

Protect-a-Bed Quilted Cotton Mattress Protector
Latest review: I was bullied into buying the Protect-a-Bed Ultimate mattress protector when I purchased a Sealy Crown Jewel bed from Harvey Norman (a double disaster). Because I didn't need a new protector I didn't

Ovela (Kogan) 400TC 100% Bamboo
Latest review: These are simply awesome. So soft, light weight. I'm not sure how well they will wear as yet. Sheets seem thin to me. I'm hoping this is due to sheets being bamboo. I've read the bit about pilling.

Sonar THERMO-regulator Mattress Topper
Latest review: I bought a mattress protector and one pillow protector. First I started with the pillow protector, I did not know how much it cooled my head down until I took it off. Now it's coming up to winter

Downtime Supreme Mattress Topper
Latest review: Love it! I was a bit skeptical when we bought it, but from the first night on, it's been a wonderful addition to the bedroom. We originally bought it rather than a pillow top mattress as a

Killarney Elite Mattress Topper
Latest review: The mattress topper is excellent. It makes the whole bed feel so much more luxurious that you do not want to get out of it in the morning. It makes you feel like you are sleeping in a five star hotel

Protect-a-Bed Bamboo Mattress Protector
Latest review: It is very hard to find a mattress protector for an ultra king/California king bed in Australia. This is a great fit and the material very smooth. I also bought 5 of the cotton quilted versions

Downia Feather Bed Mattress Topper
Latest review: We recently stayed at 5star hotel where this product was on the bed because we checked it out before we left. So when we returned we went on line and brought it. Its just great we love it. You will

Tontine Dry Sleep Protector
Latest review: If you are toilet training a child (who doesn't want to wear a pull up) this matress protector is essential as you will innevitably have at least one experience where it saves you! When my 3yr old

Crown Chiro Support Mattress Topper
Latest review: Bought mine off gumtree secondhand. Was 4 years old at the time. Was worried the mattress topper would have gone all wobbly by now but it's actually perfect. Extremely comfortable. Feels like I'm

Protect-A-Bed StayNew Mattress Protector
Latest review: Can't really fault this. I bought this for the kids beds because it was cheaper than the quilted which I bought for me. It has a smooth surface nicer than percale so I sometimes don't bother with

Halcyon Dreams Woollen Underlays
Latest review: I originally had an expensive 100% latex mattress for many years and was very happy with it. But one day I found that I was waking up with hip or back pain almost everyday. So we decided to update

Microluxury Platinum Memory Microfibre 900 GSM Topper QB
Latest review: We purchased this topper from TVSN and absolutely love it-- It is so comfortable and lovely to sleep on. The skirt is very generous-- enough to cover the mattress We have had mattress covers before

Protect-a-Bed Linen Protector/Drawsheet
Latest review: Basics - toilet training may require you to change sheets.. Lots of them.. However, with the use of a drawsheet like the Protect-A-Bed one, it made my life just that little bit easier. Instead of

Pikapu Mattress Protectors
Latest review: The mattress protector is designed to fit on top of the bed sheets to protect the mattress and fitted sheet. It being on top allows for a quick bed change at night enabling you to get the child back

Tontine Foam Underlay
Latest review: Bad hip/leg pain for months. Bought the Tontine Comfortech Memory Foam mattress topper on sale for $96 [normally $160] in Spotlight. The box makes it look about 10cms thick. In reality it

Sheridan Ultimate Dream Bed Topper
Latest review: I bought this topper rather than replacing a new mattress which was a bit too firm for my liking . Best decision ever. This topper has made my bed so comfortable and gives me a lovely nights sleep.

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