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Fiat Scudo

Fiat Scudo

1994-2006 and 2007-Present
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Purchased 2013 and done 377000k and still going

Purchased mine in 2013 and still going. Done about 380000k same turbo and starter plus engine. Replaced clutch at 300000 and alternator as well. Driveshaft changed but they modified by A1 Driveshafts’a and no clicking noise just need to change the rubber when they get old and that’s it. Aircon works well.

Up and downs well it went through a lot so bit noisy sliding doors, gloves box be careful if broken have to replace the whole thing. Windscreen bit of rust from rock chips. Parts are expensive but you can find yourself cheaper online. Still getting one tank 850 to 900+ks. Love the van as I said been through a lot and still going.

Purchased in March 2013 at Coburg.

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Love My Scudo

Bought my 2013 model Scudo with only 22,000km on the clock for $13750 in September 2017 and absolutely love the car in every way. Everything works fantastic and it is a pleasure to drive. I highly recommend this car and model to any potential buyers. It has all the same features as the 2015 model. Earlier versions don't have blue tooth. It's so cheap to run and yet still so powerful. I can drive right around Australia (15,000km) and only fill up 15 times and it will only cost me $1500 on fuel. I'm totally amazed at this van.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Why did I Buy a Fiat Scudo?????

My misadventure started when I purchased my brand new Fiat Scudo in June 2013,
I use my Scudo for deliveries
I will try to keep my long and SAD story short, I could write a book about it
Since brand new the air conditioner never worked properly, it was very temperamental and when it decide to work it would not get below 15 degrees. Ever summer it would spend at least 4-6 weeks off the road in the work shop.
Work shop replaced the Compressor 3 times , belts, thermostat, fuse box,all the hoses and whatever else they did replace. Ever time I would collect my van from the work shop the result would be the same as before
When it did decide to work the lowest temp would be 15 degrees.
Never had a van as a replacement, they would give me a car...great
To keep working I had to hire a van
It took 3.5 years to resolved the issue.
After many emails and phone calls to the Fiat Head office never received a phone back or reimbursement for the hire of another van while my Scudo was in the workshop
The repairs where carried out by a third party
After 3.5 yrs I have a working freezing cold Air Con
The End

BadgeFiat Scudo 2013
Date PurchasedJun 2013

Love my Scudo

Bought brand new in Jan2015.Ran engine in for 5k.Did oil change to full synthetic.Fitted a full turbo back exhaust 65mm system,no cats.Egr delete complete.Air box intake mod and reroute.Turbo intake piping, mods to intercooler plumbing.Complete ECU remapping.Power went from 88kw stock to 142kw.Runs like absolute dream.
Done sound deadening through out the van.Great van,driving comfort,handling and great value for money. One has to bear in mind that like with all things in life,if one does not look after your things properly then one will end up with problems.Change the oil and filter every 5k.Warm up the engine properly.Dont drill the clutch and brakes and don't be stupid and it will last a long time.

Badge(No Badge)

Scudo ain't no slouch

I got a brand new scudo 6 months ago and I'm pretty impressed, I've had Vito and iloads before this Scudo and I tell you what, value for money, comfort and drivaiity is as good if not better. It's got grunt and handles well. First week I had it i went to Narooma NSW from Melbourne and realised I'm on a winner her, went through all elements and felt solid and safe.
It's done 25000 in 4 months and stop starts about 15 - 25 times a day and hasn't missed a beat. Although a good van !!!!
There are a few things I'm not happy with and looking into at the moment. At 80- 100 kphand a bit if wind the roof toward the rear buckles in ad out making a loud noise, think they need another roof support in that section.
The side panels where windows normally are is very thin and dented other sides easily by a plastic sanitary unit with no weight at all so that's really passing me off.
******Now the Dealer *******
BRIGHTON FIAT / ALFA in Bentleigh Melbourn on the Nepean hwy.
Very bad service and didn't hold to there word or what was promised, after Dealing with the sales manager about the van being late and found they had to reorder it, after having to wait another month it was still going to be a wait so the said take the silver one they had in the yard at no paint cost, went to pick it up and get told they need you replace an altinator. After I finally get it they reneg and refuse the $1000 fuel voucher because it ended this month and I needed to take possession that before the start of this month """ it was the 4th of the month"
I'd steer clear of this mob , I got nothing promised and waited far too long.. very very poor dealership.


Value for money

Economical plenty of power for size 35000 klms
Use as courier vehicle happy with performance. I think there value for money.need plenty of revs as not huge motor. Will sit on good speed forever on Highway with plenty of gears for cruising. Last vehicle kia pregio was unstoppable ran 300,000 no major problems.


This is my second Fiat Scudo

In early 2010 I purchased a low km (8000) used Scudo from a gentleman who had used it as a courier vehicle for 3 months but had chosen to change careers to be a bus driver and no longer needed the van.
I had the vehicle until December 2014. At that point the vehicle had approximately 150,000km on the clock. The fuel consumption (calculated fill to fill) averaged approximately 8.7 litres per 100km (against 7.4 stated average figure) which, considering that I always had at least 500kg in the van and in a days work would stop and start the engine at least 12 times over a total journey of 180km (average journey 15km but warm engine for 11 starts). I found that figure very good.
Issues fixed under warranty was only the failure of the drivers side power window. It did take several weeks to get a replacement but the dealership promptly manually got the faulty window to lock closed so I tolerated it whilst waiting for the part. Once repaired (half a day) it never failed again.
Outside of warranty the reverse cable that allows reverse to engage by lifting the ring on the gear selector failed and cost a ridiculous c$600 to fully replace as it was a total assembly not a single cable. I have kept the failed part and have been told it is repairable! Fiat never offers to repair things they simply replace them. Also, late in the time I had the van the vehicle lost power and I limped it home. I rang Fiat and they told me that it was probably an injector related issue and would probably cost around $1500 to fix. I got a second opinion from a recommended diesel engineer who repaired the faulty component and it cost me 1/3 of that amount (most of the cost was disassembly and reassembly of components, the engineer actually fixed the faulty part (worth $600) rather than replace it as Fiat would have done.
The vehicle is heavy on tyres and brakes but talking to a friend who has a Hyundai ILoad, His brakes wear similarly but his tyres last longer (RWD). His fuel consumption though is 15 to 20% more so that would negate most of the overall cost difference.
Also had an issue with a drive shaft which was my own fault. Service mechanic had told me that a boot was split and needed replacing and I forgot to get it done resulting in the shaft failure.
Final comment, as the loan agreement was about to expire I decided to replace the vehicle and traded it on a brand new 2014 model Scudo. The new vehicle now with nearly 30,000km on the clock has many features not included on original van including reversing sensors and trip computer which I find very useful. The trip computer under-estimates fuel consumption by approximately 4% but I am averaging 7.9 litres per 100km and have no idea why this van is proving nearly 10% more efficient unless the first owner of my first Scudo perhaps didn't run the vehicle in properly or something.
In 4 years time if I have a run no worse than my Scudo1 produced with my Scudo2 I will seriously consider buying another but of course, will compare what else is on the market at the time. Am expecting that as my Scudo2 is essentially a 2007 design that by 2019 a brand new and better Scudo will evolve.
The Scudo is a very nice vehicle to enter and exit. I found the ILoad I hired once to be too high in seating position making entry and exit more difficult. I also found the Hiace claustrophobic and very awkward to climb over those wheel arches. Sure accountants will buy Toyotas but they don't drive them.


Would not buy another

I purchased my Scudo with 18000kms on the clock after weighing up the pros and cons of all the vans in this class on the market and did I make a big mistake. It was 20 months old and over the next 14 months it had a new ignition switch,3 week wait from Italy, a new turbo, gearbox rebuild, engine rear oil seal and multiple attempted fixes to cure the constant rattling. The bows that support the roof,side panels and doors have all come adrift, the adhesive used to stick them together is rubbish. The noise whilst driving is horrendous. Things I like. the driving position,handling, the cargo capacity, cup holders and upper storage in the roof and rear barn doors that open right back;if only it didn't rattle so much. Also had both headlight globes fail. (need to remove the front bumper to replace the globes).



I bought a new fiat scuds 2013 model.Im a courier and in 2 years have done 133,000 kms.It is a great unit on diesel. But I have had it off the road, and at fiat repairers 3 times in that 2 years for broken Flywheel.The repairers do loan me another van,to keep my business going. If it wasn't still under warranty the cost would be huge. I wish they would put in better parts,It's not leaving me with any confidence to purchase another fiat.Which is a real shame as I really like the ride . Any answers would be appreciated


I don't think you can find a better van in its class for the price.

Probably a bit late for your purchase, but... I have owned a scudo 2011 since 2011 and had not a single issue aside from the EGR valve. My son destroyed the stereo but that doesn't count. All this talk about the tyres, I have to out down to user error. My front tyres lasted 50,000km! And I am no conservative driver. This makes me wonder about some of the other issues people are having. I honestly think some people are abusing their vehicles.

I totally agree that parts pricing is absolute bollocks, and have done my own brake pads and rotors for this reason. Buy from the UK if you need some of the expensive stuff (ie. egr valve, $1000 here in Australia or $350 including postage from the UK). This is an ongoing issue in Australia for anything full stop.

All in all you need to look at the purchase price, the quality of the drive (which is excellent), fuel economy (which is excellent), load capacity (which is excellent) and see how it stacks up against others like a Vito. Mine has just been written off for hail damage and after little thought I have decided to buy another. If you ever have warranty issues with anything you need to be aggressive and get s#|t sorted or you will always lose. I never did with my purchase but would never hesitate to put my foot down when it comes to my money earner.


Not that good

I drive a 2013 scudo. I work for a parcel contractor who brought 6 of these in May 2013. All have now done between 30-35000km. All have had problems the major ones being tyres only lasting 15000km. Front drive shafts replaced in 3 vehicles. Consistent problems with globes blowing in all vehicles and being charged by a licenced dealer $85 to replace due to labour costs. One has aircon which still isn't repaired after 13 months due to dealer saying it's not factor fitted even though they provided all vechiles with aircon flitted. Front seats wearing out due to wear from entry and exit of vehicle. Now one has a clutch problem with plates and housing needing replacement. Dealer saying housing not covered under warranty. I thought a warranty was that especially when 3 year / 100000km.

On the plus side they do drive well. Load well with good access with dual side doors. Plenty of room in cabin area. And very good fuel economy.

But if had a choice I wouldn't buy one

I like my Scudo 2011, but Service and parts are a Catastrophy, but I do it myself

Have done now 115000km. Fast Van. Excellent on the road. Very low fuel consumption. Sway bar problems, Fan speed resistor burnt out twice now. Impossible to get parts for a reasonable price. I order parts in London, they at least know what they do, Australians don't. If I would not be able to fix that car myself, it would be a Night Mare. CV Shaft Boots seem to be another problem. But all up, this could be a very good car for everybody, if only the people down here, who are selling, would know what they do. What they know is how to rip you off, with prices, compared to Europe, that are simply ridiculous. But I still love my Scudo and I am glad I can service it myself.

Not happy

Wait till you have done 70-80,000 km we have 3 in our fleet and they are falling to pieces, i would never buy another one and dont expect Fiat to address any issues once your 3 years is up.We had many issues as listed below would be happy to give a verbal review and make another recommendation on another vehicle as we have tried most brands over the years and this van is the worst by far.

Electric windows, blown turbos, tail shafts, sway bars

Sounds like these vans have been abused to me.Hi Warden, servicing as recommended in the book and kept on the bitumen by our employees, any other suggestions to make these vans more reliable. They are used the same as the other brands in our fleet.Fair enough, just very surprising as I know these vehicles have a great reputation in Europe, though we do have a lot more severe speed humps etc here I wonder if that impacts them over time re tail-shafts, sway bars. Interesting.

Brilliant van for the price

Owned and driven a 2010 Fiat Scudo from new for 14 months now. Admittedly not done a lot of miles (16,000km) but it's been a great van so far. Very comfortable, passengers have commented on it being surprisingly car-like in ride. One mate was stunned by how quick off the mark it was. I've helped people move house and pick up furniture, run many loads to the dump and (with a removeable bed set-up) been camping in it several times. Rest of the time I drive it around town. Nice modern interior and the six speed stick on the dash VW/Merc style is nice. Can't believe the Scudo isn't more popular with the moto x guys. For some reason the Scudo is thousands cheaper than the Citroen and Peugeot versions (even though they're identical except for the grille), I got mine for only $30,990 drive away. Seen some criticism of them online from cabbies in the UK where they use them as taxis but they're doing 80K miles a year and I wonder about how much they're thrashing them/not servicing. Oh yeah, service interval is good at 30,000km full service with oil changes at 15,000 in between and warranty is 3 yrs/200,000km which I thought was pretty good.
Turbo diesel, good fuel economy, nice ride, sliding doors both sides, tie downs, fast, good price on road.
Stereo is basic CD player-radio, interior light power saver is annoying, a few squeaks here and there.

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Fiat Scudo - Great Van!!!

Since purchasing my Scudo Van in 2010, its done 15000 miles and these are my thoughts on the vans

The scudo van has a good burst of pace, being diesel it has good fuel economy, nice ride, sliding doors both sides, tie downs, fast, good price on road. The van is extremely good looking and very very comfortable. I have had many different vans in the past and I must say that I have been very lucky over the years that I have not had much trouble with them, Pleased with my Fiat choice.
Fuel efficient, fast, great looking, good price

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I can just agree with you. The design is fantastic, the commercial van is fast, the interior is comfortable and the fuel efficient MultiJet engine is a bonus. I have a Scudo Goods Transport which I need for my job (I'm a plumber) and the load capacity of the van really surprised me. Great car!

Questions & Answers

2012 Fiat Scudo, Took one for a test drive today, drives great until i tried to reverse park, really noisy when the clutch is pushed in, vibration , grinding noise???? Put me off just wondered what the issue might be, only 87,000ks on the clock?
2 answers
Hi Leeray,Does this only happen in reverse gear or does it happen when pulling off forwards as well.It sounds to me as though it could be a clutch/flywheel problem or worse, an internal gearbox problem.I would check the following items: Clutch operation(no shuddering and smooth engagement: this will tell you if the the clutch plate/pressure is good or bad).Clutch hydraulic system condition.Gearbox gear selection:no grating or weird noises.Gearbox and engine mountings.C.V joint conditions. Ask the seller to see the service history and maybe book the van in at a Fiat agent for a full condition report including accident assessment to check that the van has not been in an accident.For a 2012 Scudo with 87k on the clock in good nick i would not pay more than $15k.If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask. Regards Paul.Hi Paul Great advice thank you, It was a Toyota dealer and they only offered me $100 trade in on my trusty Falcon ute, So I walked anyway.

What weight can it carry?
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I have a heater/fan problem with my 2011 scudo, 1/2/3 don't work but 4 does, is this a resistor problem and how do I repair it? thanks andy
1 answer
Sounds like resistor as they let full power through on 4 and resist on 1 2 and 3. I'd get an auto electrician to looks at it. It's behind the left lower portion of the dash. You can get at it sort of by pulling out the little pocket/compartment on that side (near the door after the glovebox) and poss also by looking up to the fan unit underneath but I think it's all boxed within the fan unit, I can't quite remember. Mine needed a new resister and a new bit of harness but a good sparky could probably rebuild that bit of harness. I saw this about burning the wires: "Mine did exactly the same. It seems to be a common problem. There is the possibility to connect 2 ground-wires, but Fiat chose to use only one. One terminal can't carry the current for the fan, it overloads, and burns out." Because it turns out this is not uncommon in many Euro cars/vans (Peugeot, etc) using the same parts, there is plenty of mention on the internet.


Fiat Scudo 1994-2006Fiat Scudo 2007-Present
Price (RRP)$29990

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