Caring and Understanding - Absolutely Professional

I knew I had hit rock bottom so I contacted Fox Symes. Paul McGarry was so understanding of my situation & carefully talked me through all of my different options. After going through all of my options he made my decision that much easier due to his wonderful expertise. I feel like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I cannot thank Paul McGarry enough.


Caring understanding and thorough

I spoke to Luke. He listened to my personal situation and. Provided solutions. It wasn’t a one box fits all discussion, I learnt a lot of important stuff. Highly recommend

Thank you Fox Symes

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Celia i thought there was no end to my debt but thanks to Fox Symes i can live again. If there is anyone with debt thst is over powering them plesse ring Fox Symes.

SIM MAYO is the Go To Man!!!

I had not heard of Fox Symes before till a friend put me in contact with Sim Mayo. Next thing you know I’m free from debt due to the efficiency and professionalism of Sim Mayo. I hope Fox Symes recognises how much of an asset he is to the company. Thank You Again Sim

Great Customer Service with Fox Symes ( Jonathan Chang)

Jonathan made me feel comfortable from the start and guided me through all the challenges and was able to answer my phone calls and give me lots of great advice .

Help with debt

I have never come across such excellent customer service. I spoke David Camilleri and he was so kind and understanding. He gave me all of my options for my situation and explained them all in full. I am so glad I made the call to fox symes. Thank you

Sim Mayo is ‘The Man’ - Excellent Professionalism!

I could not have wished for a better person than Sim Mayo in helping me to find a way towards getting my debt under control.
He is the personification of Professionalism!
From understanding my current financial situation to helping me find a way to finalise my debt.
Thank You, Sim!

Thanks Fox Symes!!!!

My financial situation was going out of control in a bad way, I had a bit debt, personal loans credit card, high interest rate... one day I looked for help and contact FOX SYMES gave them my details, in a matter of minutes Mittal called me and we had a really good chat about my financial position and how much affect me in my life. He recommended me to apply for debt Agreement, He sent me all the information and forms, I called him a few times to ask some questions. he has been really helpful in this process. Last week my application was approved and a very happy about it, it was a good result. Thank you so much Mittal and Fox Symes.

Pressure sales tactics to enter part 9

Fox symes uses pressure sales to get you to enter a part 9 debt agreement saying that it's affordable and easy repayments, then once you have agreed they work in the banks favor to get you to pay as much as possible saying that anything less the banks won't accept the agreement. They also said to false the numbers on the weekly budget costs so it looks good on the paperwork to afford repayments on the part 9 agreement that gets sent off. You end up trapped in a horrible financial situation with a part 9 while greedy Fox symes and the banks rob you blind. I would suggest getting other financial advice from an independent financial advisor. Fox symes who I thought and they claim to be financial advisors are only interested in making money out of venerable people.

Debt Agreement with excellent service!

I have been in a Debt Agreement with the help of Fox Symes since 2015. The staff are all very helpful and friendly which makes a huge difference. The Debt Agreement has really changed my life, I have avoided all the consequences of bankruptcy and can now live without constant financial stress and a set completion date to look forward to. When my employment circumstances changed recently, staff member Santhi went out of her way to assist me in every way she could, her great advice, genuine care and prompt assistance has kept me in a Debt Agreement at a difficult time and I am greatly thankful to her. I highly recommend Fox Symes, seriously the best customer service!

Can you afford there help ? There going to make you pay ! Hidden Fees and Higher Interest rates !

We had our morgage with Fox Symes underwritten by there arm Perpetal Trustee Company Pty Ltd / Home loans for 12 years we didnt have any bad debits (we were looking to move after our credit union was demutualised). They recently put the interest rate up for no reason. Wifey rang for a pay out figure as we are going to change to a bank Thats when $3600 + in Hidden Fees were revealed. In total Fox Symes will walk away with a $5K golden hand shake in fees.We have always paid our morgage and yes they will receive "FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS" As there going away present.

Higher interest rates, Hidden fees (That they will disclose when you say your leaving)..... They said if we stay they would drop the interest rate to under what we had currently been paying for the past 3 years. This recent chain of events came about because They wrote to us to advise they had to put up our interest rate ! Now there happy to drop them under what we had currently been paying ! The reality is even if we did stay the hidden fees will still keep mounting !. Fox Symes will help you ! but there going to charge you for it. Can you afford there help ? In our case there help cost us $5 thousand dollars. I hope our story helps someone.

Good idea to pay off your debts

I was on a credit card debt nearly $40k and was having trouble paying interest only payment. Then found foxsymes and decided to give it a go. Im glad I did and now only 6 months left to go yay. It will stay on your credit file for 5 years and a further 2 years unable to get any unsecured loans (not that I will go and apply for another credit card as soon as this has finished, Ive learned my lessons the hard way lol no more credit cards. However I was advised that its ok to get a secured car loan or a home loan after 5 years. Im about to try a secured car loan early 2020 as I need to wait for another year to clear it completely (my agreement is only 4 years in total), fingers toes crossed!

Customer service

Mitch Williams was so lovely and friendly. He talked to me in a really authentic and kind way which was so uplifting. Thanks hon x

Paul F on June 18, 2018 "Sim the Great"

I accidentally contacted Fox Symes in January. I left a message and really I didn't expect to hear from them for some time. In the mean time I looked them up on Google. What a great opportunistic mistake I had made.

Imagine my complete surprise when my mobile rang within 5 minutes. A very well spoken youngish gentleman introduced himself a Sim Mayo and asked “How could he help me?”

I explained my predicament as briefly as I could, however Sim made me feel so comfortable with his totally relaxed and professional telephone manner I soon found I was able to let the whole story out.

Sim was quickly able to carefully summarise my situation and explain possible outcomes. We discussed each of the outcomes in detail including the short and long term ramifications. Although no final conclusion was made I ended the telephone conversation feeling “someone really does listen” and possible the most important factor
“I just spoke to a person with a true feeling and understanding of the way people facing possible financial ruin feel”.

Twice since the initial conversation I have sought Sim’s ear as a “sounding board”. He has been the same wonderful person he was the first time I spoke to him.

This week I have had a resolution which I know I would never have attained without the words of wisdom from
the very efficient Mr Sim Mayo. He is indeed a credit to his Family who must be so proud of the professional manner under which he carries out his work. Fox Symes have a totally dedicated employee who not only is devoted to their business development, but most essentially to the wellbeing of the clients lucky enough to be on his list. Indeed a "Win - Win" situation for all parties.

They the best

Firstly I would like to say a special tnx to Sim Mayo .
I was full of dets and no future and he give my life back again.
From the first conversation I knew he’s professional and a good person.
Ps:if anybody read this review cos looking for some financial support
I highly recommending Sim..
And don’t forget never to late to seek some professional help

Excellent help and guidance

I was in a lot of debt and despair, foxsymes really took the time to help. Customer service was second to none. Very professional and helped me immensely. I recommend this to anyone.

February 3rd 2018 Update: Excellent help and guidance

I want to make a special thanks to mittal shah whose professionalism was second to none. He helped me immensely and was actually concerned with my welfare. Thanks to all the team for giving me a second lease on life.

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A special thanks to mittal shah who went out of his way to make sure i was ok and helped me immensely with my financial situation.

Excellent customer service

Paul McGarry
You have provided amazing customer service extremely helpful nothing was an issue I believe you went out of your way to help me it is greatly appreciated.
There should be more people like you thank you for the most amazing customer service I have had for years.
Well done.

Professional, customer orientated and clear

The service was to the point and I did not feel I was lead down the garden path.

The professionalism of the consultant was fantastic and clear and I felt confident and happy with the service.


We worked with Diane Soo and not only did she help us get back on track but her honesty and commitment in making sure that we remained on track going forward is what we will never forget. We felt she went above and beyond for us by not only providing us with exceptional service but also ensuring that we had set ourselves up for the future. Thank you for all your help and for making a difficult experience better!

Excellent Service

I cannot speak highly enough about the professionalism and expertise provided by Diane Soo. She is a life saver and provides exceptional service and knowledge.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I have a loan outside a bank of arounf 20k loaned from a friend. Can Foxsymes help me with debt outside a bank institution?
1 answer
Hi I dont know but i think no because Fox Symes dont pay the debt out they arrange more affordable payments. Hope this helped

Hello. I've never used a service like Fox Symes before and I'm not even sure if it would be the right step for me as I'm terrified of having my credit ruined but will likely end up doing that to myself if I don't start catching up on my debt. I have a 50k loan that I am paying back but I'm finding it to be a bit of a struggle as I have massively overcommitted myself. I work full time and my pay isn't terrible but with all other living costs and membership contracts I'm in, I'm falling a little short each month. It's manageable to a degree but I'm finding I have no quality of life from these stupid mistakes. Is fox symes something I should consider?
1 answer
Noooo stay away from them seek other institutions that are not under a debt agreement, they are there online.

Hi has any one refinanced a home loan and consolidation of debt using equity through them? Will this make you classify as bankrupt?
No answers