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DannyPeel, WA

  • 3 reviews

I absolutely hate Foxtel.


Everything about Foxtel is absolute trash.

Their website is terrible, Foxtel now, Foxtel go regular Foxtel are all sh*t. I can't even watch the biggest boxing event of the year because these money hungry theives own the rights and only allow you to watch it if you own a Foxtel connection and set top box..

I'm not a 60 year old with 150k a year job and own a house. If Foxtel can't evolve, in 20 or so years when their older and only customers get too old to watch tv, they're going under. I cant wait.

If possible avoid Foxtel like the plague that it is.

Darren E.

Darren E.Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC



Less than 1 star
Re-signed a couple of months ago to Platinum Package, Movies that were once available free of charge in my last package FOXTEL are now charging for in the Store. On Demand is a joke and is filled with unpopular crap nobody wants to watch. No valid explanation has been given. Will not be renewing subscription outside of this contract my dollars will be better put elsewhere.


postbox353Perth, WA

Absolute WORST. No customer service. Zero stars.


Worst service. Can you even call it 'service'? There is no one to talk to. They advise the sms team is waiting.... ask you to sms 1... charge you to sms... and never get back to you. How do you speak to an actual person? I am being direct debited double the amount on my invoice??



Well its official foxtel is the worse that its ever been , new channels with programes that are on freetv except we have to pay to watch rubbish , considering cancelling my subscription all together

jasper w.

jasper w.Sydney, NSW

Pay to watch ads


Paying to watch so many advertisements, very little selection and so many repeats. Not worth the money by a long shot. I cant actually believe people pay for this and newscorp have the audacity to ask for money for this service to be honast..

Terrible service and no customer appreciation




  • 3 reviews



I have been fighting them for 10 years over the phone about them overcharging for an average service
Over the years I received so called lower prices by saying I wanted to get rid of Foxtel and was put through to the disconnection team who sorted it.
This year I finally have a ok price of $59 a month with no movies and less kids channels
10 years and now because there service is dying they finally do a better price.
They never offer existing customers anything.


MagillaSydney, NSW

  • 5 reviews

Foxtel Dont look after Long Term Customers



neilmckSydney, NSW

  • 3 reviews

Product Review - the place for a good old whinge. Silent Majority nowhere to be seen maybe ?


mcalexy2kSydney, NSW

  • 14 reviews

Customer support doesn't know what is customer support means



dexter4Hunter Region, NSW

  • 6 reviews

All about greed - forget service!



ABCGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Customer service


Foxtel just stops working. I call them to see as why this happened to be told you need a technician . Next available one is 6 days maybe two weeks . What a joke paying for a service that I cant even use. Also to be told just watch it on your phone . No worries we will sit as a family and watch a show on my phone .. Ridiculous !!! I bet if it happened to one of the staff it would be quickly resolved . Seriously thinking of canceling!!!

Suncica - Suzana

Suncica - SuzanaSydney, NSW

foxtel customer service and management is worst ever


First they offer me a discount because they canceled my 2 channels, then they charge me for HD what I had before the discount. They only care about new customers, and then they become their members, it doesn't matter anymore


TraceySouth East Queensland, QLD

They driving me nuts


Been customer since it came out. Had no issues til this year. They keep cutting off my phone and internet for weeks at a time, no customer service help, been laughed at and hung up on. Then they send me a bill for the services they didnt provide. Dont ever ring them, its useless.

Prospective Customer

Prospective CustomerSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 25 reviews
  • 1 like

19 Years a Foxtel Customer and no discount offered


Loyal customer of Telstra/Foxtel for 19 years and as such, requested a discount of the exhorbitant monthly fee. Was told "No, sorry, can't give you a discount". Loyalty clearly means nothing to Telstra/Foxtel. As Telstra/Foxtel have no competition in this market (unbelievable in this day and age in a supposedly first world country like Australia), the customer just has to suck it up and keep paying the ridiculous monthly fee! Is it any wonder not too many customers stay loyal for 19 years!!! Would be new customers to TELSTRA/FOXTEL; Be very careful before you sign up, loyalty to their brand means nothing to them. CAVEAT EMPTOR - Let the buyer beware fully applies to Telstra/Foxtel.



  • 2 reviews

Would rate zero if I could - worst customer service and ridiculous prices for episodes that you should have anyway


Dealing with Foxtel is so frustrating! Youre always palmed off to a robot or if you even get a person theyre always transferring you to someone else. We were going to cancel until they sucked us in to the new IQ4 only to realise you have to pay for episodes you already have. I am paying for MTV yet I have to pay to shows like teen mom which is on MTV???? Scrolling through the home page is an o ting because they display all the shows you end up having to pay for-SALES tactics. The new layout looks like they are stealing the idea from Netflix! Now I am on the phone going around in circles just trying to talk to a person (not a robot!) about why I am told to upgrade when I am trying to watch channels already in my package!!!!


BrendaSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 2 reviews

Too expensive


I cant believe i had to pay an extra 3.95 just to watch an episode of Teen mom og on iq4. I honestly thought 3.95 was for the whole season but no its only for one episode which i find being a rip off

Literally is a trap - try and cancel a subscription they just either repeat themselves or take years to do something


supposedly cancelled my account a year ago, been charged monthly after this. Called their support, spoke to an absolute moron who took 30 seconds to respond to each sentence and legit would just repeat himself.


LeeSouth East Queensland, QLD

Now they dare to charge extra for free to air HD Chanels


Foxtel is a joke no wonder Netflix is taking over


they are a joke they defaulted me without calling after i left a rental property saying i didnt return the box lol why would a keep a box i cant use. . still gave me a new account tho when i wanted it. same problem now defaulted because it was not returned which it was wow wowo

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I was reading your review re Foxtel Customer Service.

I am also having problems with Foxtel (no service for 10 days, lots of excuses, bad overseas service, etc)
Would I ask too much if you let me know the provider you found for NBN at $85 per month?
I would really appreciate your help, I am desperate!

Thank you

[email removed]

No answers

Andy R

Andy Rasked

When I try to go into planner it say powering up from energy saver mode please wait a minute and has F 362 in the top right corner
Been waiting 24 hours and still nothin

No answers



Why is that when I go to more series 3 episode 4 only comes up nothing ELSE
What happened to 1+2 series and all the the off episodes

No answers

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