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Hopeless customer service

After 2 months and speaking to multiple people trying to get a dish kit sent out I gave up and cancelled my service. Not sure why it was so hard to send out a dish kit. Had Foxtel at my previous address for 6 years, moved properties but still in the same town, all I needed was a dish kit but clearly was too hard to organise. Customer service was poor. Cancelled my subscription (after the person trying to convince me otherwise and not taking no for an answer) and will take my business elsewhere.

Absolute rubbish

Ive had no foxtel for 3 weeks. Many calls to foxtels call centre which is extremely frustrating. I cant have a technican for another two weeks. Have cancelled service alltogether and stopped payment. Not worth it anymore. So many repeats in entertainment package you can watch the same show at least 6 times a day!!!!!!!

Outdated service and overpriced product

The Foxtel service is completely outdated and the products they provide are limited and costly. Firstly, their telephone system is very computerised, and call centre is based in India. This is very frustrating not being able to speak with someone locally. Waiting times when you call are also lenghtly. Secondly, the product Foxtel offer is very limited. Their TV shows are limited to many repeats, and a large proportion of American content which just does not reflect value for money. You have to buy certain packs ontop of your existing service to get other TV shows, sports or movies etc. It does not surprise me at all that Foxtel is losing customers, and their share price is plummetting.

Under Investigation

My foxtel service has been down for over and week and after many hours of frustration speaking to support the answer is always the same, 'The outage is under investigation'. Their next sentence is 'Oh we can move you to satellite'.
How can a problem with cables be under investigation for over a week. Support will tell you it's complex.
The real reason is obvious they are bringing down all cabled services and forcing people onto satellite.
I for one will be saying good bye to foxtel, and I hope many others will do the same.

Foxtel service abysmal

I have had two Foxtel subscriptions now for some 15 years. I tried to cancel one service the other day, as soon as you say you want to cancel they switch you through to a special area where they endeavour to “talk you into” retaining the service. Their persuasive powers are strong, eventually I had to tell them I had sold my property in order to cancel the service. The real reason I canceled my service is because they have an automated telephone service where you get very very little customer service, they even lie to customers saying they have sent emails and they don’t arrive, or they arrive days later. It is just so difficult to speak with an operator, and there there are always long delays at the moment 15 minutes wait time and it gets worse. I think now that most of us have NBN it’s far easier to subscribe to Netflix and Stan as well as everything else that we can stream rather than put up with no reliable and efficient service from Foxtel, what they call service is absolutely atrocious, I will now be cancelling my second service with Foxtel shortly. I am amazed the the ceo of Foxtel does not attempt to get through for service occasionally, then he or she will realise that Foxtel is frustrating for their customers, and they will realise that people are closing their Foxtel accounts in lieu of Netflix, Stan and other great services able to be streamed over the internet.


It is certainly accurate about the rain lite shower no service .Service in discusting talking to someone that you can't understand.
Come on wake up this is Australia Telstra
You say all your consultants are in Australia

Every service works with heavy rain exept foxtell with light rain

Charging you for everything even 10 for hd, want work in weather, repetitive adds, rubbish shows, poor service

Foxtel4k crap

Favourites disappeard. Recording. Free to air channels generaly
Fails. Recording show at certain time when I go to watch has suddenly
Gone to next screening time on planner can not always rewind on free to air. Miss my iq2. Which was older but worked great

Never use Foxtel it’s horrible

This is the worst company ever do yourself s favour and don’t use. My internet is always down, is so slow, I pay money and get nothing out of it it’s almost like they are trying to scam me. This is horrible and I ring them and they are always rude to me and never fix the problem. In conclusion this is horrible never buy anything from Foxtel because it almost doesn’t work. ITS TRASH

Foxtel - Wasted so much money changing to IQ4. Useless product.

When we saw the ads for IQ4 we got so excited. Being avid cricket & football lovers we thought this would be just awesome so we decided to upgrade. That decision also required us to upgrade our TV so we chose LG 55 inch OLED and for a while it was just awesome. Then, all of a sudden the 4k channel 444 just stopped working with the message that our TV or HDMI cable was not compatible. We rang them & they sent us a new cable, but that didn't fix the issue. We rang them back again & they said it was our TV's fault & we have to contact LG. We spent hours researching online & stuffing around with settings over and over. Now we have since learned that the failure coincides with a foxtel update, so I guess everybody with LG 4k OLED TVs is in the same boat. At the end of the day, the change has cost us well over $3,000 and we are no better off than we were before. Complete waste of money and so so much time trying to fix. Bitterly disappointed with Foxtel's responses & complete lack of ownership of a problem they caused.

The worst service out of any service provider

Our internet went down and they were going to charge $135 for a technician to come and look at it if it was deemed a fault inside the house. We pay $200 a month for Foxtel and broadband and they were willing to let us cancel everything rather than forgo the $135. And they wonder why they are going bust. Sorry employees but it is only time before you loose your jobs because they have no revenue stream. The worst place to deal with. Stay away from Foxtel..on top of that they are a complete rip off.


Service on Foxtel dreadful. I could not watch the sports and movie channels for months due to buffering and disconnections - just had to give up in the end. Then they keep on trying to flip you onto Telstra. They decline any responsibility. Telstra, of course say this is a Foxtel issue and will not help you either. What do you do? Please let me know because I am at a loss. I have cancelled service for good.

I do not want your full package!!

Someone from Foxtel phoned me in December selling a Foxtel package. After it was installed I decided that I do not want the full package, but rather just the drama package. Even though she said I will be contacted by Foxtel after a month to choose a package (and which did not happen) they deducted $139. I phoned Foxtel and told them that I do not want the full package, however, they said they cannot refund the amount deducted. I was told to change the package online, which I did. The amount that would go off per month came to $59. Tonight I received a huge shock, however, when I went through my bank statement. They have deducted ANOTHER $139!! Not understanding how this is possible, I logged onto my FOxtel account, and guess what? The package shows that I have the full $139 package. HOw is this possible? I changed the package last month? If they cannot refund me for the difference, Foxtel can come and remove their decoder.

Awful didn't get what was promised in offer

Well we moved to rental property that had no tv signal as foxtel had been installed previously so after querying prices we thought may as well get foxtel for 12 months after I seen on oz bargain they were offering foxtel deals that sounded to good to be true... offer stated it came with Hi sense tv, 3 months free then $58 after that monthly for so and so amount of channels for 12 months free delivery of foxtel box and free installation.
After I get the iq4 and loved it, I set it up myself and have no problems i get my bill saying nothing owed i thought great they aren't lying like usually i always find I get slapped with extra costs after being promised a $58 dollar monthly plan, it usually turns out i end up paying nearly $100 a month so talking to foxtel I was insistent I didn't want any surprises no hidden fees etc so later that day my foxtel was limited too only so many channels and was only first month so i shouldnt have been charged as per what first invoice stated...
I rechecked and it said $0 owed
they were asking $139 i was confused as this wasnt what our deal was.
So i had funerals I had to attend, I left as I have direct debit I thought I would sort it out and nothing is due yet anyways till march 2019 so I thought I'd call when i return in 2 weeks during that time my partner rung and told me the channels are normal again and all have been reinstored even though no payment was made so I thought great they sorted it out now my tv may be there soon too but I was glad we can now watch all recorded shows we couldn't access as no one wants to pay for things you don't get access too.
So about 3 weeks later the channels were taken away again and after looking over offer again our foxtel shouldnt of been due for payment or cut off...
so i got offer on 5th november 2018, 3 months free i shouldnt be paying till march 5th, $58, and I still haven't received the hi sense tv, I had no contract and today I said cancel foxtel as this is just ludicrous, I want out ive paid my bill today $58 dollars and still no foxtel as they want the rest and said they would investigate blah blah blah so now we have no tv channels or anything though they said they would still charge me for using foxtel and we can't access this so therefore shouldnt have to pay for a service we aren't receiving and I was given channels I didn't ask for i have no kids and don't like sports so I didn't want them on there and yep there on my foxtel too.
Just so many things are not right with this and I don't them doing it to anyone else as its false advertising and wrong on all sorts of levels.
I would love to cancel my foxtel and tried today after i paid and was still told no we want more even though I told them i couldn't afford that plan that's why I opted for the $58 monthly plan and as it had a no contract deal I thought great I can cancel if not working out and they get shifty by adding extra numbers to the bill then what was first stipulated that I'd be paying so i thpught yep time.to get out of this as this wasnt my agreed plan i was on 12 month plan not contract and today I was told I can't as surprise!! I'm on contract that I haven't signed or were aware i even have.
So I've kept
the original snippet of the ad advertising the original foxtel plan I thought I was paying for 12 months there's no way I am paying for a service I never received and the tv thing is really annoying too.
The thing is i pay my bills on time and this wasnt fair on any level steer clear unless u have extra money u can waste on getting not what was stipulated.in plan.
So like my partner said give them.a few days to make this right or the box is going out the front in the bin and i wont be paying another cent I will change bank accounts so they don't get another cent that they haven't fairly earnt very very very annoyed atm

IQ4 Dreadful

When my IQ2 failed recently, I was delighted when Foxtel offered to upgrade me to IQ4 at no charge, provided I was willing to switch to Satellite. Foxtel are phasing out cable and any new connection or upgrade is only available as satellite. Delight very soon turned to horror as I realised what a piece of crap the IQ4 and satellite connection are. Immediately you notice a huge reduction in picture and sound quality, Programs in HD on IQ4 satellite are about half the quality of standard definition on cable and the standard definition is much worse. The picture flickers or goes pixely every minute or so making it unpleasant to watch. I record programs and watch them from the planner so I can avoid the insane amount of repetitious and boring ads, but it is common to have 4 or 5 breaks in the recording where signal is lost. The sound is poor and volume is all over the place, going from barely audible to blow you out of the room as you change channels or even watching the one program. The IQ4 no longer broadcasts free to air channels so if you wish to watch them as everyone does, you have to have an aerial fitted. Then there is the box itself. It is obviously designed by the same clowns who designed Windows 10 but they have had several more years experience in making things even more unworkable. Everything you do on this thing is 10x more complicated than IQ2. To watch a program from the planner you press "planner" then the down button about ten times, flicking through a heap of options that nobody wants and finally you get a program list made up of movie cover type pictures. You then scan from left or right till you find what you want. Once started, if you do not wish to continue watching the selected program, how do you stop it? With IQ2, a simple press of the back button, but with this piece of garbage you can press the back button all night. It will just flick back through all those options that you never wanted and back to the recorded program. there is a stop button, but it does squat. you can sometimes switch by changing channel and changing channel again to get back to original program, but sometimes that does not work and the only way to stop watching a recorded program is to shut down the IQ4 and restart it. When you attempt to change channels on this thing it comes up with a dialog box saying "do you really want to change channels" you then have to click on that dialog box and press select in order to change channels! really??? One thing that i find most annoying is you no longer can freeze the picture. I have poor hearing and eyesight problems so often have to use subtitles. Subtitles often flash on two full lines of dialog for less than a second. I need the pause function to read them. The IQ4 only pauses at predetermined points, jumping forward or back up to 2 seconds, missing the bit with the subtitles. Even if it stops at the right spot, the bottom half of the screen is blacked out so you cannot read them anyway. Who comes up with this crap!
If I could go back to my IQ2, and cable, I would do it without hesitation. Foxtel IQ4 and satellite is absolute garbage and I would not recommend anybody get it. I will get rid of it as soon as my contract expires as there is so many more options out there that offer great content for a fraction of the price without all the nauseating ads.

Foxtel iQ4 Box unreliable

RELIABLITY PROBLEMS 1. System needs to reset at least every 2 days as advised by an on screen error. I now reset the set top box at beginning of day to try to get some sort of reliability. It remains to been seen if this is a temporary solution to this problem whilst waiting for an update to the software from Foxtel. 2. The favourites are forgotten and have to be reset. This problem is random and has happened 3 times in 2 months, not as bigger problem as system freeze error noted in item 1. Very careful software testing is required with this system unless fix 1 bug and then make more bugs. Foxtel need to make small incremental changes to improve iQ4 reliability. I’m hope in the future Foxtel can improve the reliability and features of their Foxtel iQ4 system as it has great potential and features compared to the iQ2 I upgraded from late last year. Foxtel need more accurate customer feedback to improve their iQ4 system. I don’t know of any other way to provide feedback to Foxtel. I’ve looked at Foxtel community forum website, I couldn’t see any help or support being provided that was useful.
Software version: Hardware version: 1101142133300000. Operating system version: 507081

Foxtel Is losing more customer s

Is losing more customer s
I had Foxtel for just over a year paying $60.00 per month and iam glad I cancelled mine now got Netflix for $9.99 no ads,
I was sick of the customer service very bad and being overseas with very bad English.
Over my time with them I noticed more and more ads and channels disappearing, price increases and problems with the IQ 3 box as well. Yes they have some things that I will miss but it is Netflix for me

Too hard to hook us up

Foxtel promised to hook us up to NBN on March 2 if we paid up a month in advance immediately (on Thursday). I stayed home on Saturday for the connection which I was assured would be before 10 pm eastern standard time. At 4 pm Perth time I phoned to be told everyone had left for the day. I eventually got onto a call centre overseas and was met with a barrage of explanations which I could hardly understand and has to literally shout at the operator to let me voice my problem. I asked for our payment to be reversed as they were not going to connect us today but on the 6th of March. They offered to call me tomorrow at a time I would like. I asked for 7 am Perth time as that would suit me but was told they don’t start work until 10 am Eastern standard time. I asked for between 1 and 2 pm in the end.
This was all a result of not being able to hook into broadband with another supplier after we cancelled our account. The reason we couldn’t connect was an ongoing message from Foxtel blocking the system. They denied it was anything to do with them. In desperation we rejoined with Foxtel to have their “ firewall” message removed and connect to NBN.
Help needed. Alan Wiburd [contact detail removed]

March 10th 2019 Update: NBN problem solved

Update on Foxtel connection to NBN. We were allocated a local technician who had looked at our problem in his own time, tweeted something and came around and hooked us up. He was a legend. Happy at last thanks to him.
Alan Wiburd.

Same ad is played over and over again

Okay I get ads but the same one over and over again. Today I’ve seen the Foxtel movie store ad twice on every ad break. They are flogging the hell out of it to the point I can’t take it anymore. It has been played so many times in the last two hours which is unacceptable.

Foxtel : Streaming movies it terrible

Paid for a movie on foxtel, but it now is streamed, with all other internet sources in the house off, it still paused every minute or so, we tried to hotspot to our mobile phones but it was still awful. Rang the customer service line but after 7pm there is no customer service (but they will tell you how to pay your bill 24 hrs a day!) . Meanwhile I have a room full of 11 yr olds who are trying to watch Skyscraper (which we paid for) and the streaming is is so bad that in 1hr20 they have watched 38minutes of the movie...bring back the DVD because your service is horrid.

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Questions & Answers

Does anyone know if the picture quality for HD on the IQ4 is going to improve compared to the IQ 2 I used to have?
No answers

My free to air TV, which I get through my Foxtel subscription, has frequent signal dropouts – so bad that last night I called Foxtel who told me I will have to shift to satellite reception, which involves installing a dish on the roof. I’ve been a loyal Foxtel customer for fifteen years and I don’t want a satellite on my roof. I just want good access to my free to air channels plus an assortment of channels available on Foxtel such as Comedy, ScFi, documentaries and HBO etc. No sport. After doing some research it turns out satellite won’t fix the free to air problem – I’ll need an areal as well. So what’s going on with Foxtel? Access to those free to air channels is one of the reasons I subscribe! Is there another ( simple) way I can access those free to air and pay TV channels without having to resort to a disk on my roof? Does refusing a dish mean Foxtel and I must finally part ways?
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I wish I could help - Foxtel did not help me. So, in the end, yes I have cancelled my subscription to Foxtel.

Be very careful with kayo sports wanted to cancel after one week free trail , could not close account had to cancel credit card 5 emails sent no response ,no phone number with this company either .The only good thing about fox was the sports ,but after 10 years to expensive ,so two boxes sent back .So have to live with live scores and no picture .
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Sorry Peter, I cant help with this one, but I have generally had little joy with so called "free trials" Your experience is pretty typical. Cheers Gavd.

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