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2019 and you pay for HD?

In 2019 I cannot fathom how HD is not standard. One 4K channel that plays more repeats than new shows. If my daughter didn’t like watching the same cartoons multiple times I would have canceled long ago

No customer service. What a joke

I was moving from streaming to an IQ box. Stayed home for an install. No show. And the Filipino service centre were incompetent and useless. Why would anyone use Foxtel.

Commentator: FIBA Basketball WC: AUS V FRA

Who is the commentator Foxtel have got calling the Australia v France game for the basketball works cup. He has said the wrong score 3 times in the last 7 mins and then at half time he was trying to give Andrew Bogut wrap but said he played for the Golden State Wanderers instead of Warriors. Surely these people Foxtel hire should have some knowledge of the game the are calling.


It was easier buy my house and deal with real estate agents and lawyers than it was to deal with Foxtel. They are useless and don’t care in the slightest.

Can I sue Foxtel for Financial stress

Can I sue Foxtel for continuingly taking money from my account and then making it a real issue to get it back three times now I deactivated my account with Foxtel three months ago first person not a problem getting my money back second person didn’t know who I was was going to take five days to get it back in my account took about a 30 minute phone call third person found my account can’t see the transaction come out of my bank account now have to forward it to someone else for review so therefore I probably won’t get my money back for about two weeks my issue is I cancelled with Foxtel because I can I couldn’t afford them now I can’t afford to pay rent because they keep taking my money

worst phone help ever

i have called foxtel many times over the years and it is the most frustrating phone service ever.just tonight i upgraded my channels which took 30 minutes then i find out it has not worked on my set top box,but it has worked online so im now on hold yet again to get it fixed.total time spent trying to upgrade so far around 1 hour of my time

Foxtel 50% of if you transfer your service SCAM!

We were going to disconnect moving interstate but was advised by their representative that it was free transfer, upgrade to iQ4 and 50% our monthly bill. What we got instead was none of tge channels we actually watch including Showtime, Cartoon Network and several lifestyle channels. I feel scammed and am waiting on a resolution. I amaware others have also been put in this situation and advise them to submit in writting your formal complaints as there are a few now esculating to the ACCC. We have never had a problem with this company before. But this type of fraud needs to be stopped.

Same old same old

A bit of variety would be good , just repeat, repeat aaaaaannnndddd repeat. Yawn I’ve been a long time customer but think it’s time to let it go. Adios muchachos, more variety on Netflix

Why are there no negative stars?

Keeping it brief.Lies,lies and then the total contempt for the customer.No call totally resolves an issue. Random results without a care from Foxtel. Amazing they've stayed in business this long

September 6th 2019 Update: Utterly pathetic ZERO stars

Rang Foxtel today to disconnect. Last 2 years random changes, ring to correct with more random results. Stress building until ombudsman complaint lodged. More lies resulting. Tonight apologies for stress and inconvenience trying to keep my business finally saying disconnect going ahead you're paid until 27th then service stops email same then try foxtel on TV upgrade required. Pathetic is a compliment to this organisation. Avoid these parasites

stealing from my account

Foxtel regularly take more money from my account,had it turned of for a month they say they will refund the money, I am still waiting. It is very sick to steal from pensioners you should be ashamed. I have cut foxtel of and I won't give up the the money they owe.


Internet speed now 0.25, it has reached 2.5 at the best. I have reported it numerous times and they say the issue is on my side. I've had licensed technician who has confirmed its not on my side. They still charge me and do not escalate. Now raised to TIO and will leave. Customer service is just as bad as the speed.

Worst Customer Service !

The number of times I have “an outage in my area” and not one tech can help me resolve it or even offer a solution is ridiculous ! Always being told I’d be credited for the days that don’t have service and never getting the credit. You wait hours to get though to someone and they can’t help. So much time wasted on this stupid service. Shame they have such a monopoly over this type of tv.

The most impossible people to deal with on this earth!

They will not acknowledge a change of ownership although all details are visible and apparent. We have tried for 8 years to have the account details updated after a marriage breakdown. They refuse to listen! It’s really quite incredible in this day and age. The most frustrating company ever!

Worst customer service i have ever dealt with

You'd think Foxtel would have good customer service being the massive company they are. Nope!!! I have had so much trouble moving homes and setting up foxtel, contacted them via their chat support and phone call only to have no solution. Had a tech come out, unable to help me install at my new home due to having a tin roof and asbestos present which is fine, but when I tried to see what my options are, I kept getting someone will call you back, twice no one called me back until I called again. Finally they let me use cable after telling me no its not possible, had to verify myself with every person I was transferred to, no notes against my account, then told my account couldn't be found and then that it was cancelled in March which makes NO sense because I signed up in March. Operators weren't listening to my problem, kept trying to say they'd have someone come out to install, my issue was that they couldn't install the satellite dish, I don't know how many times I repeated myself. Now, I've just received a bill for the past month that I haven't even had my Foxtel connected WITH a $180 fee for early termination!!!!! Used their chat support to query it, to be told I need to call them for assistance etc. If you can use Stan or Fetch TV, I suggest you do that, less money and less crap to deal with.

Good luck dealing with this dinosaur

Get used to getting mucked around. Returning the hardware is painful. First a dodgy phone call from a Melbourne number (clearly connected to overseas), then getting charged $300 after the hardware has been returned. Now waiting 2 weeks for a credit. Not good enough Telstra/Foxtel.

The Worst Customer Service Ever

I have tried to use Live chat twice now with Foxtel in the last few weeks and it has been the worst experience.
Firstly, their live chat text box is so slow and operates so badly that I had to type my questions using a Word doc and copy and paste them into the chat box.
Furthermore, the Live Chat reps could not help me even though I have had Foxtel for over 20 years. All I was asking for was information on new packages they were offering however due to having Foxtel through Telstra, they would not assist even though I asked them to pretend I was a new customer. I wasn't asking about my account at all. Their suggestion was migrate from Telstra and then they would be able to assist. My question to that was, 'Why would I migrate from Telstra when I don't know what you can offer'. CRAZY.
I was then advised that they had to follow procedure. Grrrr
These guys offer worse customer service than Telstra...and that is saying something!

Hidden bill

On sign up, got 2 months full HD package included for free, but it kept rolling on unknowingly to me, then, big bill time !
Complained & the off shore centre told me I was supposed to cancel it & that they sent me notification about this, But it never happened ?

There is no scale lower enough to rate you Foxtel - had to tick one star otherwise they wouldnt allow it

We pay an obscene amount of money for Foxtel hoping for a variety. Whilst sick in bed I watched Foxtel only to watch the same show 3 times during the same day on the 2 channels just repeating themselves throughout the day. Movies are just repeats after repeats. Get more variety on free to air. Thought Foxtel offered recording facilities so why repeat the same programs over and over. Also changed our contract without notice.

More ads than free to air, very expensive.

Many more ads than free to air, the only reason I have is for sport and some shows which are only on here.
I also used to watch the weather channel in the morning, but now it is just their biased news with 50 seconds of weather every 15 minutes!
Not worth the money!
You also have to pay extra for HD!

IQ 4 a bit of a dud

Have just upgraded from IQ3 to 4. Found it far less useable than 3. Programming has lots of gremlins. Don't always get what you record. Info on programs incomplete. Search function not reliable. Nowhere near as easy to navigate as 3. Not completely sold.

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Why do many bad reviews
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They don’t listen to what you are telling them. If they do listen the don’t act. Completely frustrating.Your answer doesn’t make sense at all

Why am I paying a rental fee with IQ4 for some shows like the hills? I have the top package and never had to do this with IQ3. Is this normal? I'm not happy
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Why no reminder of upcoming coming bill?
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