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this is hopeless

when ever there is a bit of wind foxtel goes off the air .
you would think in this day and age with all the technology that they would be able to overcome this problem . We pay top dollar for a crap service .
Shame on you foxtel

Direct Debit Access!

Having problems with the IQ3 box I rang Foxtel who offered me Satellite free of charge as they are apparently changing all their customers over. The installation occurred but they ripped $225 additional out of my account without any warning or invoice, when they deducted my monthly account fee. I didn't realise until I had some problems in regard to my electricity bill as I was charged an honour fee because my payment had gone over in that account as I'd only put enough in there to cover that electricity bill. I rang Foxtel and oh yes, they'd have the money back within 5 working days! Well that's come and gone - we're now at working day 7 and it's a Friday and all I can get out of them is probably Monday or Tuesday at the latest. No offers of recompense, nothing. It will be over two weeks since they took my money. I've cancelled the direct debit. It's obviously a trap for the uninitiated. Don't let them have access to your account! I'm pretty disturbed at the reviews I read about satellite here too so if that's the case, I'm out after Game of Thrones final season. Who needs it!

Don’t rush to Foxtel satellite / IQ4

- Picture quality inferior to cable / IQ3
- Free to air TV not HD unless you still have an aerial - not advertised or communicated
- Loses signal in cloudy or light storm
- Hard to contact the right person
- No choice but satellite from 2022
- Technicians were good

Damn genuinely terrible streaming service

Never works. Can’t cast from it. Regularly crashes. Will often times refuse to connect to my chrome cast when Netflix and Stan have no issues. Why bother offering a service if you’re going to make it so crap it would be more worthwhile to bang damn rocks together?

Unreliable Service

Foxtel just keeps getting worse and worse to the point I am very close to cancelling.
This evening on the 5th outage in 2 weeks.
When complaining to them all they do is tell you to check the Telstra outages page for updates which half the time don’t have any information. They offer no compensation either. So many shows I have missed or had partial interruptions where the signal keeps going out for days at a time and I live in the Sydney area where you would imagine the infrastructure would be decent.
Absolutely disgraceful service especially for the money they charge.
Foxtel recently also hiked up the monthly fee, yet they take away channels and now more frequent signal outages.
Recently upgraded my TV to a 4K UHD so I upgraded my Foxtel package to HD and had to pay another $10 a month. Then I realised that only a handful of the channels are broadcast in HD... so not worth the $10 upgrade.
This has to be one of the worst companies for ripping consumers off.

can not give zero stars, treat you with comtent

We have been a foxtel customer for years
We were moving house and my opinion was foxtel was getting expensive and did not want to install at our new address
I contacted foxtel to cancel and this was harder than you would imagine due to their retention tactics
After numerous calls I gave in and agreed to have just the 1 box at the new address
The technician attended the home and did the installation
During the installation we lost power
I asked the technician what have you done that could cause this. Nothing
I tried to trace a fault for 2 hours
I asked again same answer. Not me
I had to call out an emergency electrician as it was just before christmas and we had fridges full of food
The electrician arrived and he asked the technician, what have you done. Nothing
6 hours later the technician was long gone and electrician had worked his way through the whole circuit
We got to room were the foxtel installation had been done and we found the power point were the technician had removed to pull his cables had been put back on and screwed through the power cable shorting it out.
I contacted foxtel numerous times and all I got from the offshore call center was so sorry to hear that. No call backs
I have lodged 4 times an online complaint
No reply
Lodged a complaint with om bus man
They are a faceless organisation with no means of getting to them
They hide behind the offshore call center
Someone told me they are owned by telstra. If this is so that would explain a lot
Try the other facilities available, stan, netflix etc

I have just cancelled my Foxtel subscription after 20 + years with them.

I have just cancelled my Foxtel subscription after 20 + years with them , I had a ongoing intermittent issues with My Star box ( Austar ) , After numerous calls to the service centre , they would run a signal to fix it , if this didn’t work they would replace it , when I called that again they only thing they would do is run a signal to fix it. I told them don’t bother.

Loyalty won't be rewarded

I have been a foxtel customer for 5 years. I was not receiving a service due to a F106 fault and tried for a few days to resolve the matter as directed by the online foxtel website. When my wife called on the 5th day to get assistance, instead of solving the problem they booked us to get a satellite installed (as they are moving to old satellites on all foxtel by 2020) and completely ignored the original request to resolve the problem. I called again to have the actual problem resolved and to have the loyalty department call me. The problem wasn't resolved for a further 2 weeks until a technician changed the foxtel box (no call back from the loyalty department despite a promise to do so). Foxtel promised to amend my bill to exclude the days it was out of use. Foxtel then sent me a bill for the full amount. I called foxtel again to dispute the bill and they again promised to amend the bill and to have the loyalty department call me (they again didn't call). This time they sent a new bill with an amount deducted that was only part of the time the service was out and added a late fee that made up most of the rest. They then removed my movie channels as punishment for not paying a bill that was wrong, on time (when i actually only got it that day). I am going to call again today, this time to cancel this very expensive, uncompetitive and lieing service. Foxtel costs over $103 per month (no sport or hd). Netflix
Is $17.99 per month (premium) and Hayu (sport) is $25 per month. Thats a saving of over $720 a year.
Foxtel clearly don't care that they are not competitive and the loyalty department doesn't exist. Stay away from them.


Well I tryed to disconnect my Foxtel account about a year ago and was told to hang onto the Foxtel boxs in case I changed my mind. I told them I didn’t won’t to because I didn’t want to spend the $5.00 a month I was then told I wouldn’t be charged a thing. I didn’t know at the time that my account although disconnected was in credit $140. Thank god for direct STEELING sorry debit. 6 months went past and I tryed to send the iq box back again and again was told to just hold onto the box’s as it wasn’t costing me a thing. After a few months went past I tryed to return the boxes again I wouldn’t take NO for an answer, it took me an hour but was eventually told I could return the box’s to the post office and use my Foxtel account number to do so. I went to the post office and was told Foxtel had to give me a different number not my account number. I was annoyed now and called Foxtel and told them I needed the number to return the boxes after another 3 or 4 calls,hours,days I was given the number and returned the boxes. The day after returning the boxes I received an email saying thanks for joining Foxtel? What!!! This time when I called Foxtel I Said COMPLAINTS! And the computer put me through to an Australian branch (didn’t even know they had one) all my dealings with Foxtel up to this point where all handled by an Indian call centre. I spoke to a lady there that I will not name as she was very helpful and told me that I was actually having $5.00 taken out of my account every month and that my account had been in credit when my service was disconnected and that when I had insisted to send the Foxtel box’s back the Indian call centre person had “accidentally” reconnected me to Foxtel with a connection fee of $69.00 leaving my account in a $7.00 credit . She told me that she would refund me the $69.00 as it was obviously a mistake on there part. I did make her aware that at no point was I told my account was in credit and never received one bill in this time of being disconnected. But by this point getting half my money back and being free of Foxtel and hours of conversation with filthy thieving overseas call centre employees I was just glad to have it behind me, or so I thought. a day or two after talking with the nice lady from Foxtel call centre in AUSTRALIA I received another Email detailing my new account. So I called Foxtel again this time I said COMPLAINTS! and again the computer sent me to and AUSTRALIAN call centre in Ribena Queensland. The lady who picked up answer the phone by saying her name was Jenna or Jemma anyway after letting her talk I noticed she was lying to me just like the INDIAN call centre employees . I was totally over it now and asked for a reference number for the call and was told that Foxtel didn’t give reference numbers so I asked for her name and she told me it was Trish I didnt even bother correcting her, that she had earlier told me it was Jenna or Jemma. I don’t care anymore I just want to be done with these lying thieving Pathetic excuses. If I get a bill next month I don’t know what I’ll do.


Foxtel great !!!!

Just upgraded to latest Foxtel iq4.
We have been customers for over 20 ears.
Awesome to be able to have on demand niw.
I also use it overseas with VPN via our office.
Great product, only complaint is if you need service after hours!

Telstra and Foxtel are terrible

Horrible service every time you speak to either of them. My foxtel account was de-activated when i was overseas, got back and told its a common issue and will log a ticket that will take 2 days to get someone to even look at. Just been re-activated without any of my channels. Will leave it as just the free channels and sign up for Kayo and Netflix. Then as soon as possible go back to Optus (who had far better customer service)!

Poor Value for Money

Recently left Foxtel after spending 9 years with them. As others have noted they have a couple of price rises each year. Quite sneaky as its usually just a $1 at a time thinking you wont notice it. Channels are full of repeats constantly with little in the way of new content. I was paying $68 and no sports included in that. I have switched to Fetch although not as many channels now i just pay $12 a month and that includes Sports. You do the maths......

Vomit taste better

Worst customer service ever. Impossible to sort my subscription details with any true clarity. I have spent thousands of dollars with this company over the last 15 years and it’s getting worst not better.

Overcharging, deceptive billing & dishonest

We wanted Foxtel only for their sports but had to pay for an entertainment pack too. The entertainment pack is complete and utter trash with more ads than all of the free to air channels combined. They stuffed up our connection for internet and TV but provided a couple of months reduced price access which was a positive. However, 2 months later they changed our billing cycle and suddenly increased our charges by over $50 per month - which coincidentally was around what they had discounted for their stuff up. Their customer "service" people have very poor customer handling skills with some having such strong accents that it is impossible to understand them. They will tell you anything to get you off the phone but often lie to achieve that. If Foxtel were not protected with their monopoly of the industry they would be broke and out of business.


Factually incorrect product descriptions at point of sale by Telstra.
Wall mount not fit to be even put in a cheap rental property, whole family disappointed with having to accept poor workmanship and equipment.
The upgrade is entertained because the base equipment is so poor :(

Awful Customer Service, Billing Always Wrong and Too Many Adds

I took over someones account who used to live me me. At the time we had two boxes. When my roommate left, one box was returned to Foxtel and I assumed the account. It's been 8 months and they're still charging me for the extra box, despite multiple phone calls and having to prove the second box was returned. There are far too many adds. I don't understand as I am paying for TV. I understand some ads between shows but to have them so often during the shows is infuriating. The customer service is awful too, if I were as inept at my job as they are, I'd be fired.

Shady practices beware. Shocking communication

I had a deal with Foxtel for 111 per month all channels and two boxes. Without warning me they stopped the deal and were going to charge 154 per month. I was not advised of this. After being with them for 18 years I decided I could not afford 111 so I rang and cancelled service. They told me I had to return boxes. A week later a representative from foxtel phoned me and said he could cheapen the price to stay given I had been a loyal customer for 18 years. He was throwing cheaper options at me left right and centre. I felt very pressured, but I hung up. I sent my boxes back via post office, now despite being told I was paid up to 15 February they say I owe 154. I'm livid. They are investigating but they are definitely shady. Beware.

More ads than you can poke a stick at

I signed up for Foxtel again last year when I got a new job, but I was absolutely horrified at the amount of ads they showed. It seems that because they are hell bent in getting as much sport as they can which they promise will be ad-free, they compensate by showing more ads than free to air tv on other channels. Foxtel just isn't as good as it used to be regarding variety either and I couldn't wait until my contract finished so I could hand back my box. Returning the box was painful as well. You don't send it back via Australia Post anymore; you have to use some obscure company which is hard to find in buildings. I don't think I will ever sign up again.

Become very average

Way too many reruns, a lot of ads now . Live sport is the only reason I still have it but new services are coming out that offer only sport packages for a lot cheaper than Foxtel

Worst service ever

I’ve been a loyal Foxtel customer for more than 10yrs. I moved house and organized for a technician to come and install my Foxtel back, mind you the call our fee is $100, the technician realized that he couldn’t install the Foxtel because he needed to drill through the walls and it would cost more. He went ahead and told me because I had been a loyal customer for many years, Foxtel would waive some of the 2nd installation visit which is $460. When I rang Foxtel to discuss this, I was transferred to more than five departments and no one seemed to understand what I was talking about. After been on the phone for more than 30 minutes, I told them that I didn’t need their services anymore. I am very disappointed with Foxtel as they will do anything to get money out of you and not deliver the services

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Questions & Answers

How long has Telstra been charging for movies that were previously free. I've just upgraded to IQ4 and in going through movies to record it would appear that the majority are now for rental, including many I have previously seen free of charge.
No answers

I have an IQ2 box but cannot watch Free view channels which is super annoying & just stupid! Thinking of changing to the IQ4 box so i dont have this issue, the reviews ive read are not that great, is the IQ4 really that crap? Whats so bad about it? Thanks
No answers

Has anyone tried Kayo Sports yet? If so, do you recommend it?
2 answers
I installed a 4 week trial for my wife, she is a darts and tennis fan. Seems to work just fine, and she was pleased that she could stream some darts contests from a few weeks ago that hadn't fully recorded on Foxtel as they over-ran. Picture quality is very good, no buffering even though we were on ADSL (just changed to NBN). Kayo seems to offer all the sports channels that Foxtel offers and seems to be a good alternative if all you are interested in is sport. With Foxtel, you can't get Foxtel Sports on its own, it has to be bundled with a base subscription which makes the overall package a great deal more expensive. It is different from Foxtel. With Foxtel, you can set upcoming events to record, and once they are past you can't access them. With Kayo, they record all events and you can stream recordings from about 6 weeks before, after that they disappear. I suppose you could keep Foxtel recordings indefinitely but you don't have that facility with Kayo. One feature that Kayo doesn't have is fast play. On the Foxtel, my wife watches some events at 4x or 8x speed, and just watches highlights at normal speed. She can't do that with the Kayo. I'm thinking seriously about ditching the Foxtel. We have a full subscription which is stupidly expensive. We can use our existing Stan and Netflix subscriptions for movies and get Kayo for sports for a fraction of the price.Thanks, Kmwa. I decided to give it a go and so far I'm happy with it. And while it's true that you can't go 4x the speed I'm guessing on live, when you're not watching live you can get up to 2x the speed on Toggle Playback. At least on google Chrome.

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