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Foxtel stole money from my account.

Accepted Free 7 day offer....unfortunately i was gullable enough to provide my credit card details for a free trial.
Nothing worked, the connection never transmitted.5 days later was sent Email asking if i wanted to join Foxtel subscription?I pressed NO, 8 times but the email responded by pulsing like it was sending when it didn't.
3 months later i recieved my bank statement and Foxtel have been helping themselves to $35 month.
I should have waited and bought the Box Set of Thrones.

When I am watching Foxtel and you fast forward the picture still stays where it is

Foxtel need to improve it costs a bit of money it freezes too much but they don’t do anything about it fast forward button doesn’t let the movie move along its days and repeats it self over and over again until you keep going

Glad I've escaped

Signed up for an introductory package which included installation and 6 months of access.
All good in the beginning, installation as promised .
BUT!! enormous problems trying to cancel subscription when we found it wasn't good value for money.
Can't do it on line and very difficult to get through to call centre to cancel.
Then they tried to keep charging even after service was cancelled. Had to cancel direct debit at bank to prevent payments.
Even during subscription period they kept overcharging more than contract account.
Incompetence or dishonesty??? Who knows, all I do know is they very stressful to deal with.
My advice is to have nothing to do with them. Since then I have persuaded children, friends and siblings not to take up Foxtel and my next door neighbour is going to cancel his subscription.
No wonder they lost $417 million last year!!

Archaic, not user friendly, terrible customer service.

If I could give zero stars I would. This is the most archaic interface and definitely not user friendly. As for the call centre, staff do not know anything, you are told something different each time you call. Very frustrating experience!

Don’t bother, worst product ever!

This company locks you into a 2 year contract in which they deliver on all the product promises they make. What they don’t tell you is that the set top box is the most basic, sub standard piece of rubbish ever! It’s as if Foxtel put out a tender to make the slowest, most user unfriendly, unreliable piece of rubbish imaginable and then halved the winning bid’s capabilities to give you what you get. A Commodore 64 would be better.

Shocking service, rip off and even if you try to connect a new service they make it so hard

I am building a 2 storey home, my last 2 storey place they refused to install the dish as the technician advised it was too high up and fair enough safety first. So this time around we currently have a scaffold and fall protection set up for works being completed on the upper roof. I rang foxtel advised them now would be best time to get the dish put up. They refuse to install it unless i pay $80 a month even thought i'm not moving in for 12 months. They wont send even send a technician past to assess the site to guarantee that he can safely access the roof in 12 months time with no scaffold. The technician is the one who makes the call if he can safely do his job but its someone in a call centre (mind you the call centre isn't even in Australia) making the decisions.

Seeya Later

It’s too expensive for what is offered. When it first came out, it’s big selling point was no adds; well has that changed! And try talking to Foxtels call centre; might as well talk to a brick wall.

Foxtel is a massive rip off!

For months we have been having download issues. We have Foxtel with Telstra, call to ask for help, Foxtel say it’s a Telstra problem and yep when we call Telstra well they say it’s a Foxtel problem, but just reset the box! Honestly I’m sick of resetting the box! I can’t wait for our contract to end, there are a lot of choices now and we will be heading for something different and staying well away from this rip off service!

GOT is nearly done. SAVE YOUR $$$

In programming terms, there is an acronym that we use. GUI. Graphical user interface. They’ve all done it. Netflix. Stan. Even “Gaia”. (It’s a new thing. It’s spiritual. I think.). Netflix, Stan and (even) Gaia have PERFECT GUIs. Serious people with above-average-iq have dedicated serious time ( = investments) to ensuring a seamless user experience because they have some concept of the fact that churning and burning is not a feasible business model in this day and age where the average attention span is not what it used to be 50 years ago. That’s why they will remain “CEO” in the coming quarters.
(I hope the CEO of Foxtel is reading this). The efficiency of these streaming apps led us to take streaming apps for granted. What’s meant to happen, happens. One can navigate through the belly of an exciting new series without having to search and scroll and spend way too much time trying to figure out how to navigate. (How about I wanna see episode 4 of season 2 instead of what I’m up to?). Nothing works with Foxtel.
Can I say it? It SUCKS. You can’t go into any compilation and find your way around. The most shortsighted investment of this MILLENNIA is Foxtel’s investment in the popular HBO series, game of thrones. Seems like you guys invested so much in it, that you LITERALLY don’t have space for anything else - (like customer satisfaction). The exclusivity is so toxic that you can not BREATHE game of thrones in this continent without having to pay 50% extra for a streaming app. Half of us are downloading it off pirate bay anyway!
Here is what I wanna say to you Foxtel: Watch your back when your game of thrones is over. Because you’ve alienated 24.5 million viewers in Australia who won’t wipe their behinds with your... “GUI” when the finale airs. Netflix, Stan and “Gaia” is cheaper and way better.
Love and regards,


Goodbye Foxtel

Been with foxtel for abit over 4 years with 2 boxes(muilti room), I know there are better similar services out there but used foxtel because its easily operated by my parents. However after moving, the new house was not able to get foxtel due to cabling issues.
They offered me Foxtel Now but only 1 foxtel now device for free due to them not able to connect me at the new property, asked for a second for the second room, they refused. Too bad I guess, lost me as customer.

You’ll pray for a quick death

To hell with foxtel for buying the rights to GoT when their streaming service obviously isn’t up for the task. I reckon Foxtel has contributed greatly to the pirating of GoT (at least in Australia), because of all the technical issues with their stream makes the experience unbearable. Canceling my subscription now and I’m NEVER coming back. Yarr

Ads Ads Ads

The ads on foxtel are out of control. I scrolled through 10 different channels and 9 of them were showing ads.. this is ridiculous. The ad breaks can go almost 10 minutes. The service is substandard.

Garbage Fire

I literally cannot believe how garbage Foxtel is. Foxtel is the most disappointed I have been with something since my adulthood, although at least being an adult I can watch Game of Thrones on something other than my PC. 60 years ago, humanity put a put a man on the moon. 4000 years ago we built the pyramids. Polio literally no longer exists. So how is it that in 2019 I can't watch dragons light some peasants on fire on my phone. Foxtel is the Bran Stark of streaming services. Genuinely completely useless, but at least Bran can watch things from a distance. Two thumbs all the way down.

Most pathetic service provider.

Repeat of the same programs over and over again. Worst customer service centre with rude customer service operators who aren't helpful, only care about money. Account was restricted over 2 dollars!! Totally unacceptable.


When you watched 8 hours of snooker and the program is cut before the very end. This is very annoying and You feel like canceling. So frustrating when the conclusion of the match cannot be viewed.


Fed up with repeat after repeat, I don't know where 13th street would be without Inspector Frost,, Vera,, Murdoch,, Jesse Stone etc, over and over again, now it's true crime stuff that should be on the Crime channel. I'm just about ready to call it quits, too expensive, not enough choices and more ad's than free to air.

Go with another streaming service, this aint it chief

Signed up for a free 10 day trial to see if I wanted to use Foxtel, after finding they have barely anything good to watch and everything is about 10 pixels worth of quality I clicked the cancel subscription button and it never went through and continued to stay on the same page. My internet was working just fine, tried several more times on different devices and even asked my girlfriend to log on at her place and try there. It just wouldn't let me cancel. I called up to try and cancel on the phone and was told no I couldn't cancel over the phone, there was nothing they can do, there will be no refunds provided when I'm charged and no there is no email I can send a video to proving I can't cancel online so they can sort something out on their end.

After a week I tried to cancel again and for some reason this time it worked but I've already been charged $25 for a service I won't be using (and will be warning everyone away from). Shady as.

Overpriced with poor service

Been with Foxtel for over 8 years, paying well over $150 a month for premium package. Service and recption was poor with IQ2 constantly being an issue. Persisted with it for some time, always being misled by Foxtel staff that it was problem. Eventually, I discovered a forum which mirrored my experience by lots of people and also made mention the IQ2 had a floor in it and was constantly being replaced. I wanted to cancel my service as a result. Finally I was offered a new IQ3 for no cost, as well a big reduction in monthly cost. I was happy with so agreed. Then I discovered that after 6 months they increased significantly my monthly cost. Total lack of disclosure, total lack of transparency, misleading statements and untrustworthy. I finally wised up and cancelled. I still wonder how Foxtel get away with their practices, beware and check the fineprint. Better still don't use them.

Foxtel policy is the most stuffed policy for the consumer that I have ever experienced

I rate them a minus and I would never recommend them to any one that I would like to keep as a friend thanks for all the frustration you gave me

this great

Foxtel is great keeps the kids entertained during the day and enjoy movies and other programs that I don't get on free to air tv. I have had Foxtel for 10yrs

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Free LCD TV on signing up. Hi for signing up in March /April 2019 I was eligible for a bonus LCD TV. The TV that was delivered had promo stuff printed on the packaging about an old Red Bull Air Race. On opening the box I found the screen has small cracks all over it, like something that had been left in the sun for years. Has anyone else received a Foxtel bonus TV that was DOA?
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No, no promo TV on my deal. Not surprised that Foxtel gave you a rubbish product, it's what they do best

Hi, I'm just wondering if someone can help me. I've been with Foxtel over 15 years. I have the original Foxtel box, via SMS, I've been told that I need a new Foxtel box, as currently getting sound but no picture. My question is, I don't have internet access, I don't have a smart TV. I can't seem to get any answers if I need internet to be able to watch Foxtel with this new box, IQ 4 which I don't actually want. I just want to be able to watch Foxtel as I am now. Excuse my ignorance. I'd be grateful for any information. I'm quite stressed about the whole situation. Many thanks
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Hello My mother in law has a basic box too, it works fine I am sure you can have it replaced, you can use the normal IQ 3 without internet via satellite dish, but you can’t stream, or use on demand . Basically you watch what’s on and record everything. I Q 4 has bad reviews. Don’t let them push you into extra payment.Thanks Lydia for your reply. Yes I don't actually want a new box, it's stuffed, to put it bluntly, but the one like your mother in-law has, I've had for over 15 years. I bet this new box won't last that long! So because it's no longer working, they are replacing it for free of charge, & I wouldn't be paying for it anyway, I was ready to tell them to disconnect it, as it's not really worth having these days, compared to back when I joined, all the soccer, now I've just read the soccer team channels, Chelsea, ManU, Liverpool, they are gett6tid of them too at the end of May. That's good to know that I don't need the internet. I'm in my 50' but I'm not interested in streaming or anything like that. I just want to watch TV ( like we used to) getting left behind. I really appreciate your reply. Enjoy the rest of your day. Thanks again :)

How much longer are you going to make us endure the ridiculous Hotels Combined and Trivago ads every 10 minutes every day on every channel. Surely they can't have that much money that they can show these ads 1,000 times a day. And don't get me started on that stupid underwear ad by some American jerk that is on every ad break all day every day. Give us a break. We have to pay exorbitant fees to have the right to watch ad after ad that never change, ever. And don't try and tell me it is not profit gouging.
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