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Buffering and Error messages abound

Just about every time I try to watch something, I either get error messages or buffering issues. Especially bad on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Have complained directly with no response.

Goodbye Foxtel Now.

Ten months into my free 24 month trial of Foxtel Now, my Telstra TV "Black Box" packed up. It was replaced within 24 hours (well done, Telstra), but this was the end of the good news as far as Foxtel Now was concerned. I'm required to re-set my password, but I spite of trying every possible route into a password re-set, I'm unable to access it. Telstra say it's a Foxtel responsibility, but Foxtel denies all knowledge of my existence! They don't know my name, email address or have any other record of me. So if you lose your Foxtel Now access, you're in big trouble it seems. This seems a typical Telstra stuff up, where one half of the enterprise doesn't know what the other half is doing and the hapless customer is caught in between. What a clueless outfit!

Buffering frustration

Good library of shows but buffering during primetime creates a very frustrating experience, and recently it appears to be getting worse. Confirmed fast internet speed (60-100mbps), and every other streaming service (Netflix, Stan, Prime) works without any buffer. If Foxtel wants to remain competitive and retain customers, they need to fix their problems, not just blame the customer for streaming issues (which is their default response).

Cant watch due to buffering speeds

I signed up to Foxtel so I could legally stream GOT. It took over half an hour to play 10 minutes of the episode after buffering every 20 seconds. I also don't understand why you can't even pause it/ play it and rewind it to let the stream preload whilst watching and then be able to watch buffer-free. On top of this - I've already altered my settings to the lowest data usage and this still didn't help. I will definitely be cancelling at the end of this free trial.

Use Piratebay instead. Even if you get caught and pay legal fees and a fine, it's better value for your money.

Most video streaming services actually buffer slightly ahead of time, and if the programme is paused, the stream usually gets even more wiggle room to preload what you are watching.
Foxtel Now on the other hand, will randomly freeze to load what seems to be the next 3 seconds, before needing to freeze again, to repeat the process. And if you dare to pause what you are paying to watch on this "premium service", good luck with getting it to resume without causing another cascade of freezing and spinning circles.
Want to resume an episode where you left off? Well flip a coin, because thats what the app seems to do.As an aside, without hbo content, you are basically left with trash they wouldn't show on free tv. For a premium.
Spend your money elsewhere.
By the way, they run commercials on their live channels.
Foxtel charges you 25 dollars a month to run commercials during programming.

Buffering problems

I've been trialling Foxtel Now for a few days now.

* Decent range of content
* Not too hard to use

* Buffering issues

Seems like a decent service overall but not worth it with the buffering issues. The constant pausing ruins the experience of watching a TV show or movie.

Why can't I give it zero stars. You need a new scale

Buffered on GOT even after it was aired 12 hours ago. The only reason I subscribed was to legally watch it
Also having no Apple TV app available is just ridiculous. Their answer if you have to purchase the fox box which defeats the whole purpose of having this streaming option.
GOT froze over 100 times in this episode and my connection was 70 mbps.
2 more episodes and I'm cancelling.
Also the sports uploads such as moto gp or F1 take up to 24hrs to be available by which time you'll already know the results, again defeats the purpose

Absolutely awful

I have an internet speed of 192mbps (extremely fast for Aus standards) and yet I can not watch an episode of Game of Thrones without it buffering every 3 seconds! Worst streaming platform to ever exist. Thankfully I got it for free. Please Australia, I beg you to let this awful company go bankrupt and finally die. Foxtel has been a plague for far too long.

Wake up Foxtel, your service is terrible.

We are LAN connecting our ps4 to run all streaming apps, with 15mbps+ but Foxtel will buffer constantly during peak periods. Peak periods being every weekend, and any time GOT is in season. Once GOT and iRobot are over I can't see myself or many others continuing the service. If HBO come to AUS directly, Foxtel will lose the point of this service entirely and their basis of competition.

Worst streaming service - operates like it's from the 90s

Foxtel Now as a streaming service is ABSOLUTELY terrible. They charge more than double the price of a Netflix monthly subscription and yet:
a) the $25/month subscription allows you access to only a very tiny selection of tv shows and movies
b) forget trying to watch during a busy period or during a commute because the buffering will drive you INSANE.
c) you can't even download movies in advance so hope you're happy to put up with the buffering!!
d) you only have two options for the video quality: auto and LOW. There's no middle option so hope you're happy to put up with the low video quality and the buffering!!
Only signed up for GoT but as soon as the season is over I am without hesitation definitely cancelling my subscription. The entire experience from signing up in the first place to watching shows and everything in between has been incredibly painful.

Price gauging with awful quality.

Price gauging with awful quality. It pauses for buffering constantly. I don't have any issues with any other service which i subscribe to at less than half the price. I have removed the HD in settings so that it is on low quality but no difference. Tried their help section which said do a speed test as it can have problems if under 3mbps. Mine is a 5.4. No explanation or next step to try.

Foxtel greed

Last year I had Foxtel Now via my Telstra TV for $39 per month for six months to watch the NRL.
This year they want $54 and a 12 month deal. Not a bad price increase, well forget it Foxtel, I would just rather watch the free to air games and miss the rest than pay your greedy price. Very disappointed!

Too expensive!

Are you kidding? All i want is docos and i have to pay to have every single channel for $100? Cant just have a docos pack! Yeah right, rather go without thanks

Way to expensive compared to other services.

Stan and netflix have got my cash only reason i signed up to the trial was to get game of thrones. Thought the service was ok until the trial was over and lost access to half the content and to get it back its double the price.

I would rather pay for Stand and Netlix which give me access to a fair amount of decent content then pay that sort of price these services are supposed to be relatively cheap to stop people from illegally downloading but foxtel keep the same old mindset and look for other ways to get the content i like which using other services that are reasonable.

Wont be getting my money again still a complete rip off.

Actually the worst streaming service out there

I have never used Foxtel Now before, but for GOT8 I got it, as it was a legal way to watch it but HOLY crap, I would honestly have rathered waiting an hour+ for the episode to be uploaded so I can stream it illegally. Firstly, you can't have more than 4 devices even LOGGED IN, not all using the service by the way just LOGGED IN. Next, only two people can watch shows at a time and if you switch from your desktop to your laptop while someone else is watching something it will take Foxtel around 5-10 minutes of "two people are already watching wait till they finish". ????? what the hell is that??? Even after deregistering (logging out) everyone else from the account it still takes 5-10 minutes to figure out that no. No one else is watching. As others have mentioned, buffering, oh god all the buffering. I can watch Netflix and Stan at the SAME TIME as Foxtel and have zero issues with buffering. Best believe I will never subscribe to this garbage again after GOT8 ends. Would give 0/5 if I could.

Would rate 0 if it was possible

Terrible streaming quality. Does not matter which device we stream from (smart tv, computer, apple tv, playstation 4 or Telstra tv). It doesn't seem to matter if we are streaming one service or multiple in the home, all it does is buffer. It just keeps buffing every few minutes. This is ridiculous as we can stream multiple devices from Netflix and Stan with no issues but when it comes time to watch GOT (which is the only reason I signed up to my current Telstra plan). How can they charge so much for such a crap service.

Buffering is ridiculous

As basically everyone has said the buffering and loading is ridiculous, my partner gets it free as part of her mobile plan but if we had to pay for it Is laugh in whoever suggested it's face.

Interestingly enough we didn't have too many buffering issues until recently, I'm guessing an influx of people joined to watch GoT and the crappy servers were never upgraded to handle the volume.

I'd give it a 0 if I could

Terrible functionality and terrible customer service

Doesnt allow casting from laptops etc and casting from the app only worked for 1 day of my trial period. Very little help from customer service so I had no choice but to cancel the trial as wasnt going to pay large amounts of money for a service that didnt work and no one at foxtel seemed interested in fixing it. Havent had any casting/viweing problems with netflix or stan or from others such as tenplay

Total Crap

As others have stated constant buffering problems, I have to go to the university library to use this service as they have a premium internet connection. At home all other steaming services work no problem but not Foxtel cant wait for GOT to finish as its the only reason I signed up for this crap, seeing as this is the last season and judging by the comments the only reason a good proportion of users are subscribed I predict they wont be in business to much longer. If you want to pay twice as much as the competition charges for a product that barely works then sign up.

Foxtel Now is the poorest App ever created

Got Foxtel Now to watch GOT S8 and after numerous try I had to get rid of it as streaming was extremely poor. I use Stan and Netflix with out issues on any of my registered devices but when I tried to use Foxtel Now... WOW unbelievably crap... stop every 5 min or less, have to restart the app all the time... Worst service ever encounter to date... in these day and age with the technology available can't phantom to understand why they don't do something to fix the problem... from the reviews seen to date the should got this fix ages ago... never going back for sure... what a rip-off...

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Questions & Answers

Right up until 2 nights ago I was able to stream The Little Drummer Girl to watch as I had previously seen Episode 1. Tonight I go to continue watching and all of a sudden I am being told that my package does not allow me to watch it and I am locked out. Have the packages been changed in the last 48 hours?
No answers

Has anyone tried their new sports app Kayo yet? If so, would you recommend it?
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Has anyone got sports? And is AFL ok to stream?
3 answers
Yep have the sports pack, pretty good picture but not as good as when we had a cable box.Yes I have sports pack for NRL, pictures fine the only thing is live TV is about 15 to 20 seconds behindFoxtel now is performing a lot better since we got NBN.

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