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Horrendous and I’m going to town. Why ACCC hasn’t stepped in to bring Foxtel down at this point is mind boggling!

Every time I turn on the Foxtel now box there is a phantom problem. Every. Single. Time. It’s the most expensive of all the TV package options by about 150% with around 800% less content.
The Foxtel now box itself is also around 40% more than other like devices. It constantly has various play back errors, massive buffering delays where it takes 90mins to watch a 45m show, says it’s not connected to the internet when settings show it is with full strength receiving, Bluetooth remote dropouts, picture but not audio... the list goes on and on and on needing continual total power down resets. On demand shows also often don’t appear till well after their prime time live airing. Ads are horrific, I’m pretty sure these are in breach or right on the line of 30% max allowed in Australia for free to air let alone the most expensive pay TV in Australia.

The built in chrome cast is highly unreliable & when it does work the audio delay starts at about 15s difference escalating to 2mins within less than half an hour into a show. There’s also no access to netflix despite the fact a collaborative partnership has been reached between them months ago. Worse as it’s built in chrome ultra you can’t adjust settings that fixes these issues as part of the standard customisation available with every other provider allowing users to adapt to their individual systems.

Forget support, they have no idea and that’s if you can do the work to get through. Foxtel isn’t part of your chill time, they are another job & probably on par with the worst one you have ever had.

I have zero issues with any other service and ironically this includes android TV loaded through Foxtel now box.

What sort of business model are they running in there at Foxtel where android TV works fine from other apps on their IT infrastructure but they can’t get their own premium price very limited content to work on their own systems?

If you’re thinking about buying this don’t. In principal it’s marketed as an all inclusive product. In reality it’s a dogs breakfast. Get another streaming device & opt for Netflix, Stan, Hulu etc combination of all still cheaper than Foxtel base package with very little content. whatever shows you think you’ll miss on Foxtel trust me you won’t. It’d be cheaper to buy the one or 2 you may miss outright to watch on a more reliable service.

Clearly not worth it

The service can't handle much traffic during peak hours so it lags a lot. Very limited library. Foxtel will be crushed once a handful of major American production companies/apple launch their own streaming services soon. They will raise their content licencing prices for other streaming service providers, killing them off.

Terrible do not buy don’t recommend specially from Kogan

I bought a Foxtel now box from Kogan in May. Their customer service is appalling don’t even get back to me because the Foxtel now box I bought likes to turn itself on all the time waking me up during the night it’s as good as rubbish at the tip. I wouldn’t even waste my money on it. You can’t stream Netflix like the Apple TV box. Biggest waste of money going. I’ve been waiting since the 17.5.19 and get replies and keep getting told they will help me my unit is faulty so I’m best off leaving a review since they don’t like to contact you. It’s now August and still waiting to hear back. If I could do a negative star I would

Terrible experience! Expensive and unwatchable.

For our $25 a month we get a service we simply cannot watch during the evening due to constant buffering. Serious, 3 seconds of the show followed by a minute of buffering! We then switch to Netflix or any other service and it's all good. Can't understand why Foxtel management would tolerate this as an acceptable customer experience. Beyond the technical issues, $25 p/m is simply not good value for the two or three shows we watch. $15 p/m would bring us back, if the constant buffering wasn't still an issue.

No longer worth it

The service was good but it's simply no longer affordable or competitive with the new entry level package of Pop + Lifestyle. It's getting like Foxtel by including rubbish you don't want to watch. Not worth it for the two shows we watch per week.

Don't bother.

To get the content you're likely to want besides sports (Kids and Docos) you have to purchase ALL packs, so you'll have to fork out $104 a month for content that used to be $10 each without the need of purchasing any other packs.

Pay to watch ads and pay more to unlock more ads! Yay!

This company is far too money-hungry. They do not care about what is fair or the user's experience in viewing. Any othet platform I have used is not even comparable to this disgrace.


So bad, cancelled after trial, but disappointed that I cancelled normal foxtel for this rubbish thing. Plenty of work to fix this pile of junk. Avoid avoid avoid. Dont waste your time or money.

Don't expect to be able to watch during peak times

There is nothing wrong with our internet connection. As soon as 7pm kicks in you can't watch anything. We use Netflix, Stan and Google movies without any issues. Foxtel now is an overpriced scam.

Junk. I give it one star because occasionally it actually works.

One of the most frustrating electronic devices I own (and I have two). Incredibly buggy and freezes regularly requiring frequent re-starts. Prompts you with 'are you still there' usually right when a crucial moment in a movie or sporting event is on. Then throws you back to main menu. When you pick up where you left off, it automatically starts playing music from your Play subscription! Absolute junk. Don't bother.

If I could give 0 stars I would

Complete rubbish which they charge through the nos for. I had to torrent the show I wanted to watch because I couldn't get more than 5 seconds before it buffered NONSTOP. 25 minute show took over an hour to watch pixilated. Cancelled my subscription and never again will Foxhell get my money.

Foxtel Play is unusable

Run Foxtel Play through my Xbox and either BigPond ADSL or my iPhone personal hotspot and 4G connection. Either way I get streaming issues every few seconds and the picture freezes. Didn't used to be like this. Have had app for 3 years but issues started 3 weeks ago. Have raised a case with Foxtel, apparently they are emailing me paperwork to complete. No idea where this is going.

BEWARE-Cancelled Free Trial but continued to be charged

Tried the 10 day free trial and decided to deactivate before the 10 days as per their links.
Noticed Foxtel were continuing to charge despite deactivating account. Rang for refund and despite deactivating and not using after the 10 day trial they claim no record of cancelling and are refusing refund.

I’ve canceled my Foxtel Now subscription

I am canceling my Foxtel now subscription because Foxtel does not listen to its customers. The iPhone app is a disgrace! Just read the hundreds of comments on the App Store (actually please do, people have gone out of their way to provide genuine feedback and no one is listening, or responding). I have provided feedback, and this is the only way I feel that is left to cancel my membership.
To sum up: 1. Have a native Apple TV app (not good enough to be able to airplay), 2. Rebuild the app from scratch (it’s awful- read the reviews) just do what Stan and Netflix are doing (it’s not rocket science- just do what the leaders in the market are doing), 3. Lower your price. Foxtel now has the least amount of content for triple the price - it just doesn’t make sense.
I hope that this message actually gets read, and even better actioned. Does anyone at Foxtel care about their project? Time will tell.

Popular shows peak hour buffering and live tv quality

Similar reviews with perfectly fine internet and buffering issues. It seems to be buffering consistently and constantly during peak times. An additional problem is Live TV quality which seems to be constantly going between HD and obvious pixelating back to SD or lower. Especially sports.

On a free trial, even at that price, not worth the money.

Horrible buffering with good internet download speeds. Same as all the other reviews. Why would anyone pay money for this? Not good enough foxtel. Netflix is a superior service. Will not be subscribing.

Absolute rubbish

Why Foxtel Now is the worst app I’ve ever come across. I rarely write reviews, but over the years this app has grated on me enough to submit a review.

Here’s a brief run down of the numerous flaws encountered when simply trying to watch a show:

1. Foxtel now doesn’t sync your watched shows across devices, so when booting it up on your tv after having watched on another device it doesn’t remember the show or importantly where you stopped watching.
2. You then have to search for your show in the anytime section. Once you find your show, for reasons one can only begin to guess the seasons and episodes are not in chronological order (or any sensical order). So start looking through the list until you find your episode.
3. Once you’ve found your episode, start fast forwarding to where you think you remember you were up to. Good news, you can’t jump to a section to save time (like in Netflix), and you can only fast forward at 8x speed (which does not progressively fast forward). Which means if you were close to the end of an hour long show, you can watch it fast forward for 5 minutes! Also, you can’t tell what scene you are up to as the screen repeats the same scene when fast forwarding.
4. App crashes randomly when selecting a show to watch.

What an absolute disgrace of an app, in Foxtel style unfinished and rushed to market (much like iq3). Good thing it costs 3 times Netflix for the base package - good deal!!

Suspect Very low security settings

I registered my details for a trials but due to the cost/benefits decided to cancel the subscription.
A few days later my credit card had to be canceled due to fraud activity and my phone keeps getting calls from countries in Africa.
I had not provided my details to any other web service and I strongly suspect that the Foxtel Now page isn’t properly protected.

Depends on what you use it for

Couldn't stream a gif no matter how good your internet connection is, but I found another purpose for it. If you play a video and then go to sleep when it inevitably starts buffering, it'll wake you up in 8 hours when it finally has 10 seconds of 144p footage to show run!

Non- stop buffering

Zero stars!! Constant buffering, have been trying to watch one show and its buffering every 30 seconds ( internet is perfectly fine) * tiny selection of shows, not value for money. Do not pay for this ! Worst streaming service.

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Right up until 2 nights ago I was able to stream The Little Drummer Girl to watch as I had previously seen Episode 1. Tonight I go to continue watching and all of a sudden I am being told that my package does not allow me to watch it and I am locked out. Have the packages been changed in the last 48 hours?
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Has anyone tried their new sports app Kayo yet? If so, would you recommend it?
No answers

Has anyone got sports? And is AFL ok to stream?
3 answers
Yep have the sports pack, pretty good picture but not as good as when we had a cable box.Yes I have sports pack for NRL, pictures fine the only thing is live TV is about 15 to 20 seconds behindFoxtel now is performing a lot better since we got NBN.

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