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Foxtel Now

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Useless Foxtel app & poor quality streaming

Useless, hard to navigate iPhone app. Why is there no AppleTV app? Why is there no app that I can download to my smart tv from the Opera store? I'm relegated to the iPhone app whether I like it or not, or else I can pay an exorbitant monthly sum to get the Foxtel box.

I get constant buffering (even though I'm getting 12Mbps internet download speeds) and the image quality is terrible compared to Netflix. Overall, very unhappy. If it wasn't for Game of Thrones I would have dumped this by now!

Service Subscription

Tried the free trial.
Did not cancel at the end of trial.
Not used since trial.
Did not know that subscription was continually coming out of my account despite not using the service for a very significant time period.
Tried to cancel and was told it was not in my name???? Despite the money coming out of my account every month for a significant time.
No options were offered to try to sort this.
Have to cancel my credit card at great inconvenience to sort out.

Paying to watch advertisements...

I refuse to pay this damn company any more money! So that I can watch continuous ads?? Also to recycle the same shows over and over again isn't the best business model. You guys are about to become unnecessary.

The Foxtel now app is useless

The Foxtel now app is slow and constantly buffering I can’t watch a tv show without it stopping. Absolute disaster of software for a top dollar premium network. I’ll be canceling this and staying with Netflix

Worth it if it’s free

I had Foxtel free as part of my phone plans. I also have Netflix, Stan and Prime Video (Amazon). Once the free offer is up, I defiantly won’t be using or recommending it. Foxtel is just stupidly expensive for less content than they originally had. I guess they don’t want to provide a competitive product. I think their in for a slow death like VIideo rental stores? But, why would you bother with Fox, when Prime Video is about $4 a month and you can have both Netflix and Stan for less that the current Foxtel $25 minimum?

Packed with Commercials breaks, a Primitive App at a premium price.

A streaming service, you pay a premium for, that is packed with 5 min advert breaks throughout the shows.
A rather Primitive app, especially for the price. A simple service layout, it does not offer user viewing profiles so everything gets mixed and mashed between the family - significantly behind competitors platform and features.

Helped themselves to my bank account.

December 2018 considered a Foxtel package. Took up 7 day free trial but the service stream didn't work from the get go.Called
131999 for assistance and after speaking to many operators who checked my stream and acknowledged over three days that it was NOT LINKING UP and to call back in 24 hours and try again!l was spending so much time on above number that i was getting headaches so i gave up.Recieved email at the approaching deadline of free trial asking if I would like to continue or unsubscribe to a service i never accessed.
I pressed unsubscribe 3 times, just to be sure.Opened my bank statement and FOXTEL have withdrawn $35 a month for the last 3 months. Was told by call service that the email I pressed unsubscribe to wasn't to stop the service?Operator told me I was meant to go online to exit.Went online and it is exactly the same unsubscription process that i pressed in December.
Foxtel gave me no service, no refunds and no notification they were taking money from my bank.
Lots better providers available.
Steer clear.

New starter pack makes more expensive and less viewable

Foxtel Now formerly let you choose your starter pack, however now forces you to have the Pop and Lifestyle pack, which is appalling viewing. 20+ channels I would NEVER choose to watch. Now, just to have Sports I must pay $54 / months instead of $39 previously. What a rort and complete rip off. Cannot wait until Foxtel has a decent sport competitor so I can ditch it, as I have all my telstra accounts.

Pathetic packs now far too expensive

I think Ill be ditching Foxtel now as it just isnt worth the money to watch sky and forever repeats. New content is pathetic as is the ridiculous pricing which you now need all packs just to watch documentaries.A complete waste of cash.

March 14th 2019 Update: pathetic buffering issues. Package rip off

Foxtel Now fix the buffering issue with chrome or start refunding customers. Your packages are a blatant rip off as it the lack of new content. Ill be contacting the dept of fair trade as your ripping of thousands of people and you have known about the buffering issue for near a year. Perhaps read the comments here and respond. Refund or credit your customers who use Foxtel Now on PC and chrome.

Still horrible when free

It’s just horrible, everything from video/sound quality but more so the interface and limited seasons.

If your expecting a NETFLIX interface with easy to use features to find the shows you want to watch you won’t find it here.

My Telstra mobile plan gives me a basic pack for free, when that runs out I would would never actually pay for this mess.

I understand having a basic plan limits my options, but honestly I can see what I don’t have access too and none of it interests me.

What does bother me is the interface, when ever I want to check the new Walking Dead or GoT release it’s a maze of clicks to get to where I need to go. For example I actually watched the second season of Westworld before season one cause the season 1 tab was hidden from me (it auto scrolled to season 2, why it wouldnt just show both tabs I have no idea)

Love my Foxtel now box and Foxtel now

I love my Foxtel now box can take it when I travel Australia wide love it now they brought the music Channels back I hope they bring the 4K Chanel also wish they put animal planet back on Foxtel now and discovery science but overall love the programming always something to watch and love the discounts I get every now and then and easy to upgrade package or downgrade to
Thanks Foxtel

Absolute Con - AVOID

The app does appears to work, but the big issue is that when you try and stream using your google chromecast, in peak time you will find a lot of lag problems with Foxtel. They don't appear to have the servers to handle peak load times, and as a result the stream keeps freezing.. = unwatchable.

All the support centers are in the Philippines, so expect to speak with someone that can barely understand you when you are trying to explain it doesn't work.

Over priced and not worth it

The fact that it cost $104 per month to get the kids pack ridiculous, fetch tv has the kids pack for $6 per month and is a mouth better option.

don't bother.more adds than normal tv..why pay to watch adds., subscriptions and adverting revenue.greedy bastards

I was watching a prime time show...7-8 adds per break....at the cost of advertising on tv ….there raking it in at our expense....subscriptions and adverting revenue. greedy bastards. another example of profiteering

Rip off

If you are interested in Documentries, well to get that pack you have to get ALL the other packs. ( $104.00 Per Month total ) Total thievery!!!

Poor sound quality

Poor sound quality that has to be adjusted movie by movie and run at full volume, customer support is patronising and unhelpful, I am tech savvy, our tv and sound system is worth over $8000 and using Foxtel is like using Grandpas wireless 15watt radio.... currently talking to an onbudman to cancel our contract.....

Overpriced, inferior and sneaky!

Minimum spend per month is now $25! Cancelled our subscription due to technical difficulties - that they promised to look into but never had a helpful response. As I was in the process of cancelling they warned us that as of October 2018 the minimum entry pack is now $25/month ( previously you could get packs for $10 to $15 / month but now you have to buy 2 packs as a minimum!) There is no way this is even in the ballpark of the other streaming services - and for a far inferior product! Not going back to Foxtel!!

Overcharged and underserved

Cancelled Foxtel Now's free trial before it expired. Was charged anyway. Phillipines service centre refused to refund - told me to take it up with my bank.

Unwatchable - 40mins to watch 29mins of show

Sick of buffering we timed it. Took us 40mins to watch last 29mins of show. Every! time we try and watch a show it buffers a lot. At the end of the free period we will be cancelling. We have 45-50mb/s Nbn download speed. We can use any other streaming service, with over 30 networked devices in the house and multiple streams simultaneously, only Foxtel fails. Foxtel is not a viable paid-for-view service.

Held hostage in subscriptions I didnt want

Signed up looking for specific show, didnt have it. Get told I need to go online to d/c. None of my browsers were supported. Updated 5 devices to get appropriate browsers. Given excuses about how they couldn't do it. Only when threatened with consumer affairs and ombudsmen months later did they disconnect. D/c one month and told me I will still be charged for another month. Worst company ever.

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Questions & Answers

Has anyone tried their new sports app Kayo yet? If so, would you recommend it?
No answers

Has anyone got sports? And is AFL ok to stream?
3 answers
Yep have the sports pack, pretty good picture but not as good as when we had a cable box.Yes I have sports pack for NRL, pictures fine the only thing is live TV is about 15 to 20 seconds behindFoxtel now is performing a lot better since we got NBN.

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