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Fusion Health Allergy

Fusion Health Allergy

3.6 from 10 reviews

After 40 years the first remedy to stop a nagging cough

I have a nagging minor cough and clearing of the throat all my life. After a few days it was almost gone. Probably related to a post nasal drip of some kind. Fabulous results.

Doesn't work for me

I have bought 60 caps bottle and used it for about 3 days. It doesn't work for me and makes my hay fever worst.
May be it work for some people but not for me, waste of money

Short term relief fantastic

I was recommended to try this when I had a continual post-nasal drip and annoying cough - for weeks. I don't respond well at all to medications such as Claratyne so was reluctant to try anything. My cough and drip stopped within a few minutes of taking Fusion Allergy. That was about 4 years ago. My family are also convinced it works - and in the past 4 years, we've used it for reactions to bites, itchy eyes, rashes, hay-fever, and even some stomach complaints. Most amazing was when we gave it to a friend who was having a mild asthma attack, but had left his puffer at home. Within 15 minutes he was breathing normally again. I am truly amazed at how quickly it works, and how gentle it is on the rest of my body.

Sick of how companies introduce new and improve formula, with no actual enhance effectiveness and of

I have been using this product for over three years now to help alleviate my skin allergy problem that I've had since I was in primary and along with chronic fatigue which were all associated with the consumption of MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), that is mostly present in every Asian food and now aggressively used western food (etc KFC) . I had previously been a long time user of antihistamine (such as Zytec, Telefast) to treat this condition, and gave it up for a natural alternative. This product is indeed expensive, as opposed to the pharmaceutical kind as stated above. For this reason I decided to try using half the dosage( breaking half the tablet) to save on cost and found it to be just as effective as the recommended dosage to treat my condition. I would normally buy the 60 tablet bottle, which I could extend to almost 120 days depending on the severity of my allergy. Having finished my bottle, I went to my local vitamin store realizing they have a new and improved formula, which is now presented in a plastic capsule (powdered inside) instead of the original hard tablet. Since trying the new formula for the first time, I have but no choice, but to take the full tablet as opposed to halving it, which I originally could. A week has past since using the new formula and my allergies have not abated at all. I don't know what they have changed with this new formula, but it no longer works me or maybe by coincident my body have subsequently become immune to this herbal medicine. Guess I will have to go back on the pharmaceutical kind.

This Is Very Good Replacement For Antihistamine

I find this product improves my itchy and sneezing nose significantly! It makes you more energetic than drowsy instead. Mind you, the tabs are way more expensive than antihistamine! For me, I really want to leave the suboptimal health conditions of myself so I'd rather save the coffee money for this product. I think it's worth trying if you're having the same chronically itchy & sneezing nose as mine.

Hi Tracy. What wonderful feedback. We are pleased to hear that the formula is working so well for you. Do not hesitate to contact us directly should you need further assistance.Hi, I bought it online for aud24.5 per bottle of 60 tabs. Just wonder if I can have a discounted price if I have bulk purchase from Fusion directly?Hi Tracy. We value and support the Health Food stores that stock our Fusion range therefore you able to purchase directly from us through our Fusion website but the products are at our RRP. We will never sell our product at a cheaper price because we value the customer service and product advice that the stores have to offer. If you'd like to write a testimony on our website we can send you a free bottle of the 30 tabs.

I will always want Fusion Allergy in my cupboard!

In using this product, I have noticed a significant improvement in several areas concerning my health. It has improved my general fight-back while handling an auto-immune issue! I am amazed by what a difference it makes. If anyone wants to give me an early birthday or Christmas present; let it be Fusion Allergy!

Good product

Short term, 1 bottle taken 2 tabs 3 times a day. Noticeable improvement in ezcema swellings, less physical reaction to reactants. Asthma and wheezing more noticeable.

The best remedy for hayfever

I have been using this product for over two years. It was recommended by a naturopath at go vita. I was skeptical at first but he assured me it does take time to kick in and it will work. I was willing to try anything as claratyne, zertec etc weren't very effective anymore, in fact they were making me feel worse! Well I haven't looked back since. This product is a lifeline and definitely improved the quality of my life. I have a number of allergies and my hayfever is really bad, so much so that we had to sell a house and move away from a rural area we loved to live. I was getting allergy induced asthma as was my daughter and we were living on and off predimix - definately not a way to live. My daughter finally decided to start taking Fusion allergy after she was really ill with hayfever (little miss princess doesn't like swallowing tablets). Out of desperation she tried it for two weeks. She said she noticed the difference within this time and now says she cant believe the difference this product has made and, how she ever lived without it! Everyone is different and it may not work for some, but all I can say is for me and my daughter this product was a miracle. All I can say it try it for a month, I take two tablets every day, this may just be your lifeline like it was mine.

Works If Taken Over Long Period

This tablet is quiet high in price to buy. For the product to work you have to take it over a long period of time. At first you notice no change in your symptoms, but after a longer period of time, it does help, but it is a costly medication to take.
The Packaging
Price, took to long to work.

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Thank you for your feedback Belinda. Glad to hear you received good results with the Allergy formula. We do get feedback from people reporting fast symptom relief, but the formula needs to be taken at a therapeutic dose at early symptom onset. The Allergy formula does have a cumulative effect, with increasing results overtime. For personalised advice on dose we recommend people contact us here: http://www.fusionhealth.com.au/expert-product-advice/

Terrible, makes it x10 worse

when i took this it made my hay fever even more stronger. I reckon the stuff in side those tablets are the ones which cause the hay fever. I get it that its natural but is useless. I recommend buying claratine or zytec. worst purchase I've made and is a very stupid product and unreliable. Can you see those plants/herbs being mashed up on the label? That is the pollen your swallowing. makes me feel sick

makes you sneeze even more

Questions & Answers

There is an ingredient in Allergy called Pinellia ternata. I read on the internet that it is toxic. Is that just the fresh plant?
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Hi I would like to know if this medication is safe to take when you are pregnant?
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Hi. The herbal formuals in our range are not recommended during pregnancy. Please contact your healthcare practitioner for help with your symptoms during pregnancy.


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