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Garmin Montana 680T

Garmin Montana 680T

3.7 from 3 reviews

Excellent for rugged terrain

This GPS is very practical with big touchscreen. It is rugged and protected so easy to use in rainy weather.
The datastorage is limited and the memory needs to be emptied every so often as the search is impossible when there are too many points located on the instrument.

Just purchased and tested the new Montana 680T

The 680T replaces the 650T.
I have been track testing mine solid for about a week now and it does everything I want it to do plus more (and a few things I am unlikely to ever need but I may just used them now I have them like the camera which geotags).
Firstly as a stand alone unit it probably does not do much more than many other available GPS's however it does have all the bells and whistles and for someone like me who spends much of their time "off line" away from any mobile or internet connection services I am learning to embrace what it can do.
Secondly if you do not use it in connection with Base Camp (or similar) then you possibly won't get the full benefits.
Thirdly the 12 month FREE subscription to "Birds Eye" is the next best thing to having Google Earth available in remote areas (OK the satellite images may not be the most current but more than adequate for most of the remote areas I frequent).
Fourthly the pre loaded Australia & NZ maps (if you buy your 680T in Australia from a recognized dealer) are adequate and fit for purpose. Sure they are not perfect but if necessary you can download or install other maps of your liking (I am considering Oztopo) however that can be done later and installed with a SD Card.
I think too many people expect too much from some GPS's (society has been spoiled by iPhones etc).
Any glitches the 650 series may have had appear to have been addressed with the 680 series.
I am no techno guru but have managed to work out everything without referring to a manual and using Base Camp to manage all my Waypoints/Maps/Routes etc.

Further edit after a couple of weeks of use:
The 680T is a great piece of gear, I have now mastered most of it's functions and learning to best use the various map details (getting the right scale to show contours/details is a tactile feel that I am becoming familiar with. Camera picture quality is as good as I would ever need. I have also been driving many remote tracks (and forging some new ones) and find using "base camp" to edit and transfer to other devices is all too easy.
I am still more comfortable using the "Goto" Functions on my Foretrex GPS but it is just a learning curve to adapt to the 3 axis compass and data on the Montana. There are possibly too many variables for various display options for the info I require but I am starting to narrow down all the different display options. Just depends if I am hiking or 4x4 driving etc to tailor the best display options.
No problems with internal battery - it regularly lasts most of a whole day although I have my AA eneloops ready to go just in case (I have been recharging the internal battery with my solar charger wtih no issues).
All good.

Buy Garmin Montana 610 instead

I bought this to replace my ageing but still working Garmin Oregon 300 which has hiked with me several thousand km.

I liked the Montana's big screen (about 4 times the area of the Oregon) improved menu system and the fact that it had a camera and came with Australian and New Zealand topographic maps. In use the screen is big, clear and easy to read in daylight but the Montana 680t has serious problems:

- The camera is pathetic, about as good as my ancient Nokia phone. Your smart phone with built in GPS will take much better pictures.
- For hiking the topographic maps have too many errors: tracks in the wrong place, tracks shown where there are none and other tracks missing. I am now using free maps downloaded from Open MTB Map and Contours Australia.
- There is something weird about the way the provided battery charges. Mine was fully charged at night but flat the next day when I got into the bush. I am now using Eneloop AA batteries and keeping the provided battery as a spare.

My recommendation: Save around $200 and get the Montana 610 instead.

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Montana 680T
Price (RRP)$899
Battery TypeExternal
Screen Size4inches

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