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Garmin Nuvi 1490T

Garmin Nuvi 1490T

3.6 from 5 reviews

Good after service from Garmin

I have owned one for over 3 years and as I work as a Courier in Melbourne, it has been a tool of my trade. I am on to my third unit in this time, which is still working but keeps spasmodically in car charging and comes up with the on screen message "Low battery-needs power source". The other two had similar issues, though the first simply froze I recall.The procedure has been to return the unit to jb hifi where I bought it and within a week a refurbished replacement is provided. Then you have to register the new serial number with Garmin to claim the free map upgrade.My point is that it is a nuisance to have to do this and that is why I purchased a Tomtom today to replace the one that was stolen from my van 4 years ago. Maybe I am unlucky?
Can program several destinations and view the route easily
switches off every time you leave your vehicle, can not tell it to avoid certain roads in its route,does not take into account time spent at traffic lights in its routing

Garmin nuvi 1490

Not impressed with this GPS. It keeps sending us the long way to get to our destination. ( Garmin must have shares in the oil companies ) and sending us to the wrong spot even when putting in the correct satellite coordinates.
Some roads are not on the maps even though the roads have been there for 50+ years. Sent us down a logging track one time with a 20 ft van behind that turned into a 4x4 track with nowhere to turn around in the mountains THEN it sent us past the camp ground to the top of another mountain telling us the camp ground was over the edge of the cliff.. . lost 3 hours and wasted $40 fuel that day.
Driving through Sydney it tells you to turn left or right when you know the destination is straight ahead. IN New Zealand it told us to do a U turn on a narrow mountain road when we could see the house up ahead. This happens ALL THE TIME. I lost count of the number of times I wanted to run my 4x4 over the stupid thing..
Now I use Google maps , a paper map and my Garmin Nuvi 1490 as a last resort. Maps have been updated as well..
.Good size screen .Shows your correct speed, everything else IS WRONG !
Sends you the long way . Keeps giving wrong directions. Elevation... Says we are drining meters below sea level next to the beach. ( Lucky we have a snorkel on the 4x4 ) Gives wrong speed limit . Annoying voice. Thank GOD for the mute.Etc

Go the Garmin!

This is my second Garmin Nuvi product and I'm glad I stuck with them. This unit was sold with lifetime map upgrades. What a great deal that is and adds value to the unit for its entire life. It's a very intuitive unit and I find I use it alot with Google maps to find where I need to go and then enter the LAT/Long coordinates straight into the Nuvi. Whether it’s one destination or a destination with many stops along the way, the new Nuvi does it all quicker and easier than ever before. This unit interfaces with your mobile and you can make/send calls and make/sent txt messages. So good! You can enter your vehicle’s fuel type/usage and the Nuvi spits out 'on the run' fuel calculations and total usage at the end of your trip. Very clever stuff. If you take your Nuvi overseas, simply slot in a micro SD card with whatever country you're in and away you go again. There's many ways to enter coordinates too...lat/long...highway numbers, junctions/crossroads...suburbs...anything. This has a big, bright, colourful screen with spoken word directions that you can switch off if you don't like voices. It has many settings that control every part of this unit so you can set it up exactly just how you like it. Don't procrastinate, just get yourself one...
Reliable, very accurate, easily upgradable, BIG 5 inch screen

Excellent, but with drawbacks

I'm a shuttle bus driver who had a cheap binnatone gps but upgraded to a garmin nuvi 1490t. I expected your unit to have bus lanes,taxi lanes, and airport[domestic] perth, western australia bus lanes. binnatone has, you don't.rendezvous hotel, scarborough 200 the esplanade, has been there 25 years, its entrance has always been on the west coast hwy.,your gps tries to take you to the esplanade at the back of the hotel, Binnatone takes you to the front. many times your gps tries to take you the long way not the shortest.
Excellent to see, easy to program, very accurate,


Great GPS as I need to go to multiple location for my work everyday. It has saved a lot of time.
Best GPS I've used. Functioin are great UI is very good. This is my first Garmin. I used Tom Tom before but will never again. Very clear display and GPS is very good. Does not drop out also Garmin CS is also very good.
Non so far.

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Our garmin nuvi 1490t wont take charge from car or pc what problem...not so old second one had with problems...please advise had over a year used for a feew months?
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Funny you should ask this question! Yesterday I purchased a new car charger. I kept my gps down near the dashboard , the cable near the gps was always getting bent. One of the small wires in the cable got broken and it no longer charged my gps. This is probably what happened to your's. I might attempt to solder the wire on the u/s adapter and see if it will work. A plain adapter is about $29 or a garmin with fm road update ability will cost you $39 dollars. Bring your gps into a shop that sells them ex. Dick Smiths or Archie Martins, they will put your gps on a car charger to let you know if it works. Suggest you keep your gps up higher so the plug going into your gps doesn't get bent. Hope this helps.......born2fishIt should be charging while you're using it in your car. Ensure your 12 volt plug in point has power to it. When you are trying to charge it from your PC, try using a different power cord to charge it with.


Nuvi 1490T
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