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Great little camera

Have bought the GoPro Hero 7 Black for a trip overseas for underwater shots. I have my phone and a DSLR so adding a GoPro was a decision I did not make lightly. So far though, I am liking this decision. It is easy to use and takes great underwater shots. However, the water on the screen often changed the settings to video and time lapse and it got tricky to try and dry it off enough to get it back to the photos.
Other than that, so far it has been easy to use, to change options and to view photos or video taken. It has been good for the kids to use and to practice taking videos without fear of them damaging it too much as it is water proof and pretty sturdy so far. It is easy to upload to the phone, however I find there is not much to do on the app other than make short videos with limited editing.
To edit correctly, I have found it best to plug it into the computer or insert the SD card in and remove the photos.
Overall, I am pleased with the purchase and the quality of the videos and photos, especially for such a compact, little camera.

Purchased in September 2019 at JB Hi-Fi for $499.00.

Nice video but buggy

I use this mostly for taking videos of kids in the water, swimming and snorkelling. I don’t carry an SLR anymore, only compacts, phones and Go-Pro.
Pros - Wide angle view - Takes nice wide angles stills when my iPhone cant.
- App seems to work well - I connect to an iPad Pro NOT iphone. I only use the wire for charging.
- generally quite intuitive to use.
- I love the go pro Quik app - can quickly do a recap of your day or trip from your photo gallery (not necessarily photos from the GoPro) and turn it into a video and imports it back into your photo gallery. Quick and Easy which is what I need.
Cons- Freezes and there is no way to reset without taking the battery out - this is problematic when you are already in the water or in action on a bike or snow. There have been many occasions where I didn’t get the photos or videos I wanted and just gave up because it was too much hassle to stop what I’m doing to take the battery out. This happens probably every second day when I’m on holidays (when I plan to use it a few times a day everyday). If I was a high volume user this would definitely be a deal breaker. Never had this happen with Sony, Canon, Nikon, IPhone.

Purchased in November 2018 at JB Hi-Fi.

Keeps freezing, battery tab came off and App keeps disconnecting from camera - after only 2 weeks and a software update!

Worst camera I have ever purchased and I regret buying it. I have only had it 2 weeks and done 2 very shallow scuba dives with it in the GoPro Super Suite Dive Housing (neither dive was more than 8 meters anyway). The camera kept freezing and the only way to fix it is to take the battery out and put it back in. It has done this MULTIPLE times consistently. I rang GoPro and they suggested a software update (which I did). STILL does it, but more frequently now. Utterly useless! I have since met multiple people with the same issue!! The connection between the camera and the phone app constantly drops out as well, and I have pretty much given up using it. I wish I never bought it. Hoping for a complete refund. Also the battery tab came off and I had to google how to get it out of the camera without the tab. YI4K was a far better camera for far less money!

Purchased in June 2019 at JB Hi-Fi Retail Stores for $499.00.

Cannot connect via Wifi on a laptop

We are writing the year 2019 A.D. The Roman Empire has fallen, kingdoms have come and gone, revolutions have happened, the internet came... but the only way to connect the GoPro Hero 7 Black (top of line) via wifi is ... via a phone. Not a laptop. No... that's way too much to ask. This in and of itself makes it an impractical tool for prolonged time lapses because any slight movement to the camera in order to get the data off the card would make the time lapse jump. You have to download data on your phone and that means constantly struggling with enough space to do so. Also for inconceivable reasons it also stops recording after a number of shots or days (I'm not sure which was the cause) even if the card still has space, its plugged into an external power source and was set to "unlimited". I'm not the only person complaining about this issue so it seems to be common or maybe its human error but then the settings are not intuitive enough for someone as dumb as me to grasp it.

Purchased in June 2019.

Best camera, with a terrible design problem

It's the best action camera out there. But to get it into a diving enclosure, you need to remove the lens cover, which is so incredibly tight that I ended up damaging the camera in an attempt to open it, even though I'd read the sites, watched the videos and read the 100's of forum posts asking about this problem. It's crippling and honestly shameful for a product with a history this long and a price this high.

Purchased in June 2019 at Amazon for $350.00.

Most impressive results

Wow, what an enormous toy. Absolutely brilliant. My first gopro, I expected a steep learning curve, but it is a lot simpler than I had imagined and the results much better. A huge bonus is the software that is available online for editing etc. Still learning to use them properly. But 2 weeks into having the hero 7 I'm getting super footage to work with.
Love the hyperlapse and hypersmooth features, people think im a professional anyway!!

Purchased in May 2019 at Myers for $599.00.

Hypersmooth Hero

Always wanted to grab one hero which is smooth, topnotch build, waterproof, awesome video quality. You gonna love it. Picture quality is okay.
Hypersmooth functionality and slomo function is the fun to use. Very good

Purchased in June 2018 at The Good Guys for $590.00.

Dusk White colour with the extra front screen like the Hero 7 Black

- aesthetically it's very clean with the dusk white but may look a little greyish white rather than powdery white as u see on the internet
- ultra smooth recording
- compatible accessories with older models so don't have to buy new ones
- Battery life seems to be less than hero 5 (my last gopro)

Purchased in April 2019 at Pushys for $499.99.

Cheap build, dreadful recording quality, glitchy mobile app and a slow "30 day money back guarantee".

On receiving the product the unpacking it seemed great, but on using for longer periods the build is really cheap and plastic, why was it not built in an aluminium or magnesium alloy casing? It has very few functions that aren't in fisheye and the connectivity issues with the App dropping in and out as seen with previous models still persist with an overall generally glitchy and infuriating user interface. To finish it off both the image and video footage are heavily compressed that they are completely unusable, I'm perplexed at how people are giving rave reviews.

Go Pro offer a 30 day money back guarantee but on returning I have been fobbed off with different responses from their support team and provided with a false reference / transaction ID that is not even close to that issued by PayPal and told it takes up to 15-20 days to a month to process. On asking why it takes so long, the response was "can I help with anything else?".

I have a horrible feeling this is going to be ongoing fight to get my money back, don't make the same mistake I made.

Purchased in April 2019 for $299.00.

Great, but a serious learning curve lies in store for you.

This is my 2nd GoPro camera, and a vast leap forward from my first one.
There is a lot to love, and some frustration getting to know how to use this tiny beast to maximise it's unique capabilities.

I bought it specially to use on boats in bad weather, or when we do Marine Rescue helicopter training. It is perfect for this application, where a conventional camera would become water logged or miss the action.


Brilliant range of resolutions, now has great manual controls for exposure etc, and vast flexibility with frame rates, and mounts

Superb touch screen you can actually read , with shortcuts to swipe up down etc.

Form factor is still amazing. Tiny. And you can mount it on a boat rail under a helicopter hovering 20 feet above you and it wont blow away. I use their excellent "Jaws" mount for this.

Remote controls via ipad or smartphone vastly improved.

Huge range of well made accessories for any use you can imagine.

No longer needs a separate waterproof case for depths to 10 metres, because it is built in.

Stabilisation (built in) is brilliant.
I can get hand held trucking shots across the deck ( no i don't mean "tracking"), that you would swear were only possible on a professional jib. So smooth and forgiving as the deck heaves and sways.

It now has a zoom control on screen, but it is of course a “digital” zoom, not an “ optical” one ( because the lens is fixed), so it is a fake zoom that simply crops pixels round the edge of frame to simulate a zoom, which means your picture quality/resolution, , be it video or photo, decreases as you zoom in.
I dont use the zoom for that reason, but if you were shooting at a very high resolution , it wouldnt matter so much.
Except that the 4k resolution mode doesn’t allow zooming ( as then they couldnt call it 4k, it might become 2k or even 1k).

Comes with software for handling and editing media on your tablet , phone, or laptop, only useful for really simple edits.

Highly configurable and customisable.

Have just discovered a new free GoPro app for my Samsung Galaxy Watch that does pretty well everything you need to control the camera remotely, except stream the picture.
This is a real bonus for me, as i can have the camera mounted outside the boat cabin, copping a hiding from heavy seas and rain outside, while i sit inside, dry and warm, and control it remotely, from my watch.

Battery life is still a downside. You must buy extra batteries. $35 Australian each? I have 3, as well as their rapid charger.
I rarely shoot at resolutions above full HD (1080p) to conserve battery, but lovely to know i could, and the video vision is awesome at most resolutions anyway.

Can take a few minutes to change mounts or plug in to charge as none of this is very quick and needs to be done with care to avoid damaging the case, camera, or mounts.

Photo quality is still really just average. This is a brilliant video camera, and that is it. Really it’s sole purpose.
But if you want to shoot stills...Now shoots RAW as well as jpg, and you extract stills from video that look quite good.

Huge range of accessories will double your initial outlay to close to $1000 if you count extra batteries, power supplies and 3 or 4 specialised mounting poles or harnesses.

Free software provided is at best “buggy”, at worst a real pain. Case in point is the Windows desktop version you can download, which i reckon has huge issues with connectivity and functionality. The Ios and Anddroid versions are much better but still problematic. Who wants to edit on a phone anyway?

In short, dont buy this to replace an existing camera. Buy it to augment your camera kit.
Buy it to do what it does brilliantly...action video and time lapse. But not stills. Your phone camera may take better stills.

Purchased in April 2019 at Camera store in Parramatta for $499.00.

Crashes in cold, heat and anywhere in between

Purchased in Jan 2019. Latest firmware installed (1.70). The Hero 7 Black is extremely temperamental. It crashes often and you're forced to pull the battery. This is particularly frustrating when filming in the cold. The camera does not work in the cold (below 0'C/32F) without an after market case, which isn't included. In the cold the battery life is half of advertised. Around 40 minutes, max. The hypersmooth automatically disables when the camera becomes too cold. The camera also does not handle the heat (> 20'C/68F), overheats, and turns itself off. Hypersmooth also does not work in low light. In fact any footage taken in low light with hypersmooth is unusable. Previous versions of the Hero turned stabilization off when low light mode was enabled, but the 7 does not and the results are garbage. The positive thing to say about it is that the footage it takes, in the right conditions, is exceptional. The hypersmooth is also exceptional, when it works. Buy only if you can live with the constant crashing and bad battery life. Personally I think it's completely unacceptable considering the price. Upgraded to the Hero 7 Black from a GoPro Hero 3+ Black.

Purchased in January 2019 at Myer Retail Stores for $550.00.

Worth the wait

We waited until we got closer to our UK trip before buying this. The inbuilt gimble action is amazing. Took it for a drive in the ute on a corrugated dirt road, holding it and the picture was steady as a rock. So good. The only let down is the inbuilt mic so we will be buying an external mic. Also, to attach a mic you need to buy an adaptor which in the end could make it look like a messy setup with the extra plug in wires etc. Apparently there is a casing that is relatively cheap to buy which will encase the extra adaptor and wires so that's the next purchase. Not through gopro unfortunately. But we love it still.

Purchased in March 2019 at Harvey Norman Online for $498.00.

Good camera but not a mostly focused on video

Initially we bought this camera for our trips to travel and take some selfies out and about. But the selfie functions are a little clunky and the hand held tripod isnt the best either, unless doing video. None the less a good product, but the battery life could also be far better.

Purchased in November 2018 at Harvey Norman for $598.00.

Great Camera, Expensive but Unmatched

Well featured action cam that produces awesome video. Since losing our Hero 4 Silver in the surf, my girlfriend and I have been very impressed with the video quality and stabilisation features on the Hero 7 Black. It’s a huge upgrade, and the black edition is the only one in the hero 7 line that has a replaceable battery (our one essential feature as battery life is still limited).

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Fantastic Camera!

Great little camera! Don't have a 4K TV so no need for the 4K options of higher end models. Super clear footage. LCD screen is really good quality as well! For a sub $300 GoPro, I am stoked with the quality and ease of use. App is fantastic and simple to use and edit videos. No vibrations, even when tackling rock gardens on downhill MTB trails. I'm not sure how the Hero 7 black can be any smoother than the white. Very very very happy!

Date PurchasedJan 2019
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No battery drain once you turn wireless connections off and had no experience with it getting hot, or even warm, unlike other reviews.

Worth buying!

Pros: Hyper-smooth stabilised footage straight out of the camera is a huge win. Lots of prosumer video settings and decent 4k, 2.7k footages, but you need a powerful computer and software to edit and render the 4k footages to final product. Well thought-out design and layout. Rugged. Camera is modestly priced. Accessories, mounts, spare battery are inexpensive. The GoPro system is a delight to own.

Cons: The app's live preview drains battery fast. GoPro 7 Black's GPS dont get a lock-on as efficient as smartphones, you end up getting non-GPS shots (no GPS overlays available on footages) unless you make sure the GPS signal is locked on before hitting the record button or leave the camera on. Couldn't get the Facebook live feature to work yet in the app. Battery life is a concern but probability is the key here for an action camera, a $30 spare battery will cover this.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Connection problems, drains battery fast, get too Hot

I always thought GoPro is a great product until I purchased the GoPro Black 7 two weeks ago, I noticed that I could not connected to the app, the battery drains so quick and it gets too hot to touch even when every single feature is turned off and the camera sitting on the table on standby.
, so I am getting rid of it and not buying GoPro anymore even my brother bought a GoPro 6 lasted three months with him and then he got rid of it because of issues.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Loving the Hyper Smooth stabilisation on this one

Using their own processor allows GoPro to offer some pretty incredible options like internal stabilisation of normally shaky footage. Using their protune setting also allows you to capture incredible color detail and then do post processing to achieve the look you want. It also has a great slow motion ability to capture 1080 Full HD at 240 frames per second - which I use to achieve "drama" for childrens actions.

Highly recommended product.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Valuable addition that makes video easier and better to achieve

I spent my first weekend with the GoPro Hero 7 Black and I can see how this will be a valuable addition to my other cameras. Hypersmooth works for me as intended so no need for a gimbal. Hyperlapse is simple, video quality is excellent, with a bit of care taken to produce it and audio is going to work straight into the camera. I have never had a GoPro before and I couldn't resist getting this one after I saw a few youtube videos about it. I wanted the portability that I couldn't achieve with better cameras. The stabilization is better than any other camera or mobile phone, in camera stabilization that I have. And I have some pretty nice gear. I am already taking this for granted now that I have tested it but it can't be emphasized how significant a landmark this is. Audio quality is another thing I am already taking positively for granted with the GoPro. It means I have the option now to leave behind any add on gear and keep this camera in my pocket to take anywhere anytime. I am not unrealistic to think that aspects of lighting, story and practised usage are somehow not important and the camera magically makes up for these things. Garbage in / garbage out as they used to say about computers. But I feel like all limitations are being progressively removed towards the end of making magical movies at the drop of a hat. There is no user guide so I had to muddle through with youtube videos on how to set it up and use it, download and instal the essential firmware update and use it with the GoPro apps on my Galaxy S9 and laptop. But after a short time I had a handle on how well both these devices interact with it. I am really happy with everything about it. There are times when it shuts down without warning and maybe that is something I have to learn more about. Videos made in outdoor light are fantastic and interior videos need attention paid to lighting, so that is an ongoing challenge I will work to improve. I am not going to use it for photography as my smartphone is my go to device for that but it can do the job if it's the only camera on me at the time.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Questions & Answers

After owing a gopro 7 black for some time now would you stick by your 5 star review? Have any issues started with this camera? Overheating? Connectivity issues? Anything you can think of?
2 answers
Still 5 stars in my opinion. It is one of many cameras I own and each has a reason for use. I couldn't have it as just a single device but it can do things for me that a mobile phone can't do or that DSLR can't do. It has excellent stabilization, form factor, audio, portability, ruggedness and quality of output if I use it within the boundaries of its design. I just bought a DJI Osmo Pocket which actually produces slightly better quality video but doesn't have a wide angle like a GoPro which is important for my needs. They are both similar but different. If I had to own just one of them I would probably stick with the GoPro. The only thing I think the GoPro is sensitive about is micro sd cards so that needs some experimenting with. If 4K is needed then a proper spec card has to be used.A lot of the issues, ( camera freezing & needing battery removal and restart, and camera overheating, ...may be due to using a cheap and slow sd card to record on. Why spend a lot of cash on the camera and then cripple its potential with a slow sd card to save maybe $50? Always buy the fastest card you can afford for this camera, ( ideally at least 60-90 mb/ sec WRITE speed. Play speed is not so important.) If you are trying to record 4k video with a cheap sd card, of course it will choke, and if you bang away for hours in 4k mode, it will overheat. Vast amounts of video data have to be handled and stored. Better to buy a very fast card with smaller capacity than a slow card with lots of capacity. Also, save 4k recording for events that need it. Far easier to handle 1080p than 1440 or 4k, and the results will still be spectacular.


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