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GoSmile Teeth Whitening

GoSmile Teeth Whitening

2.3 from 3 reviews

This is perfect!

I really can recommend it. It fid great work and I have got teeth now 7 levels brighter!!
I think it depends on the person who is doing this cosmetic session.

not happy.

had the go-smile treatment done. gums blistered and swollen. haven't eaten in three days, don't recommend it. cant really see any whitening.I do not recommend this service the spa lady wasn't concerned at all. She said there would be no side effects at all and no pain. no wonder I cant contact any one it is a rip off, big time.

wasn't expecting this much pain and gum shrinkage


I have just had this done on a P and O cruise. I was assured so confidently that even though I had had sensitive teeth and receding gums that all would be fine. 6 hours later my gums were blistered and red raw swollen and even still 12 days later they are tender and my 2 front bottom teeth are loose. I have contacted go smile as well as Steiner leisure who they supply it to and they do the treatment and they have such a careless attitude toward my problems since this treatment. They said there would be no side effects what so ever. Also you are not told that after having the initial treatment you need to pay out heaps to keep the treatment up. Be very wary. I now have a reporter from a major network in Australia to interview me on the dangers of this product.
Nothing at all.

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Teeth Whitening
Price (RRP)125
Release dateFeb 2009

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