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Carbon Coco Teeth Whitening

Carbon Coco Teeth Whitening

2.2 from 62 reviews

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Pleasantly Surprised

I have been using Carbon Coco's Activated Charcoal for a couple of weeks now and I have noticed my teeth getting whiter.
I drink way too much coffee and I no longer have those stains.
Looking forward to trying the toothpaste next.

Purchased in August 2019 for $31.95.

Don't buy this product! Doesn't work at all.

Doesn't work! Save your money. Definitely misleading in there video's didn't even make it one shade whiter. I thought it might be a cheaper solution. Feels very abrasive on the teeth too.

Purchased in February 2019 at Coco Republic Online store for $30.00.

Grey gums

I bought the "ultimate carbon kit" about $50 worth, and the first time I used it, it turned my gums grey. My teeth were not whiter, but my gums were grey for a week! It looked terrible! Not to mention the mess of black powder everywhere in the bathroom. This product does NOT produce the results it claims. There are so many poor reviews of this product for a very good reason. Check independent sites for real reviews, do not trust their site. Stay away and save your money.

Purchased in January 2019 for $47.96.

Didn't work for me

I bought the whole bundle thinking it would work better (charcoal, toothpaste, mouthwash and the oil pulling) but it didn't. I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and my teeth look the same as they did before. Never purchasing this again.

Purchased in February 2019.

Great product

If over used gums can become a little sensitive but can heal back to normal in just a few days. Over all a very good product and I would order it again for sure.

Purchased in February 2019.


Absolutely love Carbon Coco it’s my go to I’ve tried so many different teeth whiteners and this is the only one that seems to work. I’m always stocked up on products so I never run out, keep up the great range of products.

Purchased in July 2018.

My teeth have never felt cleaner

I'd tried a few different whitening products. Some actually made my teeth WORSE! But after one use I knew I'd found the perfect product in Carbon Coco. It fixed the staining made by the UV light i'd used before. And my teeth never felt cleaner.

Love It!!

been using whitening toothpastes for years and my teeth have still had a slight yellow colour to them, used this ones and was instantly so much whiter!!

Seems to be working

I’ve only been using a few days and am already starting to see a difference. For me delivery was good too. However, on there website reviews loads say - it doesn’t hurt there gums even with sensitive gums - this isn’t true for me as it’s been hurting since the 2nd day - and I probably won’t make the 14 days.

Never got my package

I purchased my package in November 2018, still haven't received it. I've waited and waited. Sent email after email promising I will get my package and love it. They said they can not track or do not track any free shipping orders which I find to be insane. They should track all packages. They were quick to take my money for a product I never received. Now comes the fun part of getting my refund.


Do not buy this product it is a complete scam. Any positive reviews are more than likely fraudulent. Don’t waste your money buying this product. Stay away! Scam Scam Scam.

Absolutely intrigued in my results and how efficient it was!

No not at all. If you follow the products instructions, you can’t go wrong. It states the correct procedure to follow and allowed for human error by showing pictures with the instructions. This creates a seamless and easy procedure. The first time you use it you can feel the difference with your tongue against your teeth. After the first week you can really see the difference as well. I recommend take a photo before and each week so you can see the progression. I used the Oil pulling as well and you could notice the change pretty quickly on how much it actually activates from the charcoal as well. You actually want to smile afterwards.

Will do more than whiten your teeth, do yourself a favour and get some!!!

Carbon Coco is a product I honestly can’t live without. I had extra money so bought some a while back and have already got more! I’ve used both the Original and the Sweet Mint polishes. The Original I don’t find that flavoured but the Sweet Mint (to me) tastes like PK Gum (which I actually love!!)

Years of smoking and not caring for my teeth the way I should have meant I had yuck stains (even after quitting!). This product has removed them. I am not even joking! My teeth are so white, so healthy and the taste of the polish and paste actually makes me excited to do my morning and night routine!! Like that’s huge!!

Also, Having a natural gap between my front teeth, I was always embarrassed to smile but this product has given me my ‘smile confidence’ back.

If you’re thinking of buying it - don’t hesitate. You honestly won’t regret it!!!

Love this product

Absolutely love this product. I didn’t see obvious results until about week 3. Now my teeth are whiter and brighter and everyone keeps asking me what i use to get them so bright. I’ve recommended his product to my family and friends. I’ll be buying again! Yes it is a little messy but so worth it If you stick at it :)

I wish there was a 0 star option

I bought this item hoping for a smooth transaction
I live in the UK and paid for international shipping
When receiving the package i had to pay an extra £12.50 for customs, which i was never told about pre purchasing
I told Carbon Coco about this and they said that they would not refund me for it
Their customer service is the worst ive come across
I haven't even opened the package because i'd rather send it back

Messed up my bathroom for nothing

Bought this product in hopes of easy whiter teeth as mine are quite coffee stained. Dipped and brushed 2x a day for 2 weeks and barely any difference at all other than a dirtier sink. Won’t be recommending this cheap stuff to anyone - true representation of you get what you pay for.

Slightly whiter and brighter teeth

After 3 times using Carbon coco, my teeth did get slightly brighter. I will continue using it for another 2 weeks as suggested on the instruction and will hope for the best !

Tried it

Bought this product and it came yesterday. Opening it got it everywhere but I’ve mastered how to open it without getting it everywhere now. Best to open on a laid out tissue. I did as instructed, wet my toothbrush and dipped it in. Circular motions for 2 minutes. I honestly can see a difference already and I’ve used it twice. I have to admit my gums afterwards feel a little sore where my teeth meet my gums but aside from that I’m happy with the product.

Shouldn't be on sale at all

I relied on the Carbon Coco website reviews before buying, which was a huuuge mistake. Hundreds of 5-star-only reviews are definitely not legit, and I'm really wishing I'd checked other reviews first.

First and foremost, don't use this product if you have sensitive teeth! I figured it would be okay as a few of the (probably fake) five-star reviews on the website claimed they had no issues with sensitive teeth. But from day one it made my teeth and gums way more sensitive than they normally are.

It makes a huge mess but most charcoal products do, so I let that slide. What did frustrate me was that this product did not make one single difference to my teeth. Still the same yellow shade I've had for years. I stuck it out for almost two weeks using this product, but gave up after the sensitivity became overwhelming and there were no results to show for it.

I do believe this product (and probably the entire line of products) shouldn't be allowed to be sold like this. There is no warning on the site about those with sensitive teeth or gums and who this is actually appropriate for. The site barely even has clear usage instructions. On top of that, the gazillion faked five star reviews are just awful practice.

Avoid, at all costs.

Out of Stock.

I received an INCOMPLETE set, a paper shape toothpaste saying it was out of stock and I would be getting mine asap. Still no signs of anything. It is completely unacceptable to send something incomplete without asking, being charged for something I am not getting and not getting my approval to wait for the product to be back in stock. Asap seems like another unprofessional thing to do... not even a commitment date.

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Questions & Answers

Can you use normal toothpaste to rinse the carbon coco ?
No answers

Ok!!!! So for the ppl that found this product amazing !!!! How many times did u use it?? For how long I've had it for a week now and brushing once a day and nothing :-/ I only get black stuff stuck towards my gums! And yes very messy to use!! I have to clean my basin after each time I brush
2 answers
I used mine both morning and night with slightly hotter water and I used a medium strength bristle toothbrush as I found the soft brush it comes with aided in leaving charcoal on my gums. Additionally, it took me about a week to get used to it all including how to eliminate mess. Now I just brush and when I rinse my mouth as normal (with Listerine + water) it would also rinse the sink. It also helped when I brushed without opening my mouth so much and to breathe through my nose and not my mouth. I have now been using this for about 3 weeks and prior to starting, I cut out teeth staining food and drinks like soft drinks, coffee and smoking. This experience is however based of my own methods of the routine. I have also found that the oil for the mornings helped add a layer of barrier to my teeth against any food or drinks I would have. My body has loved me for the change this has helped me bring!I use the paste morning and night but only the polish at the night. I also have the oil and I use that of a morning. For black residue on gums - I recommend getting their water flosser, it helps to get right in there and get it out! ☺️


Carbon Coco Teeth Whitening
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