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Hardys Black Bottle Brandy

Hardys Black Bottle Brandy

3.9 from 7 reviews

This is by far my favorite Brandy!

I have tried other Brandy's in the same price range and even a couple a bit more pricey but I keep going back to this one. Love it! Well done guys. :)

Pretty Ordinary, not a good Brandy

South Australia and the Victorian Riverland produce some wonderful Brandies. Black Bottle is not one of them.
This tastes like diluted pure alcohol with some added flavouring; it is harsh but delivers a punch.
I think Brandy should be smooth and slightly aromatic; honestly try some of the other brands from
South Australia, they won't disappoint.

Really good product. Powerful and good battery life.

Powerful vacuum cleaner. Goes full ten minutes before recharge. Wouldn't be without it. I would never buy a vacuum cleaner with a cord again. This is a top product. And excellent for vacuuming my car.

Amazing brandy

Very first time I try and I loved, before I drink it I was reading the others reviews, and it make me a little bit of worries, I opened the bottle and I smell it, than I drank and I like it very much! Enjoyed

Brilliant brand

So smooth and the aftertaste is actually pretty good. The only complaint is that it is quite rich and can be overpowering for some people, when it is still in your mouth. I find that this brandy is also good for making christmas cakes and puddings, and provides excellent flavour for recipes involving cognac (eg Brandy Alexander Pie). In small amounts this brandy will do you good.
taste, inexpensive, good for baking, rich, smooth, flavour
may by too strong for some

Terrible, just terrible

Slightly above bottom shelf price I didn't expect much and yet I was still disappointed. The initial smell lacks the sharp, fruity scent of an enjoyable brandy. In its place, a slight chemical aroma. Slight vanilla notes on first taste but quickly replaced with an overpowering aftertaste that can only be described as the taste of white love heart candies - those ones with cute words. If only this brandy could be summed up in a love heart candy rather than tasting like one.
Bad tasting. Maybe okay for cocktails.

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my next door neighbour lives on the stuff and has just turned 100,she is fit as as fiddle,must be fantastic for something!!.

fist time experience.

For a first time consumer of brandy, I found the Black Bottle to have a rather pleasant and smooth fruity after-taste. I would like to think as with other Brandies, the flavour became more enhanced after allowing it to breath for a short time. Not bad value for money either. Well done Hardys.
Pleasant tasting and reasonable value.

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This is the only brandy I use for making christmas pudding. Owning a business that specializes in puddings I have found that this brandy gives the best flavour and my customers love it.

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