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Dorville Finest French Brandy

Latest review: Dorville Brandy is the best price range brandy we have ever drunk. It is up there with brands 3 times the price. Absolutely terrible that it is not available in Australia anymore. This brandy is

St. Agnes 7 star XO Brandy

Latest review: I'm a lover of French Brandies, and purchased many Aussie brands and been disappointed but the St. Agnes 7 star Brandy is Absolutely Fantastic. Dont buy if you are going to mix! As this Brandy has

St. Agnes Three Star Brandy
4.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: As a confirmed Brandy & Dry drinker, this has been my staple for the last 10 years or so. Occasionally I'll stray and try another, but it's always straight back to St Agnes to assuage the

Hardys Black Bottle Brandy
3.9 from 7 reviews

Latest review: I have tried other Brandy's in the same price range and even a couple a bit more pricey but I keep going back to this one. Love it! Well done guys.

St. Agnes VSOP 5 Year Old Brandy

Latest review: For close on 40 bucks!...what can any reasonable person expect? This is nearly the best brandy in this price range. NOT a Brandy to "enjoy" neat due to the limited aroma and short finish. Palate