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Harvey Norman

Pathetic customer service

Have been waiting almost 4 weeks for an online customer service request for a cashback offer enquiry. Despite being issued a ticket number have never had a reply. Their HP printers are plastered with cashback offers yet no info on how to redeem.

Lodged a case via Paypal and nobody replied for 2 weeks and suddenly yesterday I was denied by Paypal with no contact whatsoever from Harvey Norman. Look elsewhere for IT goods and any semblance of customer service, just the worst. Absolute dinosaurs.

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Return policy

I bought a headphone Razer kraken 7.1 v2 yesterday. They didn't have the model I was looking for but the saleman told me this one is better. As soon as I tried it I found that the sound was not what I like at all and it seemed to be very easy to break so I went back to the shop (Moorabbin) to return it (about 30 minutes after I bought it with everything back in place nicely in the box). They told me that they don't give refund for headphones because I used it. After negotiation I could only get a 80% refund. It's the first time that a big store refuses a refund in that kind of situation. You can't try the item in store so how can you tell you'll like it?! I understand their policy but it's not good customer practice compare to other stores, so I will probably cross Harvey Norman off my list.

Time for them to go out of business

ordered a hard drive off the online store, which was defective. They offered me no other solution than to take it into a store for assessment. why do you charge people for shipping if you can't give them service as well. Impossible to reach anyone on the phone and online 'support' may as well be a chat bot with a script

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Poor customer service. No communication at all on delayed delivery.

Ordered a mattress and took day off work on the day the sales assistant said the delivery would come. No contact on the day from delivery service, so phoned the store. Found out the mattress unlikely to be delivered for a further 5 days. I was informed there was no communication to me because the sales assistant wasnt working that day!
Completely amateurish . Once you've paid for your products it seems the customer service is non-existent.

Avoid electronics department at Mascot store

I purchased a fridge and washing machine from Harvey Norman Mascot, the fridge i refunded faulty after 3 weeks and washing machine had to be replaced after 5 weeks. I purchased a fridge at Harvey Norman Gordon and I received better customer service and quality product from them. I am still awaiting partial refund, 3 months after from Harvey Norman Mascot, each time i follow up and say they will call me back, i end up calling them back and repeating the same conversation again with no outcome.

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Perfect store buy electronics

Harvey Norman is best store to buy Electronics like Tv speaker. As they give good bargain deal and offers. As when I bought Tv they gave me free Tv mounting and delievery
Best store I have ever seen

Product Quality

Too Easy!

Click and collect from Harvey Norman is an excellent way to shop. The goods are ready quickly and at my local store the sales staff are so friendly and are always available to give advice if needed.

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Never buy any IT goods from them

Sold me a faulty laptop and is now under repair for second time in 5 months. Very hard to deal with Alexandria store and doesnt refund at all. They only want to make sales. After service is terrible and no refunds or exchanges.

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Rude and poor customer service for damaged lounge

Copy on non replied to communication with Harvey Norman

I would like to bring to your attention an issue we are having. We ordered the Huston 3pc in early July last year and it did not get delivered until the end of October. This was after several phone calls and staff resigning from your store.

Late November we noticed that fabric had worn on one of the corners so contacted Guardsman to make a claim. A few days after this we noticed stitching coming undone on the cushion (same side as damaged corner) so called the store directly. Again we did not have much luck with promptly getting the situation sorted and discovered that another staff member had left. Eventually again after much nagging a repair person came mid February to examine the couch (his name is [name removed]) he explained that the scuffing on the corner was not caused by us and would have occurred on delivery when it was rubbing on something and that the corner piece would be taken away for repair. That was a month ago.

Today I called your Marion store to find out what is happening in regards to our claim. The customer service person was extremely rude (I was also very agitated and annoyed) as she explained that yet another staff member that was looking after our claim has resigned. This is now 4 staff members in one case. She asked if someone has come to see the couch, which she should have known. In the end she told me that the report from the repairer was that the piece needs to be collected for the cushion repair and the scuff needs to be claimed for accidental damage through guardsman. I will not use up my claim through Guardsman as [name removed] states that the scuff was NOT our fault. Guardsman has also never contacted us in regards to our initial claim. If your company is going to offer services and charge extra you should be able to guarantee that service.

I will add that I still do not have a repair date; it’s been a month since it was inspected. Also when I was speaking to the office person at the Marion store she muttered Oh My God when I would not allow the excuse for a staff member resigning.

If the piece to be repaired is not collected by Friday March 22 the couch will be returned for a full refund including the cost of Guardsman fabric protection.

Consumer affairs has been contacted.

Kind regards

Further phone call from store stated that repairer was not suppose to look at tear and only damaged stitching. Can’t make claim through Guardsman because it’s not accidental damage and I cannot explain how it occurred. Apparently we also cannot return the couch for a refund as they have a right to repair

So frustrated

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Seller of "seconds".

I keep buying from this company as it is the only option in my rural area. I have to return items for warranty or refund. They have never actually honoured a warranty. Pathetic quality goods.

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Not worth the paper it’s written on

I bought a 3D LG TV from Harvey Norman and was persuaded by the salesman to take out fabulous extended warranty with their Product Care company - that I would get a new for old replacement if needed. 4 years later TV stops working, make a claim and have been given a inferior TV replacement. The product care company claim it’s the same specs but it’s not Ultra HD and doesn’t have 3D. They are refusing to amend so I now have the inconvenience of seeking legal advice. Do not purchase this rubbish product.

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Grateful to Great customer service

Bought a dishwasher and other appliances last year, I think it was May 2018, from Harvey Norman Preston. They still keep my dishwasher in their store, were kind enough and very much understanding of our unfortunate circumstances. As the renovation didn't go according to the plan, the self-proclaimed builder run away with our money ($66,000) and left us with nothing, I don't have enough words to describe how grateful I am to Harvey Norman for their professional behaviour. They allowed us to finish the house renovation with another builder and then to come and install the dishwasher. How many retailers would go the extra mile to serve their customers?

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Perfect example of how not to deal with customers.

Stuff is very friendly when you are trying to purchase a product. However when you have an issue with the product this is very different story. Staff was just unsupportive and in my opinion very poorly qualified to deal with customer issues. Management experience was even worse. Which explain why staff don’t care about customer satisfaction.

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Great customer service!

Just returned our 3rd faulty kettle to Harvey Norman Hobart.Although Megan offered to order another replacement kettle from Kitchen Aid she gave us the option of choosing another kettle.Very happy with our New colour range Breville kettle so far.

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Very poor customer service. Disgusting Treatment.

Port Kennedy computer department, who I thought were pretty good, are an absolute disgrace. My parents went along to the invited VIP night on Tuesday as they needed a new printer. We’re talked in to buying the Epson Eco Tank, wish they had read Product Review first, paying over $600. Set it up on Wednesday and will not pick up the paper to print, just makes shocking grinding noises. Mum called on Thursday and was told to bring it back. Thinking great they are going to replace it, which they should have, took it back last night only for the idiot sales person to tell them it was a great printer, he had 2 of them. Tried to get it to work and couldn’t, didn’t even know where the serial number was, Mum had to show him, then said he couldn’t replace it he had to lodge a fault with Epson first. If you haven’t heard from me by next Tuesday, call me he says to them. What a complete joke. Brand new out of the box, doesn’t work properly, less than 2 days since they bought it and they have no printer and have to wait until next week if he bothers to call. Shop with confidence they say, what a load of crap. Won’t ever be shopping there again, Consumer Affairs here we come. Disgusting.

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Avoid at all costs!

What I thought was a trusted company turned out to be a nightmare, I would give zero stars if I could. Every person I dealt with had a different story.

I ordered a couch and was given a price for fabric protection, was told it was in stock and that it comes in 2 pieces so that you can choose what side the chaise goes on.

Then I was told a different, far more expensive price and it would actually take 6 weeks to come in. No problem. I had to ring to check on the couch and was then told Jan 31st. This date went by and no communication from HN. It was never going to be in on that date.

Went into store to check progress and was then told 31st March. Three months to make a couch and deliver from Melbourne? Worker rang supplier but couldn’t get through. Was told someone would ring the next day and call me to check with supplier, obviously just wanted to get me out of store. And do you think they rang? No.

Then went in again to speak to the manager who tried to make up for his incompetent staff by saying he had fired the person I bought the couch from. (Who cares that doesn’t help me)
He rang the supplier next day and rang me back to say it will be in on the 27th Feb.

Fast forward to 26th Feb, I rang to check on couch. Surprise surprise it’s still not in. Then they said the person who sold me the couch would ring me even though the manager told me they fired him a few weeks back? Cool.

It was then I was told the couch does not come in 2 pieces and would not fit up the stairs. Had to get my uncle to hoist over the balcony!

I also ordered a fridge from these galahs and paid extra for delivery to take it upstairs. The delivery guys took one look up the stairwell and said they couldn’t do it and left it in the garage. Funny, my cousin and brother managed to get up no problemo.

When tried to speak to the manager and another worker who had been there for years, about the poor service, I was constantly interrupted and my complaints were deflected.

Never coming back again.

Product Care a rip off

Bought an Ariston Dish washer some two years back with an Extended Warranty for a further 2 years. As my appliance has passed the two years manufacturers warranty I contacted Product Care for a leaking problem I experience with the dish washer.
I experienced an extremely cool reception when I called up and finally with the help of the Harvey Norman staff got the company to email me. They promised to send someone to check the machine within 2 working days but. no one turned up.
It is pure frustration dealing with this Product Care extended warranty. Please guys save your money. This extended warranty is an absolute con job.!

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This is perfect just what I was looking for!

I just purchased a Westinghouse Slide out Range-hood in Stainless, so happy with our purchase, Customer Service was excellent so was our product. I would highly recommend shopping at Harvey Norman. I am a happy Shopper.

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Dont waste your time

Dont waste your time go straight to Bing Lee
Went to Wiley Park store today with my pensioner dad for a fridge that was on sale. Had no stock salesman (by the way that wasnt interested) said haven't had a delivery for ages.
Was told Campbelltown store had 4 of the make and model but it would not be worth it after courier costs. Looking at other stock delivery would be $66.
Took dad to Burwood Bing Lee same fridge was $10 cheaper and delivery free, installation free and they make sure everything works well and take the old fridge away!
So next time my family or myself need white goods or electronics straight to Bing Lee

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Avoid at all cost

I ordered a Bluetooth speaker of Harvey Norman Online and paid using my credit card. Once the order was confirmed I got no tracking number or invoice. My card was charged instantly. I waited a couple days for a confirmation email and nothing came. I then emailed Harvey Norman too see what was going on with a copy of the transaction and transaction tracking number. They then replied instantly with a email stating they will look into the matter and advise me within 48 hours the status of my order.
Two weeks and 5 emails later nothing!! No response. I called the toll free number which goes to your nearest store. As I expected they where no help either. Finally after about 3 weeks I got into chat with a customer service representative who advised me I have no order currently in the system.
Well to say the least I had had enough and demanded my money back. She advised that she would have to pass it on and I would get a email within 48 hours. Another week later still no response. I’m at the stage of walking into a store and shop lifting the speaker I have paid for. Disgraceful I will never shop with Harvey Norman again after this.

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Re Order # 2101842395. Order placed 09/03/2019, and paid for, no delivery after 15 days!!! Placed phone call to 0297636891, after holding 15 minutes pressed 0ne, as requested for callback, inserted phone number and have been waiting over 24 hours for callback. I certainly didn't expect this lack of service from Harvey Norman. Where is the order, and how much longer before delivery???
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This is not the HN website. I hope you get resolution through the normal channels.

I currently have a mattress on ‘layby’. I’ve paid a deposit but I have changed my mind on the purchase. Will I be refunded my deposit?
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You should be able to get a full refund under existing laws. If for any reason HN refuses the refund tell them you will bring matter up to the Consumer Affairs.You should get the correct information rather than rely on unfounded forum replies. Suggest checking ‘Change of mind’ via HN website or Fair Trading website.

My partner purchased a bedroom suite (tallboy/sidetables etc) two years ago and it still smells awful. He thought the smell would go away but it hasnt. His clothes smell. The room even smells if the balcony door needs to be closed due to bad weather or we go away. we’ve tried everything from scented liners, furniture wax, airing them outside for a week. Nothing has worked. Has anyone else experienced this?
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