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Harvey Norman

be alert and alarmed with Harvey Norman Online eComm Store Pty Ltd /TA Harvey Norman Online order platform

LG - OLED65B8STB - 65" B8 OLED TV was ordered on Harvey Norman online, my credit card funds were deducted then this order was cancelled by Harvey Norman several hours later with no refund received to date.

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Can't fulfill order after getting payment for more than 3 month and no update

I ordered few items online it was showing in stock and I was charged fully but its been 3 months now they cant fulfill the order.
Contacted their support multiple times and they were clueless about the order still saying its on back-order.
Its Hardly Normal better avoid placing order on their website their support is horrible.
Its not like I ordered something which is totally extinct, its easily available from other stores but they are bunch of crooks holding your money.

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2-4 business day delivery!

It’s been 4 business days, hasn’t even been dispatched!
They don’t even come close to meeting their own delivery time frames.
No contact from Harvey Norman.
No help with online chat.
Advised to call ‘Customer First’, shouldn’t they be calling me?
What a waste of time.

Harvey Norman white goods

Just wanted a toaster waited about 20 mins couldn’t find anyone was not busy asked the girl at reception desk said toasters where all in warehouse not kept in shop so I had to wait till someone was around after half hour I left went to Jb hifi walked in and out in 10 mins with a brand new toaster

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Item was too expensive compared to other suppliers

The young handsome sales person very politely told me that I couldn't afford what I was looking at buying. He was very knowledgable about the industry and his people skills were absent. I left the store un happy.

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Attentive sales staff poor quality finish

Had a good experience similar to that of The Good Guys recently. Unfortunately the dishwasher installation guy was again not so great. I think it's the same outsourced installation company. Hole was put in the wrong spot and left open, no Cabiseal cover and the drain hose wasn't set high with a fall.

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Excellent Customer Service

Moving into a new place recently I have purchased several items from Harvey Norman & my latest purchase was a console table from Woodville SA store. Amazing service provided by Wafeek in the furniture section. He gave me really good advice with selection, assembly & product care. I always purchase from this store as they are very close by & service is always excellent.

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Worst Ever Service

After placing my online order at 8 am.

Waited till 11.30 am for email or SMS about my pick up. Called rockhampton store to check on it. the staff over the phone said it is ready. (great never got e-mail or sms notification)
went to store, couple of staff talking around, waited 3-4 minutes. one of the staff finally finished talking and asked me if i was OK?
I told her about online pick up, she asked me my details and told me it doesn't show ready on computer,
when i said i placed it around 8 am today for 1 hour pick-up (in stock items) instead of appreciating my effort she replied oh someone has been busy since morning, blah blah...
she was trying to tell me we are too busy to handle online orders. when i told her that's not my concern. she rudely said 'oh someone is getting your order', turned around and walked off, just because i didn't listened to her excuses.
Then i saw another staff getting my item from shelf and gave it to me after signing collection docket.

seriously u don't have time to pick up from shelf and send notification to customers.
I don't care whatever your excuse is, What is the point of 1 hour click and collect.
sent an email to HN on same day, they replied someone will contact me, Never happened.
Good Customer Service HN (Rockhampton)

Beats Solo

Recently purchased a Beats solo for my daughter online, she absolutely loves it plus the online site was very easy to use. Seamless check out process upon buying the goods.

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Product Care is Useless

Product Care is Useless. They took my iPad for 1.5 weeks then contacted me and said they wouldn't repair or replace it because of minor damage. I am also a school student and they just wasted my time. Now I have to live with an iPad that constantly shuts down.

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Sold me a product they didn't have in stock.

Purchased a product on the (10/4/19) for a kids birthday its currently the 7/5/19 I've had no one from Harvey Norman contact me to let me know what's happening I mean why would they have my money already and everyone knows when they deal with Harveys once they have your money they don't care about you its the Harvey way. There second store Joyce Mayne is no better.

EDIT: They don't know where the tracking number is, they don't know where anything is.
Customer gets left in the dark!

You will not have a pleasant experience dealing with HARVEY NORMAN. JBHIFI is across the road and there products/ Service makes Harvey noman look like something out of a 3rd world country.

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Deducted money for an order they couldn't complete - never had the stock in the first place.

Purchased a TV online, received an email stating I would be updated when the order was ready to be shipped. The $1200 purchase price showed as a pending transaction on my credit card ... all good, it should be like that until the order is confirmed as shipped, a tax invoice created. The next day, the transaction went from being 'pending' to the money fully deducted. Radio silence from Harvey Norman though .. no tax invoice and no shipping update. Had to chase them only to find there was no available stock. And yet they still took the money! Very uncool and pretty dodgy practice.
I cancelled the order, then received more silence from Harvey Norman - even though I was advised I'd receive an email confirming the cancellation. Chased again two days later, it was cancelled then. And will now take up to a week to return my funds. I'm being charged interested on that $1200 for what will be two weeks. It should have remained a pending transaction until an invoice was created by the supplier.
Do not deduct money for orders you cannot fulfill, have not invoiced or shipped (or even started the supply process).

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Harvey Norman Rothwell moderate unflattering reviews that contain facts. They practice consumer unawareness.

This is the review of my dealings with HN rothwell. It was deemed unsuitable by the team at HN rothwell. My 2 tablets reflect the quality of Rothwell HN.
I've included the stores response at the end. This is my factual dealing with this iconic Aussie retailer. Gerry Harvey himself wouldn't put up with these clowns.

Went into HN rothwell looking for a device for my children. Advised to purchase this tablet by staff. I bought 2, then I asked do the tablets come with cases and screen protectors, no they don't. Asked if there was any to buy as the product is for my children, no. So with the advice of the staff I trusted that the warrantee was as good as having a protective case. Got the tablets home and set up, then noticed incredibly slow to load even the home page, apps were freezing had to call the store for assistance, they gave me Lenovo helpline in India, they were rude and condescending and offered sneered remarks, similar to HN Rothwell. Then went back to HN rothwell for their not so friendly service and their failure to listen to the issues we're having. Consumer Affairs arranged a compromise between HN and I the customer. I attended the store was made wait 30 mins for manager. He was totally rude and denied the compromise set by Cons. Affairs. So, in trusting HN rothwell staff's advice, and using my local Aussie retailer, I can only advise locals in Redcliffe to give your money to any other store than HN rothwell. They should look up the meaning of customer service. Treat customers as you would like to be treated. You cannot fix your problems unless you acknowledge they exist. Stop intimidating, and deliberately sabotaging your customers attempts to claim valid warrantees. In the local word of mouth, your warrantees, are not worth the paper they're written on. Why mediate reviews that are appropriate, factual responses containing areas you need to improve? Reviews are feedback of truths, this is what your customers face when dealing with you. We want to buy via local Aussie retailers. But your ignoring the elephant in your showroom. SPEND YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE

This is HN rothwell company response to my review on their website.

It cannot be published on Harvey Norman, but..
Our staff have read your review on the lenovo tab e7 7-inch tablet - black. We value your contribution but unfortunately it did not meet all our review guidelines.
For more information go to www.harveynorman.com.au/customer-service/faqs/

These guys are the reason customers say "buyer beware"

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Ripped off terrible couch useless customer service

I purchased the the Allendale lounge with the guardsman protective coating from Harvey Norman Waurn Ponds on the 10/AUG/17 then on the 8/APR/18 I made a claim about the couch severely fading/changing color which is quite bad for just a 8 month old couch, I sent my photos to the store via MMS as requested. In June 2018 the fabric Rep came and inspected the couch, I had all my documents that the store had provided with me at the time of purchased, he asked me when purchasing the lounge if any staff had mention to me about not putting couch in direct sunlight or near window which I replied with no we went over all the documents with what I was provided and no mention at all about sun damage etc... he then said does the couch have a fabric care label I said I don’t know what that is and he lifted the cushion and there was a small label there saying do not put in direct sun light, he said he would go to the store discuss the issue it may take some
Time. MONTHS went by I had not heard anything I went into the store on 13/OCT/18 to ask for a update on my claim to be told there are no updates on the claim and the person that takes care of the claims will contact me Monday, Monday went by no phone call, went back to the store AGAIN on the 3/NOV/18 spoke to the staff member I spoke to last time to be told the person that is in charge of claims isn’t in today, but the person said it wouldn’t be covered due to sun damage but they have to find the email from the fabric rep... I said I’m not happy I want them to contact me to organize a meeting... still to this date I have NOT been contacted!

Being a first time home owner and buying new furniture for the first time not once when looking at any of the lounges at the store did any staff mention about not placing in direct sun light or near windows, no staff pointed out the fabric care tag, no physical paperwork given that mentions about placement of lounge only the tag under the cushion that the fabric rep pointed which was to late! there was no duty of care what so ever,now I have one lounge badly discolored that was 8month old at claim, I find this to be a poor excuse and just a way to wipe there hands clean, the lounge would be lucky to get any direct sunlight at all mostly reflected sun light from the fence which is 1600mm away I have dining chairs in a similar location with no discoloration at all, carpet in bedrooms that have full sunlight throughout the day with no discoloration, nothing to test the material is defective or the gaurdsman coating may have advanced the fading process I would expect this damage from a lounge that is several years old not MONTHS old.

Not to mention the way the Waurn Ponds store has handle my claim is a absolutely joke looking at reviews online the staff are poorly trained or don’t care and this even shows that is the truth with no communication from the store to me, I have had to do all the chasing up to get a update!

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Painfull return

I bough a router online at harvey norman bundall.
They dont have a dedicated collection point as does the store at mermaid waters. Had to go through 2 people to get it.
As it turns out the router was not compatable with HFC nbn , so, i did an online request for a refund.
A day later an email came saying someone from the store would contact me within 48 hours,
No one did. So i call the store.
Got a very unfriendly “Jim” on the phone, told him my story, his reply was that i was wrong the router would connect with any internet, blah, blah blah.
Got tired of listening to him.
I said what about the refund , he says we dont give refunds, give in store credit only.
What a load of crap.
Over night i decided i would exchange it for a d-link router.
Next day i went asked for jim, was told he was busy.
Great dont want to see him anyway.
I asked another guy and he sent to a returns area.
There was nicely spoken young guy, couldnt do enough for me. Should be the store manager.
Exchanged the product.
Jim if you read this, you know what you can do.

Return Claim MadeYes

If you wanna warranty forget!

Warranty process is not coordinated, simple issue takes many visits, weeks and even then they make you feel cheap (joking about you in front of you) and don’t want to refund money. The employees are terrified to talk to bosses, just horrible inefficiency and waste of time. Stay away!

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POOR Customer Service a JOKE of a Care Plan... DISGUSTING

Directed at the Gepps Cross, SA store. Purchased Apple Watch, took out a product care plan for warranty as it apparently it covers all defaults, damages and software malfunction... ABSOLUTELY NOT! Does not cover damage at all, defaults are a question mark to and the sales rep told us it did... KNOW YOUR PRODUCTS! Took it back to get repaired, had to send to Apple, a fee was charged for Apple to look at it... THIS WAS NOT COMMUNICATED. Provide the facts of the care plan, communicate possibilities, don't lie to customers.

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Rude staff and a bad customer experience in Appliances

Have always had a good customer experience in Harvey norman, i always thought they are good with customer until i had this experience.
As a ticked off customer writing this review because of false promise on Cash back for a braun iron box which is expired. I have bought my Braun Iron box which was sold in Chadstone and the sales person mentioned i can avail a cashback offer without knowing the offer expired on 21st Apr 2019 when i bought the box on 25th Apr 2019. And when i asked about the money back, i have been offered only half of the money back and otherwise Sales person and the manager asked me to return the unit, that was pretty rude. And told me that mistake happens and this is what they can do, i am getting my half of the cashback 15$ but really unhappy with the way the customer is been handled here... And i dont think a fair offer i been presented back which brings me 15$ loss, as well as bad customer experience...
Point to Note: the mistake is never from my end, as a customer came in to buy the product but for a loss...

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New dining table scratches very easily

My previous dining table lasted for over 20 years so we decided it was time to update. We bought the Mystiq 9pc dining set from Harvey Norman which we received in November. Within a few weeks there were light scratches on the surface of the table despite us being very delicate with it. When we complained to Harvey Norman, they said that it was normal and they refused to compensate in any way. Due to the scratches happening very easily we spent $350 to buy a glass cover just to protect the table. We are very unhappy with Harvey Norman and how they received our complaint. We refuse to buy from them again and would like to warn that this is not the store to buy from if you would like quality products.

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Amazing Service

Recently purchased several large items (tv, washing machine, dryer)from Harvey Norman (Woodville SA). Service & assistance was second to none, truly gold class service. They were honest with what I needed, not just to sell me the most expensive items & also gave me great deals (they will match any competitor's price anyway). Their guidance from purchase to delivery was exceptional.

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Redemption? I purchased a smeg coffee machine, a milk jug & a matt. Received coffee machine only. Enquired & advised I have to redeem the product from smeg! Harvey, I have paid you for it? Why do I need to redeem it? First customer service mistake. 2nd mistake, I redeem products & advised 6-8 weeks eta. Harvey. You have rorted & hoodwinked me. Mothers day is well & truly done & dusted in 6-8 weeks time .. How bout being upfront about this eta. Not after your purchase? Looking forward to your reply
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As you know HN don’t reply here. Please share their official responsecontact harvey norman direct or ask in storeNo point in doing that. The store says they can't help. The online phone line just rings out after an hour I gave up. The online chat is only helpful if it's in their job description otherwise they give you someone else to contact who dosent have a phone only an email. Last time I shop online at HN

Hi there I recently got the delivery of a three seater leather couch...it did feel right when we first made an order but after receiving the order..it doesn't feel right...isn't comfortable at all...especially when we both my husband and I have posture problem...Is there any solution to it such as how we can return it?Is it refundable?has just been 2 weeks since we got the delivery....who should I call for help.
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HN does not respond here. The only logical sensible way forward is to contact HN.How should I get in touch with the HN customer service since I only got the answer saying call in the showroom which I had tried couple of times and felt disappointed so looking forward to someone who is here to help me.call harvey norman customer service or go in store & ask, really the only two options or keep the couch.

Re Order # 2101842395. Order placed 09/03/2019, and paid for, no delivery after 15 days!!! Placed phone call to 0297636891, after holding 15 minutes pressed 0ne, as requested for callback, inserted phone number and have been waiting over 24 hours for callback. I certainly didn't expect this lack of service from Harvey Norman. Where is the order, and how much longer before delivery???
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I hope you get resolution through the correct channels.