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Heartgard 30 Plus

Heartgard 30 Plus

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My dog looks forward to her monthly heartgard, it's crazy. It's the only medication that we've never had problems with. she thinks it's a treat!

Both my dog and my sister's dog got heartworms while on this medication

So disappointed in this product. We were very careful to give as directed but it did not work! The vet and Merial-Heartgard's parent company-refused to pay for the treatment which costs hundreds of dollars. In speaking to other people we know, there are a LOT that also had the same experience. Heartgard failed us as well as the veterinarian. Our vet claimed that buying it through them, and I quote "If your dog gets heartworms while taking this medication, we will treat them for FREE". Which was a lie. But Merial is not much better. They claim to be 100% effective-not true. They didn't take responsibility either. Not only did we have to pay for the treatment, but our dogs got heartworms! They had to go through the terrible ordeal of curing them as well as their heart is now weakened by having this disease. I spent hundreds of dollars buying a medicine that was worthless. I'll never buy it again nor would I recommend it to anyone else.

The dogs think they are getting a treat every time!

I assume it works as my dogs haven't had heartworm. The best thing is the dogs love it, they think I'm giving them a treat when I give it to them. I will always continue to use heartgard.

Have been using this product for 25 years

I have been using Heartguard for over 25 years and have had 10 dogs and not one dog has ever had heart worm. I would recommend this product over any others as I have tried other medications over the years but love Heartguard because it is very reasonably priced and my dogs love the taste and it has always protected them.

Trusted Producted that Works

I grew up with dogs, so I knew heartworm is real, and that the product for it is a need. When I got my own puppy, I wanted something that would work at my price. The vet charges a fortune for their product. So, I found this, saw the other reviews, and gave it a try. It is such a relief to have this product. My dog loves it. No fussing. Takes it without any other foods. I never have had heart worm problem. So, I highly reccomend this!


This product ensures my dog never got heartworm. I found it easy to remember to give it to her because I circled my calendar for the same date each month, but I seem to recall it has stickers in the box as reminders. This is a trustworthy product recommended by vets.
I buy this at my local vet. My dog loved the taste of it and saw it as a treat. You only need to give the chewable 'treat' once a month to ensure it is effective. It is a low fuss and reliable product that is easy to use.
Fairly expensive, but worth it.


As I have two dogs, I needed 100% reliable heartworm prevention. As there is heartworm in my area, and my dogs have never caught this disease, I can say that heartgard works. I can even get them to chew the tablets by wrapping it in a piece of fritz. It is a fair price.
Heartgard 30 is a very reliable product.
Never had a problem with heartgard30.


It is a reliable medicine to prevent both intestinal worms and a particular heart parasite in dogs that is easy to administer.
It eliminates the need for 2 separate products to prevent intestinal worms and a particular heart parasite in dogs. Dogs find it palatable which means you don't have a battle getting them to take their medicine. Giving it just once a month is easy too.
It isn't cheap.


It is such a relief to have a product that my fussy dog loves, he watches for me to get that blue box down off the top of the fridge and actually sits up and begs for his medicine
Easy to give to my dog
Nothing about the product but wish is would be a little cheaper as being a pensioner it is getting harder to care for my pet


I have a dog that hates to take tablets, but he loves these heartguard chews, which makes my life so much easier! And I have never had any problems with heartworms, so it's obviously working!
Easy to use. Must taste good! Relatively inexpensive. Convenience of once a month treatment

A must have for every dog owner

Eversince before I got a puppy, I read it everywhere about the danger of heartworm. After I got my GR, I consulted a vet and Heartgard is highly recommended. Though being expensive, I think it's the best solution to prevent your dog from that icky disgusting heartworms. Besides, it comes not in the form of pills, so it really looks like snack to them. Wait, I think there's a pill form too, but I'm used to feeding the snack-looking like small bar to my GR and he absolutely loves it.
Looks like snack, can find it in almost all the countries I've ever lived in (I've lived in 4 countries)
expensive - though worth it.


Only started using this as my dog had to stop using revolution (this treats fleas and heartworm). Dogs eat it easily and it is a quality product which does its job well. However with the new once yearly heartworm injections, I think it is a better option to start a yearly injection then monthly chewable tablets. For those looking for a qaulity heartworm treatment that your dog will eat without a fuss, then this is for you.
Easy and convenient way to treat for heartworm.
Is expensive, buy online insted of in store to save money.


A great product that seems to work for my dog, the day after giving him the chew he stopped scratching but like most wormers you must keep up with the monthly dosage in order for it to work well.
Easier to give than tablets; can be disguised easily in food;
Expensive, but worth it.


My dog has been having Heartgard chewables as his monthly heart treatment since he was a puppy and he's nearly 14 years old. I never have to worry about him eating them as he gobbles them straight down as they are just like a chewy treat. They are a once a month treatment which is much easier than a daily tablet that you have to mix in with food which very often doesn't get eaten. I would recommend these highly.
Dogs happily gobble down as they think it's a chewy treat
A bit pricey but most pet expenses are

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If Heartgard is so effective, why does the vet insist that my dogs get blood tests each year? Ken
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30 Plus
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