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Heartgard 30 Plus

Latest review: My dog looks forward to her monthly heartgard, it's crazy. It's the only medication that we've never had problems with. she thinks it's a

Sentinel Spectrum

Latest review: I gave this to my Aussie Bulldog for the first time last night and she has been vomiting ever since. She keeps arching her back like she has a sore tummy and is lethargic. So annoyed as this cost

Bayer Advocate

Latest review: Applied on shoulder blades of my papillon puppy and it is hurting his skin! Hes scratching, trying to rub off the poison on the couch, running around non stop trying to get it off and cant sit still

Zoetis Revolution for Dogs

Latest review: Our Irish terrier was given a dose of the brown Revolution treatment, a smaller dose than recommended for his weight, to the back of his neck on Sunday afternoon and was fine until Tuesday morning

NexGard Chewables

Latest review: I have never had a flea problem like this with a topical flea control. I’m being bitten and have found a flea on me. My husband is being bitten and last week the woman who helps me clean was b

Bayer Profender

Latest review: I use this in conjunction with Advocate as not all products treat every single parasite. Advocate doesn't treat tapeworm, but Profender does. Haven't had any issues with Profender in the few years

Interceptor Spectrum Tasty Chews

Latest review: This product isn't worth the money!! I won't ever spend $70 for this product!! I hate when they say a product works and it don't.My dog has been on this product faithfully. He has heartworms now. So

Exelpet All-Wormer Paste For Cats

Latest review: Kitten started foaming at mouth rethink in pain.. I washed the product toff his neck immediately... now he is lying on the floor traumatised hardly moving . Rang a vet friend freaking out and friend

Exelpet Intestinal All-Wormer For Cats

Latest review: Gave this to my 10yr old very healthy happy spritely cat last night. I’ve got up this morning and he can barely move, very wobbly on his feet and disoriented. Not happy at all, now have to spend $

Bayer Drontal Allwormer for Dogs

Latest review: My beloved labrador who is normally so chilled took drontol worming yesterday. Up all night barking, crying, mega hyper. I will never use this product again. It really knocked her around mentally

Exelpet EZY-DOSE Intestinal All-Wormer For Dogs

Latest review: My 12 year old male dog, desexed, in very good shape, chewed the correct dosage two days ago.. His motions were runny and bright yellow overnight. I gave him some electrolites and now his faeces

Total Care Tasty Allwormer for Dogs

Latest review: If you love your dog it's best not to give your dog this worming tablet. As my dogs had bad side effects both eyes rolled back into head few hours later I had tried feeding them they would not eat

Total Care Chocolate Worming Treatment for Dogs

Latest review: I've been administering other brands of worming tablets/chews for years and decided to try the chocolate worming treatment and it's fantastic! My pooch chewed the treatment immediately without any

Total Care Heartworm and Allwormer for Dogs

Latest review: I love the simplicity of giving a single chew that even my picky boxer likes to eat so that means no more messy cream cheese but 3 monthly would be

Bayer Drontal Cat Allwormer

Latest review: My cat is now falling over :-( and looking extremely unwell. Will be up all night keeping a check on her

Total Care Allwormer Worming Paste for Cats

Latest review: Wormed my 3 cats yesterday afternoon and now its been two meals where they won't eat. Nothing I can do to coax them into eating is working. Not worth

Exelpet EZY-DOSE Heartworm & Intestinal All-Wormer for Dogs

Latest review: My dog hates them and I have to hide them in pieces of meat then follow her around the house picking up the pieces as she spits them out. An entirely unfulfilling experience for all. And why are they

Bayer Drontal Chewables

Latest review: My dogs never vomit but both were violently sick, multiple times a few hours after eating their Drontal worming tablet. No wonder it kills worms if it has this impact on such robust dogs. I'll be

Troy Puppy and Kitten Worm Syrup

Latest review: I have found this product to be readily excepted by both puppies and kittens as they seem to enjoy the meat flavour which is great however this product does not cover all worms which you really need

Aristopet All Wormer Tablets

Latest review: We have our two dogs the Aristopet All Wormer for Large Dogs at the designated rate. Both dogs have been vomiting and have had diarrhoea for 4 days. Don’t risk your dogs health on these brutal t

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