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Herome Nail Hardener

Herome Nail Hardener

5.0 from 3 reviews

This is the only real nail hardener worth buying

I have used it for years.without it, l have no nails
I have tried recently another well known product that is a similar price and my nails are such a mess, short, brittle, peeling

Purchased in January 2015.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Skin ToneMedium/Olive Skin
Chipping / Cracking No

Where have you been all my life?

I am 61 and and as a bit of a nail nibbler, have always had thin, soft, fragile, ungrowable nails. I did the recommended 2 week initial treatment, and subsequently applied just one coat which I then remove and reapply about once a week. And this product has worked for me! It stays on, for a start - so many hardeners I've tried in the past just peeled off in one piece if I dared to (for example) wash up. This doesn't wear off, doesn't chip, just stays put and gives a subtle shine (just like a clear polish). I don't hanker after LONG nails, and I'm seriously pleased with the perfectly modest, respectable growth I have achieved so effortlessly so far. Love it! Buy it!

Great product I will continue to use

Have tried other nail hardeners but this one is by far the best. Worked on my weak, thin nails and after two weeks of following instructions I just use it weekly now but it does not chip away like nail polish but stays on more like a varnish so looks great all week. People who know I have always had ugly nails can't believe the change. I am 51.

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