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HiDow XPV TENS Machine

HiDow XPV TENS Machine

3.7 from 20 reviews

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Poor battery life

This is excellent for managing pain, when it's working.
Unfortunately the battery in mine doesn't hold its charge for very long.
When unplugged after a long charging session, the battery indicator will immediately show a 50% loss in power

Purchased in October 2015 at Terry and Georgia Eldred for $247.00.

Had mine for app eleven years. Although i haven’t used it constantly it fixes the area which is painful within a week.

Had mine for app eleven years. Although i haven’t used it constantly it fixes the area which is painful within a week. Marvellous machine. May need a battery replacement as it’s getting old

Purchased in October 2008 at Essential Mall.

Wonderful little machine.

I have many back problems and my husband bought me this little gizmo a few years ago. It is the best gift I've ever had. It works the same as a tens machine, it interrupts the pain signal. I think it's awesome. I am amazed by the length of battery life. Very rarely needs charging

Poor Product


I have barely used mine that much and charging it for the third time. But it does not hold it's charge. Not happy with this product at all! I do not think the money for this product is worth it at all!

This product really works.

Bought my unit a few years ago. Best back pain reliever ever. Effect lasts long after unit is turned off. Works well on back, especially lower back and shoulders very well.


The demonstration used on me did help my sciatica problem so I bought one. But when I read the booklet (THANK GOODNESS ) on it, I discovered on page 20 you can't use it if you have a pacemaker. And now I can't get ahold of or any response from the sellers. And the manufacturer won't take any responsibility either.

Waste of money

Service from company is non existent and machine did not work - very little battery life, did not operate as advertised.
Do not purchase from this company.
We were ignored in our quest for a refund.

it helped with mussel tension and blood flow

after having a motor bike accident l had my neck fussed in one spot and suffered from stiffness in the middle back area l found HiDow worked extremely well on relaxing mussel tension and got blood flow moving again I could not have done without this product it saved my life love the product and swear by it

Worst TENS unit Ever

This has low battery life quality of unit is not up to par you can get a better Tens unit similar with a Back Light from Pain Relief Palace Com PRP PRO-8 for $80. You guys are a rip off!

Fast Pain Relief

I am a Master Massage Therapist and I bought my unit 3 years ago for my own use. I paid $199 for it and used it a few times on my feet for Plantar Faciaitis and it was the best thing I've ever used! I haven't used it in over a year and took it out a week ago for lower back pain and it's the only relief I've had! I swear by it!

Poor battery life, poor customer service.

I bought the HiDpw XPV 2.5 years ago for a home birth. I purchased it from a local shopping centre for $299 I used it in labour. The receipt paper was poor quality and after 8 months the ink faded on the paper to unreadable. It was a cash purchase. I got it out again 2 weeks ago and recharged it. As soon as it came off the power it died and the battery did not recharge. There was no advice about recharging it regularly and they will not replace it with no receipt. The battery lasted 9 months.

pain pod 111

i got the hi dow pain pod 111 it works great i can now have better pain reliefe than all the prescribed drugs i have taken for pain, or creams from the chemist this portable tens machine is a take any where pain pod gives relieve any where the phisyo is using this now at $75.00+ a. session what a saving to own your own one. You can do, back and knees special gloves for the hand and, with the special slippers the feet allthough there is many models the newest is the pain pod 111 in usa they sell many models but the pain pod 3 is the newest, thats your choice on the the price to pay the dearer works the best.
this pain pod has been reviewed by the current affairshows on 7 & 9 and had a good responce many years ago but not lately many models have been brought out since & are better ones its not the cost but what it can do for you dont haggle on this product it gets the job done, i only wished i had got it years ago 5/5 for me

Love it

Bought mine for $299. However there were two models on offer, the more expensive at $499, on special for $399.00 at the home Show. I went for the cheaper one as couldn't see the extras warranted the extra. The $299 model is excellent for muscle relief.

Tens Machine costs

Hi, sorry to disappoint you, but we brought our in New Zealand at the Rotorua Marathon clinic for no more than $250 NZ dollars. Yes I would say you have been ripped off big time.

It has proved itself to be the only way to relieve pain in 20 minuets

The Hi Dow XPV is undoubtably the best and most affective pain relief product , as I have tried most of the other tens available in Australia . The XPV ticked all the right boxes. Of all the pain relief products available, Hi Dow XPV 6 mode is undoubtably the best product. Cos it works , I have had mine for 5 and a half years now ... Love it
It gave pain relief , and I could use it anytime

The TENS Machine is working good despite it size

A very good small device which you can take anywhere in your handbag and excellent price. Easy to use and can use not only for my neck and shoulder. I also have sleepers and a belt so I can massage my feet and low back. Probably I don't need to chiropractor any more.
size and price

Feel ripped off by a massive $179.59. Not happy at all.

I just purchased the Hi dow Pain Pod III of the Hi Dow official website.Still waiting on delivery. Price was $445 plus $7.50 postage and 2% surcharge for my credit card use. So all up it was $463.59.....Then while at the easter show guess what Hi Dow Pain Pod III, Bloke serving me says they are reduced from $389 to $329 also with a bonus circulation slippers valued at $45. That's a difference of $179.59 within 12 hours of my online purchase. Rang Hi Dow up in QLD Australia spoke to Angela, her response is that i paid RRP and that is all. Now i can understand a product losing it's RRP value after a certain number of months or even maybe weeks. But seriously having the same item at the the same time at two different prices is a blatant RIP OFF.

Wonderful product

I have just had a L5 Lumbar Microdiscectomy fixed the sciatica, but still suffer from chronic lower back pain, this product is the very best thing I have ever used, without doubt money well spent, try one for 5 minutes and you will never look back. I use it for 20 mins three times a day and nothing comes close too the relief it offers. If you suffer any sort of back or muscular pain you have to try it.
Compact size, great power, long lasting battery, easy to recharge

Dont need to visit the Chiro any more

I get on and off back pain. Whenever I go to the Chiro, all they would do is use this gadget and some ice packs. This would allow me to go from bedridden to pain free. Now that I have purchased my own, I no longer need to go to the Chiro.
It really works evry time.

Just what I needed -Pain Relief for a Tens Machine/Massager

While visiting a factory outlet in Vegas I was introduced to a Hidow TENS Machine/Massager. I purchased the machine because of its simplicity and easy operation (small, lightweight & didn’t require replacement batteries) and also the relaxation I gained by using the pads on my shoulders. Two years later I had a sports injury and experienced some of the worst pain I have ever had with a frozen shoulder. I was not able to sleep and had little mobility in my left shoulder. Only then did I discover that the 'massager' I had purchased was much more than just a relaxing device. The portable machine was also a TENS Machine which means it was able to send electronic pulses through my nervous system and block the pain signals I was suffering. After experience days of agonizing pain finally I was able to find instant relief and the movement returned. I now keep this machine in my bedside draw for any times I am experience soreness or pain. This product is now imported into Australia and can now be purchased through some chemists and also online.
Portable, light weight, No replacement batteries, 6 different mode settings, lifetime warranty

Questions & Answers

I would like to order new medium size electrode pads thanks.
2 answers
I ordered new electrode pads a couple of years ago. I did it online direct from HiDow. They're in QLD I think, from memory. Just about ready to order more.How do you order them

How many people can use the xpds 18 at the same time? Thank you
1 answer
If you have two inlets at the top of the tens you can plug each one which has two wires with pads on the end. You will have to have the same program and strength as each other. Hope this helps.

what battery does this use
1 answer
what type o battery and price please


HiDow XPV TENS Machine
Release dateSep 2011

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