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HomeBrand Dog Shampoo

HomeBrand Dog Shampoo

2.2 from 6 reviews

You get what you pay for

When i cant get to the the places i normally get my fur babies products from this is a fine replacement and does the gob needed however it would be different on every dog. :)

Drying,itchy dull coat

I have previously used this product,thinking to save a few bucks as other pet products were getting a little too expensive. Wrong move! It may be a cheap product but leave my fur babies with an itchier,dull coat.
Some one recommended me to a lady who makes all natural pet products including the most amazing hand made pet soap(smells amazing) much kinder to my fur babies coat,the lamb liver treats are amazing too.
Thanks Naturally Bgone

cheap and cleans the border collie

we've used this bottle of shampoo successfully on our old border collie, and have moved on to the new border collie, it's cheap and soaps up and cleans the dog, he has had no rashes and his coat looks and smells good afterwards, i usually wet the dog thoroughly with the hose with shower head, apply the shampoo straight from the bottle, as it squeezes out of the flip cap, wash then rinse with the shower head, only takes 15 mins
in expensive, easy to apply from the bottle


I have purchased a bottle of this shampoo for my dogs in the past and it was terrible. It smells like cheap dishwashing liquid and appears to be nothing more than a cheap liquid detergent rather than a shampoo. It made my dogs' skin dry and flaky and is too harsh for it's supposed purpose in my opinion. It was so bad that I could no longer bring myself to use it on my dogs and used most of the bottle for cleaning my hands after gardening just to use it up. I would never buy this poor quality and unattractive smelling shampoo again.

unattractive smell and is very harsh on dog's coat and skin


Although this prodcut was cheap and the bottle was a larger size it ended up being washed down the sink. My dog itched after using this and from the harsh smell it seemes to be laden with heavy chemicals. It was not woorth the time, money, energy or effort. I used it once but never again. My dog felt scratchy after the bath and I have a short haired dog. His coat did not shine and this also made the dog sneeze throughout the entire washing process. Yuk and run a mile from this prodcut.
Cheap and easy to get at local stores,

try Malaseb shampooYes i've used that one before - horrible stuff. Threw it away as well after first use. Malaseb is good but I just bought an awesome one that's chemical free called Essential Dog.Don't buy this product! My dog is losing lots of fur because of this terrible shampoo!


I bought this when I grabbed the first thing off the shelf after the dogs got into the creek, and ended up washing them again with another brand that left their hair soft. This product was cheap and nasty and left my labrador with a skin irritation. Avoid!
Nothing, I didn't like this and didn't feel it was good for my dog's coats, nor even worth the money, despite the cheap price. I suppose the one good thing was the large amount you got for a very little price tag.
Smelt disgusting, like a very medicated smell, left coats tangled and not feeling silky, cheap and nasty product!

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Shampoo is recommend for dogs eyes?
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No - dogs eyes like ours are very sensitive it would burn their eyes and may even cause blindeness or other injuries or.

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