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HoMedics Therapist Select Elite Programmable Percussion Massager with Heat PA-400H

HoMedics Therapist Select Elite Programmable Percussion Massager with Heat PA-400H

4.5 from 2 reviews

Absolutely worth the investment

I used this every day for four months as I recovered from a hip injury. It relieved the the crippling muscular aches after hydro and gym exercise therapy. I found the range of operational controls adequate without being overdone or complex. The heat option is adequate as are the speed settings. Well constructed, sturdy and thoughtfully balanced. This has been a great purchase.
The percussion massage action is robust and penetrating. I like the range of controls. The head swivelling feature is effective for self-massaging your back.
Its a little heavy when self massaging for any length of time. It electro-magnetic transfer affects my digital television reception.

NIce massager

Have used it for about 1 week now, although initially i felt like the settings on it are :
fast|very fast|super fast

It basically massages by having these 2 ball shaped heads pushing down in alternation like pair of drumsticks...? (hence 'percussion' name?)

i got used to the speed and it does a great job on my tense muscles after a good workout at the gym.

it comes with a bunch of paired interchangable heads. The screw in and vary from soft/hard/gel to heat and accupoint. unfortunately heat only works with the heat pair and i found it takes a while to warm up. after it does, the effect isnt as warm as i was expecting.
Does a great job. Flexible options. different programs. flexible angled handle, extra long power cord, bonus carry bag for unit+different heads
Mild heat, bit on the heavy side,

Questions & Answers

Can use this on my legs to help with blood circulation?
1 answer
Absolutely, it’s great for that. Just stick to the muscle and soft tissue though. When you apply it to boney areas it’s a bit painful.

can you buy just the heads massager only many thanks
1 answer
Yes, they're all available from their website for a good price around 5$ for each set. Check this one out http://www.homedics.com.au/infrared-attachment-for-pa-messagers.html

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