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Honda CRF150RB

Honda CRF150RB

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My friend has a crf100 and he said its the best bike hes ever had and the rest of he's family has crfs and they love them to. I think there a good reliable bike and powerful and there a 4 stroke wich makes it even better.
There a good 4 stroke and a strong bike for all types of riders and they sound good and sound like a qulity motor as well.
I can't disagree on anything about the bike

Would this Bike be suitable for a women to ride? she's about 175cm tall and weigh 60kgs ?Yes my mum uses that bike and she's 42 63kg


it is a strong powerful bike its a great motocross bike with great suspension and has really trick bits like the hot start the two radiators it is a awesome bike
the strong bottom end power and the hole package is great and it dominates 85s
bad for beginners because of the power


the best built bike that honda have produced so far, so great.... you will love the honda CRF150RB its the best bike you will ever ride
fast, strong and reliable

Would this bike be good for a 13 year old girl that weighs 120 and is 5.2 inches? I need a quick answer. She is not new to riding. She drives well.if your 5.2 inches you can ride a lego duplo bikeNo definitely not maybe get the honda crf 150f because it is eletric start and easy to manouver. I have the honda 150rb 2013 brand new and it is fantastic has Lots of power I am used to the power cas I used to race with yz 85.

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My daughter is turning 13 and has been riding for 7 years. Do you think she can handle this, she can ride her brothers 2 stroke husqvarna 125.
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if she can handle a two stroke 125 i'm pretty sure she would be able to handle the crf150rb. Has she had a lot of experience dirt bikes in the past?

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