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Honda CRF250R

Honda CRF250R

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Great bike!!

Awesome bike!!! Have had this bike for 10 months, never raced it but have given it a good Ride, have never had a single mechanical problem with the bike... It's a shame accessory are so expensive but understand with the high quality of the bike.. Won't buy any other brand but a Honda.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Questions & Answers

My son is looking at a second hand 2009 crf 250r it takes a bit to get it started with choke. After it starts it goes fine. I was wondering is this characteristic or is there another reason maybe. Iwould appreciate any advice anyone can give?
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This means the valves might be out, get SS, Easy fix! great bikes!!Steve, does that mean get stainless steel valves? Someone suggested getting a new head because the valve seats and valves would be buggered! What do you reckon? He's still got the bike.

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