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Ikea Besta

Ikea Besta

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Worst Ikea purchase i ever made

1. The cabinet doors were impossible to line up. I think it's due to how bad the hinges were.
2. The screws immediately stripped during installation making the install ridiculously long and painful. My previous Ikea purchased took me under an hour to put together. Besta took me all evening until past midnight. Most of the install was me trying to force a stripped screw into position. It was beyond ridiculous.
3. The unit is not setup well in regards to securing it against the wall. There are two holes in the back that go into 2 plastic cylinders that are meant to provide wall support. I can totally see this thing falling down on someone.
4. The back support are made of black plastic that immediately stained my wall black the moment I leaned the unit on the wall.

Overall if I knew I would have never purchased this. I'm dissapointed since I liked Ikea in the past. Normally I don't write reviews but this product is s crime against common sense and I just felt compelled after such an anguish of an installation.

Date PurchasedDec 2018


Besta furniture doors and drawer-fronts are far too heavy for the carcasses! Although every instruction says attach to the wall, the back of the units are inset and if you have a tall skirting board to put the unit next to, there is a big gap to fill in! I like the quality, I like the design, just VERY disappointed that we have so many problems that have to be overcome. I used the planning department - they were very helpful, but would have thought they would have mentioned skirting boards :-(

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Terrible Product

Should have read the reviews before buying. Completed the cupboard, all doors not standing straight, fall to one side, unit wobbles and had to be attached to the wall. space between doors varies. Unit not square, instructions not easy to follow. Ikea did not provide the screw to attached to wall. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. Overall I think the standards at KIEA has gone down

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Tall cabinet is the worst quality Ikea product I've ever bought

We purchased both the small Besta media unit and a 192cm tall shelving unit. The media unit seems to be fine enough. However, the tall shelving unit is truly the worst quality Ikea product I've ever purchased - it's shockingly and dangerously badly designed.

When completed it wobbles from side to side at least 1.5cm in each direction. We checked and rechecked the instructions and assembly to ensure we hadn't missed anything as it seemed impossible that a large shelving unit could be so unstable once complete. The thought of putting 100kg or more of books onto it and then attaching the heavy Glassvik glass doors seemed a bit like a death wish.

We are unable to secure it to the wall which in theory would have stabilised it - not that the pathetic screws provided had any hope of holding such a large unit in place anyway. And what sort of furniture is designed so poorly that it absolutely has to be secured to your house in order to function?

In the end to avoid the hassle of returning it and finding something else to fit the space we have, we went to Bunnings and bought metal corner brackets which we screwed in at the back in each corner. We also screwed in sturdy wooden blocks in the top two corners at the back. It is now finally useable as a bookshelf, but we're still not confident the doors can be safely attached.

So in all a major disappointment and very poor form on Ikea's part.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Besta carcass not square as wobbles, so door not square

Purchased Ikea wardrobes last year - no real issues. So not a novice assembling Ikea. Yesterday purchased a Besta cabinet plus doors and shelves as it looked smart. The Besta frame 502.608.68 will not stay square, so the fitted door is not square with the shelf. If I push the top gently to the left the unit become square and the door level. Checked with set square to prove frame is not square but sits slight to one side. Partially dis / re-assembled but no improvement. One of the plastic round fixing locks broke pt 122971(at least that is one of 5 part numbers given in the manual ), replaced with a metal one left over from wardrobes. If I move the top, wobbles around 5 to 10 mm. The back slides up and down as I wobble it. The only way to fix myself, will be to fit a support such as nailing plywood to the rear of the frame, (all 4 sides) whilst keeping the frame square. Either I did not fit the slide in back correctly, or the slide in back offers insufficient rigidity/ support to the 4 sides. I believe I fitted the slide in back correctly.

Date PurchasedMay 2017


Very poor quality, the unit does not last only has ours for a few months and already the draws are wobbly and broken! Will never buy from ikea again as all the parts are plastic.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Pattern forming

Like other reviews I have read I also own other pieces of ikea furniture and like ikea overall, but this Besta entertainment center is a complete nightmare to assemble. The biggest problem I would say is definitely the hardware such poor quality. I'm actually returning it tomorrow. Not sure if I'm going to find another entertainment center or go elsewhere with my business.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Poor design and quality. Besta.

I have a taller Besta cabinet and secured it to wall as instructed. It looks nice, but is not safe. The door is so heavy it pulled the screw and plug out of the wall. You MUST anchor this unit to a stud in the wall! The heavy door is not balanced out with the back of the cabinet. We have removed the door and are not using. Do not recommend purchasing.

Date PurchasedJan 2014

Plastic parts breaking

I have many other items from Ikea, beds, dressers, Kallax, etc. Probably about 8 pieces of furniture total. The Besta is the first one to come with plastic hardware. Those little circle things you use to tighten down on the screw to hold the two pieces together, not sure what they are called. As you all know, Ikea directions are only simple pics so there is no name given for that part. It is so cheap, I have broken four of them just trying to put together the first pieces during assembly. I cannot not even finish assembling it because the pieces keep breaking before they are even tight enough to hold the pieces together.

I am not an amateur everyone, I put together 2 Ikea Trundle type beds with drawers, 4 of those dressers with the frosted plastic on the top drawer, that big pink and white loft bed with desk and wardrobe on the side as well as two matching dressers for that set, a Kallax shelf with 8 pockets, a Hemnes center for our master BR, and about a dozen floating shelves, also one of the desks, no issues with any of those during assembly..........

Besta is junk. I am having my issue I stated but I also see separation of the covering and the particle board as someone stated above......... I looked after I read the review and saw it then. Don't buy it!!!

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Poor Quality

I spent several thousand dollars purchasing Besta modular products to make my ultimate entertainment wall unit. I invested in the glass doors, draws, slide out shelves and even purchased three $70 sets of chrome leg stands so the unit would not get damaged whilst I mop the floors in front of it. Unfortunately the actual Besta carcass is made from poor quality material. Despite being set up inside and never moved from the date of install the cheap chipboard has swollen and the wood grain laminate has started to peel off.

I am extremely disappointed in this product. It will soon end up as landfill. I will stick to hardwood in the future and stay away from the poor quality chipboard from IKEA

Date PurchasedDec 2010

Very poor quality

I agree with the other reviewer: great looking, but flimsy cheap. These aren't even made out of solid particle board anymore. It's primarily two thin plastic layers with cardboard support in between (I know because I had to cut a portion of one for the fit I wanted). I've strengthened mine by screwing/gluing plywood on the underside of the top piece. I think it will survive someone leaning on it now. But this product sets a new quality low for Ikea, in my opinion.

Great looking but flimsy cheap quality (can be fixed easily though)

EDIT: have fixed the flimsy build with some cheap $1 metal straps (mending plate) I crossed it diagonally over the back the same way as every garage shelf etc have, I also used an L shaped bracket at the base on each side to firmly hold the sides. Now the unit feels like it should have in the first place. About $10 all up in the gate and bracket aisle at masters.

Just putting a cabinet together now and my god it's crap. So flimsy I don't want to put anything even remotely valuable on it.

Am no longer going to use the glass shelves as the whole unit just bends and wobbles so easily.

Will go to Bunnings and get something to diagonally brace the unit.
Seriously though this is reject shop quality. Wouldn't be happy paying $50 and I just parted with 770 for the two tall cabinets.

Do not buy these. (Will update if simple brace fixes issues)

Ikea Australia refuse to sell the besta suspension mounting rail. DO NOT BUY WALL MOUNT BESTA UNITS

So I purchased the wall mount Besta units for my living room. Construction quality of the sides and doors is reasonable. However the rear of the unit is extremely flimsy 2mm plywood. ikea sell a Besta Suspension Rail (Article Number : 101.245.85) in the United States, but not in Australia. This rail is ESSENTIAL for the safe installation of these units into the usual Asustralian stud wall. Do NOT attempt to install these besta units without the suspension rail! And since it's not sold in Australia, it baffles me how Ikea can knowingly sell the besta wall units without the required specialised hardware to mount them.
Looks nice
The mounting hardware is specialised, and for some baffling reason not sold in Australia!


The besta's are a great depth for lots of stuff. I have games, toys, computer stuff, etc on mine. I also have a shorter besta for my LCD TV. Its really nice to have all the storage in the room the same and as the shelves are all adjustable it is easy to customise them to suit different uses. Our besta's are beautiful black/brown finish and are a feature of our living room.
So pretty, adjustable shevles, different heights and widths, range of door and drawres. They come in different colour finishes.
Nothing - I love my besta's


I am an avid Ikea fan, so I flocked to Ikea when I needed to buy massive book storage for my apartment. The Besta units appealed to me for their generous depth and the adjustable shelves. I put my units together in a variety of creative ways. At first I was very happy with my Besta units, but after a couple of years the thin plastic veneer just started peeling away from the seams.

It's not like bookshelves get a lot of heavy use, they just sit there holding books so I don't know why the veneer would just peel away. I am incredibly disappointed and it has made me question the quality of Ikea products these days.
Big, deep shelves. Adjustable height of shelves so you can put Besta together in imaginative combinations.
Poor quality plastic veneer peels away at the seams after a few years. Looks horrible, cheap and tacky.

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Hi Kuraiza, this can happen for a number of reasons. Avoid sunlight, moisture and certain cleaning products. Extreme heat/humidity in a container will cause the veneer to peel. Or as you said a bad quality, caused by a dodgy factory OS (cost cutting materials and unskilled labour). Hope you have moved on, just read 2008 haha

Questions & Answers

Im confused!!! i ordered my besta cabinets online as I live four hours from the city. Had no trouble putting them together etc However, when we wanted to fix them to the wall (ie floating cabinet style like in the brochure) we were concerned that the fitting provided did not seem strong enough. Got a qualified maintenance guy in who said there was no way they could be wall mounted. I called IKEA to question the staff there as I had seen all the Besta gear fitted to the wall in the store - they said you have to get someone to advise you but it can be done. I have had two local cabinet makers look and say they do not advise it. Surely there must be hundreds of people who have had the same trouble...can anyone shed any light on this for me???
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Hi K8 - We have had the exact same problem. However we never thought there would be a problem when we put it up. The floating cabinets were put up on the wall as the instructions advised, yet 3 weeks after it was up, it came crashing down Monday morning due to the poor qulaity of screws (We actually hadnt even filled it yet so its not like the weight brought it down - only the weight of the unit._ We bought the exact same unit that was on display at IKEA - not happy at all. will be calling them this week.We have the same issue with the Besta wall units. We have two of them and both fell down in a total of three times with different screws being tried on each time. There must be something wrong with these units as they are quite heavy and the suspension rail provided and the way it's designed to be mounted on the wall has serious safety flaws. The unit crushed onto my 5-year-old today and she got a bruise close to her right eye. Called ikea just now and the lady on the line was quite bitchy and unhelpful and insisted that it was our fault for not using proper screws. And there's no way we could return the product as we no longer have the proof of purchase with us. Lesson learned and do not put anything heavy floating on the typical Australian stud walls, especially IKEA products. A lot of their stuff do not meet safety standard, based on the recall history. But the worst is their customer service attitude, probably having a hard time answering to all unsatisfied customers all the time.

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