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Ikea Hemnes Storage Combination

Ikea Hemnes Storage Combination

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Sudden collapse of shelf (shelves with two full glass doors)

We have been happy with our units (a TV bench, cupboard with three drawers and two glass doors and shelves with two full glass doors) since purchased almost three years ago. Until yesterday. For seemingly no reason when I opened one of the two full glass doors the fixed shelf collapsed, sending cups and saucers crashing to our tiled floor. It caused a domino effect when I managed to remove that shelf as the shelf above and below it also collapsed. We have a lot of Ikea furniture in our house and this is the first time we have had anything like this happen. It does seem very flimsy compared to the unit with the drawers. I'm glad I didn't have my expensive dinner set and crystal in there!!

Date PurchasedFeb 2014

Wonderful product - complements our living space perfectly!

This beautiful unit gives us all the storage and display space we could ever need! we have glass doors on the book shelves at the sides and the centre we have glass on the top half and solid on the bottom half. This combination provides some hidden storage for things that don't need to be displayed. The doors are great because they still provide clear viewing yet stop the dust getting on everything!
Attractive, inexpensive, good quality!
Nothing really! A little time consuming to assemble - however I love a good day shopping at Ikea and enjoy assembling the furniture just as much the next day!

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