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Ikea Omar

Ikea Omar

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Stable, sturdy, strong and very good value

I've always liked wire rack kitchen storage but was put off by the price. I was a bit sceptical about the Ikea ones because they are (I think) quite cheap compared to others. Having put them togther and used them for a few weeks I'm very pleased: they seem to be as good or better than other and I will definitely buy more of them.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

A brilliant storage concept, superbly executed and favorably priced!

My husband wanted wire shelving in our new pantry, and after a lot of research (most options were very expensive!) I chose Omar shelving units from Ikea. We had some doubts about a flat-packed kit that had to be assembled, as they often don't live up to their promise, but Omar shelving is brilliantly designed. It fits together very easily, is sturdy, and looks great. We loved it! We were so impressed that we went back for more units to use in the storeroom off our laundry. At $49.95 for a 900 mm wide unit ($99.90 for two units that clip together to make full height storage) and $79.95 for a 450mm wide full height unit, this storage solution is very affordable. The units can be freestanding and can be disassembled for transport, so it's a great solution for people in non-permanent accommodation, but our home is executive standard and the units look perfectly at home in our pantry and store room. The finish is durable. The shelves are easy to keep clean - much better in a pantry than solid shelves that collect dust and food residue and have to be emptied for cleaning regularly. Any spilled food falls through these shelves to the floor and is easily cleaned up before it attract vermin. And for storage of linen, blankets, etc. the air circulation is a benefit.
The engineer who designed this product is to be congratulated.
Inexpensive, easy to assemble, sturdy, looks great
The ties provided to tie multiple units together were a joke! We discarded them.

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How much weight per shelf?
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can omar shelves be used outdoors?
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I suspect they could be, but I don't know how well they would stand up to conditions. Depends where you are I guess. In our area, close to the beach, they would corrode quite quickly.