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Ikea Pax Wardrobe with Sliding Doors

Ikea Pax Wardrobe with Sliding Doors

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Excellent Product

Love the Pax range, it is so easy to put together and cheap. We build our custom home around the product instead of paying the builder thousands of colour to fit a custom one. The amazing part is you can test it all out and create a 3D model to see if it is really what you want.

Purchased in October 2018 at IKEA QLD, Logan.

Exactly as advertised

Just finished installing an ikea PAX wardrobe. It is 2.5m wide and 2.36m high. We bought two 750mm frames and two 500mm frames. The 750mm frames are in the centre and have soft close sliding doors. The two 500mm are on the outside and have hinged doors. The first frame took probably 2 hours to install not including accessories. We took our time and attached it to the wall. The other three frames took about 45 minutes to install, including time to attach to the wall, each other and level. The hinged doors (fardal white) went straight on maybe 20 minutes max. The sliding doors were the most complex thing to assemble but went together easily. Installing them wasn't a problem, but follow the instructions exactly and don't accidentally lock the mechanism like we did. Took us a bit of time to figure out what we were doing wrong. We put the soft close on the sliding doors after the doors were on.
We took our time to put the drawers in, but they were straight forward and finished the fit out after work. In total it took us a full Sunday and a few hours after work. The quality is excellent. We are very happy. Recommend doing most of the planning online and then going into the store to check your color choices. Also our floor to ceiling was 2.44 m, we were able to build the frames on the floor and stand them up, it brushed the ceiling, but only just and did not mark our paint. Total cost $1380.

Purchased in April 2019 at IKEA SA, Adelaide for $1,380.00.

Very bad quality, broke down after 2 years of use, IKEA refusing to honor the 10 years warranty

We bought the PAX wardrobe frame with some basic extras less than two years ago. It was assembled properly once and never moved, used as normal from my wife. After a year and a half, I noticed that the draws would no longer fit properly and the doors were not aligned as at first. The base of the frame had started to bent, forcing the rest of the furniture to bend too. The base now is started cracking and the furniture has become unstable.
I contacted IKEA (had to discover how, a challenge to all of you to see how quickly you can find the customer care on the web). They arranged an inspection after a month and following my chase they told me that it was probably on misuse??? Not happy!!!
Do not buy, the quality is unfortunately very bad and the warranty does not apply.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Love my huge Ikea Wardrobe

We have got the huge pax 203cm high double door(one mirror), one smokey white Ikea wardrobe with 2x soft close sliding doors and drawers. I love it. Its stylish and cool looking, roomy, solid and is the best wardrobe I have ever had. The guys that put it in did it in 2 hours easy peazy. It would have taken us days if we could have worked it out :)
Recommend this IKEA brand highly.

Incidentally this cost all up $1500 with delivery and installation - I was quoted over $2000 from other wardrobe built ins firms that didn't even have a back in the wardrobe just straight on the wall and no mirror door, only plastic veneer and some sort of plywood - in real wood it was double that price. What an expensive difference for an inferior wardrobe. Cheers Janey

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Poor quality

Of all the flatpacks i have put together, and some were ikea, these are of the poorest quality. I would not recommend to buy again and regret it, the system of adjustable legs is a terrible design the woodchip is of poor quality.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Great wardrobe system

We just built a 3.5mtr Ikea Pax/Komplement wardrobe. Everything went together really easily and my wife and I installed the whole thing in a little over 2 days. The wardrobe is working out well and looks fantastic. Some minor things or things to note are: Design online and save your design, get it picked and delivered - our Ikea order (including a norsburg couch) was over 600kg. The biggest boxes are heavy and cumbersome. The Norrfly lights are worthwhile and make the wardrobe a little more swish but there's not really an elegant way to do the wiring if you have a shelf up top. I drilled through the shelf and installed little electrical brackets.
The wardrobe shell construction is a two person job and so is hanging of the doors. The nailing of the backpanel with (for us) 200 little nails is time consuming - make sure you use the nail guide tool.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Good but time consuming

We put together a pax wardrobe system with doors. we managed to fit an interesting shape that looks great with lots of storage. It took 8 Sundays to complete but saved money.
We then decided to do another downstairs but chose sliding doors this time, big mistake. We put the wardrobe together quickly this time but cannot hang the doors, they just won't go on. Go for the normal dorrs avoid sliding doors at all costs.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Good, But Not Great

I recently bought and installed two Ikea Pax wardrobes, each 2.0m wide x 2.36m high x 0.58m deep and each with a pair of Hasvik sliding doors.

The Ikea sales person showed us in-store how to use the online PAX planner tool, which we then did at home. It was easy to use and we printed off a comprehensive plan, listing all individual components, where they could be found in the Ikea warehouse, the total number of packages and total weight. It even showed which of the pre-drilled holes to use when mounting shelves, drawers etc. I was impressed with online planner tool.

So, off I went to Ikea with my trailer and plan that I had printed off. It was easy enough to find all the packages in the warehouse and they were located exactly where the plan said they would be located. If I were to do this again, I would take someone with me to help picking items from the warehouse and loading them onto my trailer. Some of the items were long and heavy and difficult to manage by myself. In total, just one of the completed wardrobes weighed 227 kg and consisted of 15 packages. Luckily for me there was another friendly customer in the warehouse and we helped each other out.

Assembly of the wardrobes was not too difficult, however it is time consuming, especially for the first time when you have to figure out all of the parts and how they fit together. It looks like Ikea print one common set of instructions, probably used universally around the world. There are no written words, just pictures and symbols. These are reasonably straightforward to follow, however it would be helpful if Ikea had a formal assembly video on their website to follow, especially the little tricks and tips, and things to watch out for so that you do not damage anything during assembly. There are some YouTube videos online, however they are not specifically for all of the components that I have bought.There are some things that the instructions don't warn you about, for example, when installing the sliding doors, I found that it is best to install all tracks hand tight only first, and then tighten up with a screwdriver, otherwise the holes don't perfectly line up if the first screws are tightened with a screwdriver. Also, the wardrobe gets its strength and rigidity from the back board that is nailed on the back. You must be careful when handling the partially assembled wardrobe until this is nailed in place, otherwise it could collapse and break.

I found the back board the flimsiest component of all. It is only about 3mm thick and comes in two halves, taped together with some poor quality paper based tape. When installing one of my back boards, the tape tore halfway along the join. I re-taped the back board with some woven, reinforced tape that I had in the shed which was far superior than what Ikea supplied.

The Hasvik doors are a plastic coated particle board, which consists of two pieces joined together. The plastic coating is of poor quality. When installing the sealing brush-strip-thing, which comes with self adhesive tape, I accidentally dropped it on the door and the tape partially stick to the door without me applying any pressure to it. When I picked it up, a small bit of the plastic coating came off of the door and stuck to the self adhesive tape, revealing a small bit of particle board. Luckily this was on the inside of the door, so will not be visible.

Once completed, one the sliding doors are slightly bowed and one of them catches firmly on the sealing brush strip. It does not jam on the other door, but there is enough friction / pressure on the brush sealing strip that causes the other door to drag along with the door being opened. You can see with a spirit level that it is bowed and where it is in firm contact with the brush sealing strip.

I thought that the drawers were a bit flimsy, particularly where the sides are joined to the back vertical section with some plastic screw type things that are pressed into place. The back vertical section is a bit wobbly and does not feel very strong.

I was happy with the other components I had bought (wire basket, shelves and hanging rail).

I did not want to cut out a section of skirting board for the wardrobe, so I had to install a piece of timber, screwing it into the wall studs and then attaching the wardrobe to the timber batten using packers to make sure that it was vertical, square and level. Because the backboard was thin and not installed hard up against the wall, i also fitted some additional bracing to the back board to make it more rigid, especially being spaced away from the wall. I would have thought this would be a common installation (not cutting out skirting board) and that Ikea would have specific instructions for this type of installation. It is important that the wardrobes are attached to the wall so that they do not fall over.

In conclusion, I am reasonably satisfied with the finished product. The instructions were reasonably easy to follow, however it would be helpful if Ikea were to have a formal installation video available on their website for each item. Some of the items were of average quality, namely the flimsy, taped back board and the bowed sliding doors. The wardrobes are heavy and you will end up with a mountain of cardboard and plastic at the end after installation. I just took a trailer load of cardboard to the recycling yard. I would definitely recommend that this a two person job to pick it up and assembly as it is heavy and difficult to manage on your own. The online planner tool is comprehensive and easy to use. The PAX system is very flexible with the customisable options.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Pax wardrobe with sliding doors

Now that it is built, it looks fantastic with lots of storage space. The cupboard and shelves and drawers are pretty easy to put together. The doors are a lot harder to put together (with some scary finger stuff getting caught when they tell you to assemble a portion of this flat). The real challenge, though, was to hang the second door. My boyfriend ended up taking the bottom hooks and the top right end piece off to hang the door off the wheels, lock them and then putting these pieces back on. This was after trying to get the door wheels in the right place and it falling off several times. After he finished everything, he asked what the extra box was for and I told him it was the damper kit. We did not put this on. It would be helpful if this kit was included in with the rest of the instructions instead of finding it after and it saying you need to remove what you have done before. Also it would be helpful if in the instructions where you need to go back and loosen some fasteners and ratchet, that it would mention not to over tighten (maybe if we had a power drill, would have been easier). Happy it is done! and it does look great and we are still talking to each other (BUT next time will buy different doors)!

Date PurchasedAug 2017

The instructions are abysmal

I have quit a bit of okra stuff including a kitchen. The instructions for the glass sliding doors are useless & the u tube instructions are way too fast to follow

Date PurchasedMar 2017

The Sliding Rails Are Dangerous - Avoid!

This is the first time we have built Ikea wardrobes with sliding doors, and it will be the last! In the past we have been very pleased with the safety of the furniture from Ikea, but not this time. The sliding door rails do not meet at the corners around the frame and are very sharp. My husband scratched his arm on one while assembling it and I am concerned my grandchildren will injure themselves on the corners. I have flagged this up with Ikea to be told that they don't see it as a safety issue. I want a fix for this, but all Ikea will offer is to either take the doors off, or to give us hinged doors which we don't have room for. I have tried to report it to Trading Standards, but they have not got back to me about it and no-one seems interested. Do we have to wait for a small child to lose their finger before they do something about it?

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Love, Love, Love

Read carefully, thinking it through is easier than taking it apart...I know! Great because you can change your mind about the inside of the unit without any trouble...the inside is very easy to co-ordinate...well worth the hard work...don't forget to read all of the instructions before start...not step by step! Enjoy

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Walk in wardrobe no doors dangerous design and install

Project designed and overseen by Ikea Tempe thru to installation heavy shelving collapsed like a pack of cards on me. Rectification non existent consulted private contractor to rebuild/secure wardrobe DISTURBING

Date PurchasedSep 2016

End result is fantastic

We had 3 quotes for our huge walk in wardrobes all around the $3000 mark for nothing really special in plain white melamine and very boring and No doors ended up going to Ikea we got a far larger wardrobes with all the bells and whistles for just over $2000 No doors, I believe the wardrobe people would want around $4000 for what we got, yes we had to put it together and it did take few days and a few arguments but the end result is fantastic but a hint pay the extra and let them sort the order and have them deliver.

Great outcome

Just installed 4m of sliding door PAX System wardrobes with draw inserts etc, very pleased with the result, great outcome, fantastic storage.

They look professionally built even though I assembled them myself. Was not hard to do and only needed help hanging the sliding doors.

Uneven holes and two same side fixtures

Complained to Ikea that the holes in the side boards of the PAX were uneven. First time they heard of it. Do they tell everyone this? They swap the wardrobe for free, after I insisted.
After fixing the glass on the sliding doors, I found that the fixtures are for the same side. I need to have a right and a left fixture. I bought two sets and both have the same problem. :-(
I thought Ikea products are supposed to have stringent quality control.

Disappointed Customer

Warning: I just purchased 2 PAX wardrobe cabinets and the smell is making me sick. I am trying to air them. I called customer service and complained, I was told by a local representative they have never had any complaints only to find many on their website.

Can anyone tell me if airing will help? Is it realistic to think it will get better or will this always be a problem?

I like the cabinets but they are not worth suffering health problems. I chose IKEA because they claim to be a "green" company. Their website reports they do not use formaldehyde in their glue. I have to question what the heck is in the particle board and materials. It is the worst I have every experienced, way worse then paint or new carpet. It is very disturbing how much is off gassing, there is no way I would consider this a "safe" product.
I consider it highly toxic

Ikea Pax with normal doors

We have just finished installing two Ikea wardrobes in our bedroom. They look fantastic and we can't fault the quality. There was not one screw missing out of all the packages and we had 85 boxes so thats pretty good. My husband and I took only one and a half days to install the wardrobes but you could do it quicker if you stop your husband drinking beer at the same time!! That tells you how easy the instructions are to follow! For all those reviews out there that state the install is hard or takes forever, pull finger people because it really is simple. My recommendation is make sure you have good power drill - Do not do it by hand. It will take two people to help with some of the steps but it is super easy. I did all the drawers while my hubby did the big stuff. The quality is excellent, we have a set of drawers in my sons bedroom which we have had for 4 years now and they are still perfect. You can't go wrong with IKEA if you want something that is going to last, has a quality look and finish and is value for money.
How easy it was to put together

Love the pax

We love the pax. Our house is medium sized and with a couple kids it fills up quick. We have a number of pax (one which is about 5 years old) and they are extremely versatile. I think the unit is very easy to put together. The normal doors are also easy to put on. However, I really, really struggled to get the sliding door to stay on. I don't know what I did wrong but whatever it was they are still not a 100%. People reflexively think the quality of ikea is poor. They are wrong. The stuff is built to last and unless treated badly will not chip or peel.
versatile, good quality
sliding doors hard to fit

This is a major undertaking

Just finished putting one of these together with an internal draw unit. Never again! The sales staff told me that it would take a couple of hours to put together. Try a couple of days! Things I learned from this. 1) Make sure your floor is completely level (they do not tell you this). If your floor is not level the sliding doors will not fit properly. If you have that problem like me, rather than try to level up the base when it is all assembled it is better to make adjustments to level up the top door with some cardboard and some improvisaton. 2) Be careful with the hanging rail supports, they are very brittle and break easily. 3) Make sure you don't put the floor panel as the top panel. The floor panel is the one that you nail the two round threaded washers onto for the support legs. 4) I am certain that the instructions are wrong as far a the two stick-on felt strips are concerned so leave them until the very end and decide for yourself. I guess large wardrobes are difficult if not impossible to have delivered in one piece. It appears everything comes in flat packs these days so either you have to put it together or get someone else to do it for you who does these all the time. My suggestion is to pay the extra money and have an IKEA installer do the job for you but, as I said, before you order it make sure the floor is level. Finally if you are getting IKEA to deliver it for you (organised and paid separately after checkout), be prepared to be told that they charge an extra 2% for payment with a credit card. Poor form!

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Questions & Answers

Hi I’m wondering what to do ? I have a broken plastic clip on top of pax wardrobe door track holder??? Thanks Neville
No answers

I’m in the USA, but am in need of the measurement from floor to bottom interior as I need to know how much space there is for baseboards and if I can get away without raising off foor or if I do how high I need to raise it. If any one can provide this to me would greatly appreciate. I can always converse cm to inches so no worries there!
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Soft close installed in pax wardrobe with sliding door but stops doors sliding all way open and I can't open the internal drawers. What's wrong?
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