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Ikea Varde Base Cabinet

Ikea Varde Base Cabinet

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If you are bored with the basic built-in kitchens and want clean lines (it's nice to see the floor under your cabinets) with versatile furniture that can be moved around at will and expanded on if you ever run out of space, the varde kitchen is perfect. No more leaving stuff out on the counters because your tiny cabinets are hard to reach or too small.
Shame Australia hasn't taken to the varde range as in europe and the U.S as it's not only won awards, it's extremely hard wearing, looks great and having a free-standing kitchen grows and adapts to all your needs. My entire kitchen is varde and using natural products - birch wood, which can be cleaned and sanded easily, and stainless steel which is also easy to clean and is the strongest kitchen surface you can have - I know it will last for a very long time and will always look great. Varde pieces also integrate well into other rooms in your house. Also, on this piece, the drawers are big and can carry alot of weight. In the middle drawer alone I store an eight piece crockery set. That's dinner plates, side plates and bowls. In the other drawer I have glasses and cups. So accessable. My husband is a chef and he loves it.
There is nothing I dislike about this cabinet.

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I just assembled this cabinet for my home, and I agree it's a great piece -- handsome and solid. My one quibble is that Ikea advertises one shelf as being adjustable, but I sure don't see how, as both are assembled with pegs and anchored in with cams and screws. You could assemble the shelf in an another position, but you really can't reasonably change it once it's put together.

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Ikea Varde Base Cabinet
Release dateJan 2011