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Income Tax Professionals

Worse than terrible!!

Met consultant 29 Oct. Provided last of info they requested on 12 Nov. Chased up on 17 Dec, only to find out they closed all offices on 7 Dec. Won't open until 7 Jan. Not one phone number for the whole organisation is being answered. All say to ring back in 3 weeks (7 Jan)!
So much for the GUARANTEE on the website: "Our ALL YEAR ROUND guarantee also ensures that you have access to our consultants anytime to discuss all matters related to your specific tax affairs – without charge!*"

Withdraw money from my account without my consent!

Had my tax return done in August from itp; received my tax return within 10 days as planned and thought they took out their fee beforehand which was agreed at the appointment. Then 2 months later received a letter from them telling me that I have 7 days to pay an outstanding amount or they would refer me to a collection agency so I contacted them asking what this was about, they told me that I owe them money from the tax return they did for me, I told them that amount should have been taken out before they deposited my return in my account and I want to see the statement from ato to state otherwise. Well did not here from them at all only to find that they have just withdrawn $179 out of my bank account without my consent = I’m pretty sure this is illegal.

No service

I had a booking with ITP in suburban Brisbane.
I waited 45 minutes from the scheduled time of the appointment. There was no Communication from the agent nor their customer service in that time nor after the scheduled appointment.
Eventually, I gave up and booked with HR Block, who seem to be, based on reviews, more professional.
Suggestion to ITP: I understand that on occasion there are late shows of previous appointments that push out scheduled times. However, its necessary to communicate with those scheduled so that they are not inconvenienced like I was. The risk of not doing so is lost revenue by the business going elsewhere.

Rude, arrogant, entitled, sanctimoneous, and incompetent. Technically FRAUD.

Paid a fortune for an absolute pigsty of a mess for book keeping. It took them forever to NOT get the job done, then charged me 000's for the mess that they left behind. Then they had the audacity to further charge me for additional work they didn't do for time they didn't attend in my office. Then further charged me for time they 'forgot' to charge me for. Then referred me to debt collection because I refused to pay for anymore for work not done.


Misleading advertising, and outrageous pricing, was charged an extra $61 on a service which was annoying poor. I will be taking my tax elsewhere in the future

Great service, poor result.

Disappointed and out $$ A friend calculated the same tax return as Itp. Why pay if they are no better? Lovely lady just didn't get results.

Nilesh Singh - Very Professional and Highly Recommended

After having Nilesh Singh as my Accountant from ITP Rozelle, I found that he possessed the following qualities:

1) strives to get the best possible outcome for clients
2) excellent communication
3) highly professional
4) sound knowledge
5) very supportive
6) honest, reliable and trustworthy

I would recommend Nilesh Singh to any potential client.

Lost my Tax Return

Zero stars +minus 22. Incompetent, dishonest cost me my $2500 tax return. I'm gutted & was expecting it for rego & rent so idk what to do. Called ITP & nobody would help or take accountability. I am reporting this criminal fraud to the ATO. All for ITP $450 that was not even discussed when I asked at the start, not after the tax return was lodged. Months later I've had money taken out of my bank account to pay this ridiculously criminal fee again without my consent by a debt collector with my debt details in
I would punch the accountant in the face if he didn't know my bank details giving consent from ITP, I strongly suggest not sleeping well at night [name removed]!!

May 9th 2018 Update:
ITP have ruined my credit rating and Australian dream of owning my own home. After recovering from months of late rent from the money stolen from my bank account by debt recovery Co collecting money on behalf of itp East Bentleigh Branch for $880 fee i was never told about. My rent was not debited along with car insurance, electricity, internet, bank dishonour fees...I'm bankrupt for my poor decision to save the Stress of doing my own tax return using these people. I've tried contacting my every means but not a single reply from them. They call police if i go to the office.
Who can stop them doing this again??
I'm sick thinking about them... Shattered .. I've got to find money to take it to vcat court.

October 3rd 2018 Update: Appalling
Cannot stress enough to anybody reading.. Dont use ITP. The East Bentleigh branch who kept my $2400 tax return & gave my bank details to debt collectors to collect a fee of $850 without my permissions or knowledge. Over a year later it still hasnt ended. As they unknowingly changed my mailing address with the ATO last year I've just discovered ITP collected further cheques in my name & all ATO correspondence mail relarong to my complaints. The ATO have not been much help either & is easy to see why ITP are able to get away with this. A representative from ITP still hasnt contacted me regarding this matter, although they will probably reply to this review asking me to contact them again to discuss it.. In response to that. maybe the Ombudsman can get it back for me.

Im now living in a brotherhood bin. . It doesn't have wifi so if your rryimg to contact me itp, i may have missed you.. Please leave a message, altjough i have no tax this year im sorry to say. Any interest on the 12c you have the details so take it.. Ive got my box & potatoe sack if i lose this bin... Can only move forward.It's sooooo cccoooollllldddddddd on the pavement tonight cccccccchhhhhooouuugghhhh,,,brrrrrrfhbffbfbfbbjhhhhhbsshhhiiivvveerrreerrererrrrrrriiinngngnngngn.

Shocking, uninformed unfriendly aggressive and will never go there again.

Firstly, I sent a request for an interview. No response. So I physically went there.
After a week i got a call to come in.
Things I was allowed to claim for were not allowed.
The lady got aggressive when I challenged her and very unfriendly. When showed what we were allowed to claim she had all the excuses why I could not claim. Then after the appointment, I apologised for being upset and she never did. I am very unhappy and will never go there again. When I said i have to work from home and use my desk monitor she challenged me as if I was lying. I am a teacher and do distance ed. My office space is office space. I am disgusted and have never done a review before but had to warn you.

Absolute waste of precious time and money

Just did my returns from barbara at aus fair southport. she first led me to believe that the fee would be deducted from the return amd nothing would be needed to pay, but then later on said that there would be additional charge of $35 if i am to do so. Absolute fraud and cheater. I trusted ITP to be a trusted name but was absolutely disgusted by thier misleading fraudlent behaviour. And not to mention, the whole tax return was so pathetic that I had to tell her to deduct from this and that when u would kind of expect from an expert to maximise your returns
Never ever gonna go back there or even refer anyone...


Saw Elma at Winston Hills I'm flabbergasted at his lack of knowledge. First time in 37 years I was told I owed the ATO money, I asked him to recheck three times eventually i was told I would get a refund. If I had accepted his word I would have been our of pocket. Never ever ever again would I use these incompetent morons.

Absolutely Hideous Service And Treatment.

I booked my time a month before the end of the financial year, stating in my phone conversation with itp that I need a tax agent to provide me with sufficient service since I had a STROKE a few months back and was on salary continuance insurance and therefore my tax return was not going to be simple and I would like to understand the process better since this is something I will have to do every year of my life. Furthermore, I said that I will need to make changes to my tax return from two years back therefore, please book sufficient time and assign an agent to my case so that I get good service. After going into the Moonee Ponds office, without even letting me explain what i want, the agent kept on asking about my payment summary and this doc and that doc and when I mentioned that I wanted to change a previous tax return the agent kept on saying no, it is not possible, that it will cost him $150 dollars to do, and not providing any explanation. He acted as if he was doing the job for free and was not going to charge me $200 at the end. After I tried to explain what I want and ask questions, He said this is crap, threw all my docs in my face and told me to leave. I should add that this is only 5 minutes into my appointment. I will make sure every single person I know is made aware of my experience with ITP so that no one would have go through what I did. In 2017, when everything is about client service and competition is more that ever this is the service I got. Going through a stroke go on my nerves less than this experience. I would recommend trying any tax agent except itp, you can be sure the other ones will not swear at you.

tax returns

we have just returned from itp, Busselton, the service we receive from candice is amazing, we have been using these tax professionals for about 4 years, would not go any where else, amazing service, such friendly staff, Thanks for your professional service once again

Amended Assessment

Just received an Amended Assessment from the ATO at Christmas time. When I called ITP in the first place they said there was something wrong with the medical rebate information. I checked on this and nothing wrong on Medibank Private side BUT ITP made a TYPO and now the ATO want $300 back after Christmas 2016.
I said I used them as they are the Income Tax Professionals!!?? (Who cannot type) and they said they would not refund their Fee!
Go elsewhere people.

Better doing it yourself than them

Wasn't happy the second time I did my tax return through them. May cater companies but for personal tax returns the service is terrible.

Anything BUT professional! Never use this company!

Gave this company a try in May - their website (www.itp.com.au) looks legit and very professional, certainly matches their self-description as "tax professionals" on their website.

On arriving for appointment however, the office was an 80's throwback, and the service quite limited in terms of electronic information which was accessible (and the norm in this day and age). This I can overlook.

The MAIN alarm was raised when this company submitted my Tax Return to the ATO with no agreement or signature from me. The first I knew about it was when a government agency made an adjustment on receiving it. The adjustment was negligible - the point was it alerted me to the fact that my return must have been submitted without my knowledge or sign off.

When I rang them to enquire how on earth this had happened, they had no answers other than saying "that shouldn't have happened". Was hand-balled to three people - all unable to give an explanation (or apology).

Worse still, a letter to ITP's MD has gone unanswered, now some 6 weeks later (clearly isn't intending to acknowledge ITP's error).

Woeful administrative systems which allowed this to happen. Totally UNPROFESSIONAL and clearly just a "mom and pop" show despite the legit looking website. Stay away at all costs!

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Has anybody else filed complaints with ATO in regards to ITP fraudulence?
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