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ING Orange Everyday

ING Orange Everyday

3.6 from 109 reviews

Customer for many years. Beats the others hands down for simple clear banking

ING Orange Everyday Debit Card. Easy to use, No limiting ATM access as ING re-reimburses the card holder if the ATM has a charge fee. (Still exists with RediTeller and other privately owned ATM's in Hotel's etc.


Easy to use, customer service no hassle

Opening account is easy online, unlike some banks that ask u to go to post office to verify ID. I called their customer service a few time, pretty much every time they are quick to answer my concerns professionally. Didn’t wait for to long to get the speak with them .
Again, love their interest rates, no overseas transaction fee is s big bonus as I online shop sometimes.

WARNING - Orange Card for OSeas Travel

I signed up lured by the promise of fee free issues overseas. One warning they DONT explain anywhere. And its fatal to some overseas use. It will result in the account AND card being suspended.

The ING Orange card comes with a security feature that REQUIRES a SMS code to your AUSTRALIAN MOBILE number. It must be entered within 60seconds or the transaction is VOID. Purchases at machines or over the counter are fine. But for online bookings like hotels, transport fares (like railways, flights etc) and other online purchases its a concern. And it cant be disabled.

So while they brag about the fee free issues it can leave you with an ability to use the card while travelling. Not smart. Glad I found out before I went so I can now close the account and plan a better solution.


When you have a dispute with an online bank they freeze all your accounts and screen/block your incoming calls. Can’t even access my superannuation balances.

Run from ing = crooks

Dispute close to impossible. Horrible terms&conditions

Horrible experience. They lied about disputes easy - you have to print, scan and answer 2 pages of over 30 questions for each transaction. Over 60 min on the phone. Staff is blaming you if you use personal card for making tax-deductable transactions. And they many more "surprises" from T&C. You just say good bye to your money if ING handling them

Highly Recommend for Pain Free Banking!

I have used high end Australian banks when I first arrived in Australia. After reading the Barefoot Investor I have started using Orange and they are without doubt the most customer-centric thinking bank. Love it!

Great on line bank

We have been with ING for a few years now, and not had any problems at all. Their savings maximiser gives as good an interest rate as you can get these days, and your money is "at call". Good web site, and easy to transfer money around. I've had one phone call to them, and my question was answered quickly and professionally. Good no hassle system.

Easy banking

Easy to use, easy to contact, never had any problems, simple banking app, transfer money instantly using mobile numbers to other people using ING, no fees, Australian call centres.


I opened accounts and moved all my savings into their maximum savings account, followed everything I had to do, and still got more interest on my account with the Greater that had $80 in it compared to a couple thousand in ING that got me $1.28. I then waited another month after them telling me I put my money in the account too late (the 11th of that month) and got an extra 30c interest the month after. Only opened the ING for their interest rates which turned out to be nothing.

extremely competitive

ING is not your mainstream every day banking and especially very unlike the big five. It is however very competitive with 24 hour person to person access and support. I was with and still am People's Choice Credit Union for 30 years who I had to home loans with and they were also excellent. People's Choice provided me with a service whereby their own broker finds you the best deal. I was introduced to ING 10 yrs ago and transfered my investment property mortgage to ING. The interest rate variable terms, fees for mortgages, were fantastic. Overseas ATM transactions - there's no fees paid in Australia and ING refunds what the overseas banks charges for ATM use. That is all excellent. I believe some of the big fives are at least, no longer charging fees at this end in Australia. So far i n g has been excellent. My only qualm at present with ING is that they do not have a term investment for kids account like People's Choice Credit Union ie they have teen accounts from age 13 upwards to 17 that is excellent but unfortunately as yet nothing for the under 13s. I started investment bank accounts for both my children from the day they were born, no money has ever been withdrawn but of course ATO attempts to make you pay tax if you don't get a tax file number for your children no matter how young they are when the bank account starts earning too much money. So now I'm waiting for ING to allow similar children's bank account services to be operating. Not perfect but a fantastic bank.

A truly digital bank that you can only love!

I am one of those typical smashed avo eater millennials, who shops online every now and then and travels a lot internationally. I use ING for all of my online transactions, overseas card payments and ATM withdrawals. Its foreign exchange rates are quite favorable, not to mention that there is no foreign exchange commission or overseas ATM fee charged if I deposit $1000 and make 5+ transactions a month. Sign up process was easy and I even received a sign up bonus of $75 as a friend referred me.

My only concern so far is the poorly managed international money transfers. Receiving money from overseas seems rather pricey, so I had to look for some alternatives to receive money from overseas.

Difficulty closing account- I would never advise to open this account

For three weeks I have been trying to transfer my funds and close my account. There is always an excuse. Once was that I failed to scan, sign and send a copy of my document (in this case passport). They used this excuse three times. Then there was the excuse that a payment to the government had to be paid so there was a delay but it would be closed by Jan. 15. On Jan. 15 I called and a call center agent tried to use the excuse that I did not scan, sign and send the document. I told him I would not listen to the excuse because it is completely false. He hung up. Another agent said there was not the document, which of course there was.. He was he would flag the problem and it would be resolved by Jan. 22. I am sure there is an unofficial policy (probably with small household savers, to block the closing of accounts so the bank can continue to make interest on the money. Horrible.

Fraudulent transactions and still no refund

Recently i have closed up my business and was checking through receipts and matching them to my bank statements and noticed 4 large transactions that i did not make. I contacted ING and they canceled my card and the customer service representative told me i would be sent a new card within 5 days and i should have a refund within 8 to 10 days and they will investigate the FRAUDULENT transactions. I received a email from ING stating that they are declining 2 of the transactions because a pin was used (that i did not make) but will investigate the other 2 because the card was not present transactions ( that i also did not make). The email also stated that this will take another 30 days to investigate.I have sent 4 emails to the person investigating this asking when i will receive a refund to my account and still have had no reply . Being $6000 out of pocket and having no response from ING has forced me to move all of my money to another bank where they care about there customers. Now this is the extra doggy part, i logged into my account 3 time on the day i was taking my money out and noticed the the balance was not the same as the night before and i hadn't been anywhere or used my card, there was $100 missing with no transaction record, the 2nd login i noticed another $25 was missing with no transaction record and i had been recording the available balance and also had no pending transactions from using credit in the past.I called ING again, was put on hold for 20 minutes ,the customer service rep came back to the phone and tried to tell me it was because of pending transactions but they was not any and she also could not tell me why there is no transaction record for these amounts. So at the end of the day i have left $40 in the account just to keep it open in case ING gets there act together and refunds the money that was stolen from me.But in saying this the account will be closed in the near future and i will never deal with ING again.They just lost a customer that puts over $100 000 a year in there bank. Totally disgusted ING

Poor sign up experience and customer service.

After more than a week, five attempts and three phone calls to ING and hours of my time I have been unable to open a single account. I was offered no assistance by ING customer service in opening accounts and forced to use the poor online sign up service. I do not recommend ING.

So far so good!

I've been wanting to get away from W#$t&ac bank for some time and came across a few online banks, including ING. I actually signed up with a couple of banks and the process was harrowing. With one bank, I had to send paperwork via slow mail and then I couldn't even log into my bank account half the time. Having to generate a one time password via a phone app made logging into these other accounts a pain. Also, the menu of one such online bank was horrible and S L O W. The reason I hadn't signed up yet with ING was because they did not have overseas transfers. However, since using Transferwise, and I already have a German fee-free account with a visa debit card and v-pay, I didn't actually need overseas transfers with ING.

So I took the plunge. Setting up the ING account was a breeze without having to provide loads of paper based ID. My account was set up and ready to use in minutes. Within a few days, I got my visa debit card and have already made purchases. It's easy logging into my account and the menu is easy and the site is quick. No nonsense, no ads, no nonsense.

So far so good. I am yet to try this card overseas. I know that there are issues with receiving SMS overseas for some transactions but I'll see how that goes. I had a similar issue with W#$t&ac where I couldn't make a payment online because I was overseas and couldn't receive an SMS. An email to the recipient to give me an extra few weeks resolved this issue. However, in this day and age, it shouldn't happen.

So long story short, for national transactions and limited international transactions, this is a great account. Especially the ease of setup and fast and easy website are excellent features.

Not usable for overseas travel

I've been a happy ING customer for a couple of years, but I'm visiting Canada for six months and ING's limitations are driving me up the wall.

For just about every interaction — BPay, bank transfers, plane ticket-sized credit payments, changing the details on your account — ING sends an authentication code via SMS. Unlike other banks like Westpac, ING will only send an authentication code to an Australian number. Once you leave the country and get an overseas cell account, you're effectively unable to manage your own money.

ING doesn't do international bank transfers, and without access to your Australian mobile account, you can't even do a domestic transfers. You can call their helpline and they can manually override the authentication for one single payment type: BPAY. There's only one service for international transfers that can accept BPAY — that's OFX, and they're more than twice as expensive as their major competitor Transferwise. Despite the AUD and CAD being roughly the same exchange rate, a $1000 transfer costs $70 on OFX vs $30 on Transferwise.

Lastly, the number one rule of international travel is to have a spare card. I asked ING to send me a spare card. They said the only way to do that is to open another account with them.

ING offer fee-free overseas payments and ATM withdrawals, which is great for small purchases, but once you need to do something crazy and outrageous like buying a plane ticket, you are absolutely stuffed.

The best

The best bank we've ever been with. We have five accounts including our home loan and navigating the online banking is so easy as is moving money between accounts. The ING app on my phone is the best banking app I've used.

If overdrawn they will let you know and then give you time to fix it without penalty. The rebates are amazing, all ATM fees refunded straight away. We recently had an overseas holiday and using our Orange Everyday card saved us a lot of money, hundreds of dollars of overseas transaction fees refunded.

Seriously, I've always seen banks as thieves in disguise but ING are really great.

The card you must have overseas

The card is fantastic. It's as good as having cash. All overseas transaction fees are rebated, conversion rate is a sgood as Forex spot rate. Literally, it's better than carrying cash. Customer service fantastic, and mobile app is great as well.

Good for travel, Frustrating for daily life

My Orange Everyday account has been very useful on overseas travel. Providing you have deposited $1000AUD and performed 5 transactions the month prior to your travel, ING will rebate all ATM fees and provide a decent exchange rate eliminating the need for money changers or purchasing currency before you go. That is where the positive side stops, Telephone support only has been very frustrating for me. I tried to setup my Apple Pay and after 1 hour on the phone excluding holding time they were eventually able to get it working. A 15 second process with my ANZ card. ING have implemented PayID to allow for instant bank transfers yet they have placed a daily transaction limit on this, Preventing me from transferring money out to my savings account. They don't specify what the limit is and after waiting 48 hours to use the PayID system I had to revert to old BSB/ACCN system. Overall the experience has left me not using ING on a daily basis and moving to an alternative, I still hold an account and transfer money & perform transactions prior to an international holiday to take advantage of the rebated ATM fees but otherwise avoid using the account now. There are better online banks and the convenience of retail banks with stores was reinforced by my ING experience.

Easy peazy

I find Ing to be very easy to use and for an oldie that’s really important. I can see my balance without logging in, pay a bill, set up future payments, transfer funds. This system is so easy, not like some where you have to go through so much just to get into your account, and don’t dare forget your password. Ing has my top rating.

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Questions & Answers

Hi. I’m going overseas and I’m wondering if I’ll be able to transfer my money between my accounts over the app? Is the app gonna change somehow while I’m away? Savings to Orange? Or should I have my money just in the orange everyday? Thank you!!!
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lost or stolen card overseas-is there a ING phone no. to contact Australia?
1 answer
All cards come with 24/7 support. It can be by phone if they can id you. There is a non 1300 number printed on the card and on the web. You can also lock the card on the app and move money out if that occurs. Two cards for a joint account can be a lifesaver. Lock one report it and keep going.

Why has my $650 deposit not come into my ING account? Nearly 2 weeks now! Not the first time this has happened! Fraudulent. not the first time this has happened!
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