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IVAA Jewellery Claim Management

IVAA Jewellery Claim Management

4.9 from 80 reviews

Wonderful Service Thank you!!!

Thank you Angela - you kept us informed and you kept in touch with us, you were helpful and replied to all our emails and that was important to us - our claim is now settled and we are so so grateful - thank you again Angela!

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Hi Just Us! Thanks for your 5 star review and kind words for Angela. I’ve share this with our team and thanked Angela for helping you with your claim.

Great service

I am delighted with the help I received from Amy with processing my recent claim for a lost necklace. Woukd definitely recommend this company

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Hi Kerry, Thanks for your feedback, 5 star review and recommendation! We are so glad that we have been able to help. I’ve thanked Amy for her hard work and circulated your comments to our team. Hope you have a great weekend.

Good service

I used IVAA through a home insurance claim and found my appointed contact (Rachel) to be very helpful and patient with silly questions from me.
You describe the jewellery you are claiming and they source all quotes for replacement.
They explain step by step and confirm everything by email.
Great service!

Afternoon Sp23, Thank you for leaving us such great feedback! I forwarded your comments to our team and thanked Rachel for her work. Hope you have an excellent week.You’re welcome and thank you. I like to give credit where due and am glad the feedback is actively passed on.

Outstanding customer service!

Throughout this process we cannot fault or complain about any of the assistance given by Veronica. She has kept us totally aware of the stage the process was up to and what was happening next. Outstanding customer experience!

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Afternoon InS, Thanks for your 5-star review! It’s great that we have been able to assist with your claim. We work hard to update customers with the claim process and it’s great to hear that Veronica was able to do so. I have thanked Veronica and shared your comments with our team.

Fantastic service

Have only positive comments to make. From the first phone call to the last Angela has been helpful, understanding and has followed up with any request promptly and efficiently. Can’t fault the service I have received. Thanks

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Morning Robyn, Thanks for your kind words! Angela and our team work really hard to deliver the best possible claim experience so I’m glad it’s been a positive experience for you. I have thanked Angela and shared your comments with our team.

Gave back what I thought was lost forever.

The replacement item will give me the sense that I’m gaining an item which I can treasured rather than compare with what I lost!

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Morning Claire, Thanks for your feedback and we are happy that we were able to help!

Excellent customer service

IVVA were appointed to us in regards to an insurance claim. The level of customer service was outstanding. They handled our claim with absolute professionalism. Very happy with their service.

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Morning Leanne, Thanks for the feedback and 5 star review! We are so glad that we were able to assist you with your claim and that you were very happy with our service. I forwarded your comments to our team, thanks again for providing feedback for us it is much appreciated.

Insurance claim

Angela was so helpful and patient. The process took longer than necessary because I had trouble in having to deal with the stolen jewellery. Angela was so patient and kept in touch, encouraging me to complete the paperwork. Once done it was sorted very quickly. My emails were addressed almost immediately. Thank you Angela!!

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Hi Grisel, We understand that having jewellery stolen can be distressing. I am glad that Angela was helpful and patient during this time and was able to action your claim so quickly for you. I shared your comments with Angela and our entire team. Thank you for leaving us feedback and the 5 star review.

Smooth and streamlined throughout

Competent, friendly and helpful staff who weren’t just reading a spiel when communicating, who put in genuine effort into resolving any discrepancies

A1 service.

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Morning Jesse, Thanks for the feedback! I really enjoyed sharing your comments with our team – we do put in a huge effort and seeing great outcomes and feedback from customers is rewarding. We really appreciate the kind words, thanks again.

Very easy and hassle free process

Andrew was helpful every step of the way and was in contact through every stage of the claim. I have never made a claim and was expecting it to be a long drawn out process. After providing the initial documents and description IVVA took care of the rest and in a great timeframe. Certainly helps you feel better after losing a much loved piece of jewellery. Great service.

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Morning Tim T, Thanks for the kind words and it’s great that Andrew was able to help at every step. We try to keep in constant contact during your claim and provide help where we can. I’m really glad we have been able to assist with your claim. I made sure Andrew received your feedback and I have shared your feedback with our team. Thanks again for taking the time to leave us feedback!

Very happy outcome, for one upset customer

After losing my entire wedding ring set I was beside myself. I’d spent hours retracing my steps to try and find them. Finally come to the conclusion that they were gone and I’d need to replace them. Put in a claim, got a call from Ben about a week later. And this process could not have been any smoother for me. He went above and beyond to help try and find what I had. In then end we’ve decided on the best possible outcome and I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you very much!

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Morning Cat S, Sorry to hear that you lost your wedding ring set and I’m so happy to hear that Ben was able to help. Our entire team try our best to make sure the process is smooth so it’s great to hear your experience was just that. I have send your comments to our team and thanked Ben for his help. Thanks for the feedback and 5 star review.

Fantastic service

Thank you to Angela and Lucy who assisted me with my insurance claim. They could not be more helpful or patient as it is not easy to decide on jewellery items that are to replace much loved and sentimental pieces that were stolen.

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Hi Tracey W, Thanks for leaving us feedback online – we really appreciate it. I thanked Angela and Lucy and shared your comments with our team. I hope you have a great day!

Fantastic Service

Extremely thorough, prompt and helpful service. Excellent to deal with. Great follow up and very quick to action any queries or responses.

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Morning N Mocker, We really love your feedback and I’ve circulated it to our team. Our staff go to great lengths to provide the best possible service experience and we are thrilled that you found us to be extremely thorough and helpful. Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback, we really appreciate it!

Replacement earring of great sentimental value, so excited.

Thank you IVVA for your very helpful explanation of the process regarding assessment of value. I have now arranged for a new earring to match the gold and diamond earring that had been made from my Fathers pacing Cup Trophies in 1997 to be manufactured with the approval of the Insurance Company. very happy.

Afternoon Suzy, Happy Friday! You have certainly made our day with your review – thank you kindly. I circulated your feedback to our team and I’m so happy that we were able to help with your claim. Have a great weekend.Definitely happy Friday, a special thank you to Lucy from your Team.

Excellent customer service

I am so impressed with the service I received from Veronica and Yuliya. Very efficient, patient & the follow up by these ladies was one of the best customer service that I have experienced. I was always being informed of the stage where my claim was at. Thank you !! Would definitely recommend.

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Morning Arra J, Thanks for the great review! We work hard to process jewellery claims efficiently and keep everybody up to date, so I’m glad to see that was your experience. I made sure Veronica and Yuliya received your feedback and they were very happy to read your review. Thanks again for taking the time to leave us feedback.

Insurance claim

Lucy Steel was my contact at IVAA. She was fast and efficient not to mention took me through the whole process without any hassle. Highly recommend!

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Afternoon Phuong.o, Thank you so much for leaving us feedback and recommendation. I shared your feedback with our team and thanked Lucy for helping with your claim. Thanks again, I hope you have a great weekend.

Turns unpleasant into semi pleasant!

I had Rachel Hunt as my contact, and she made the very unpleasant experience of being robbed and having all your sentimental and valuable possessions stolen, never to be seen again, semi pleasant. It was an easy and enjoyable pleasure to speak with Rachel on the phone. Her continued contact via emailed updates and notifications, letting me know where the claim had progressed to next was very welcoming. I didn't have to worry that "I was forgotten about" or that "my claim was on the bottom of a pile somewhere" My claim time period even fell over the Christmas public holidays and I had at least 2-3 of Rachel's co workers email me information on her behalf. I don't know if this was actioned by Rachel herself of if it is a company policy procedure....but I like it, and I appreciated it very much. I hope that Zac, whom I dealt with at Auto and General Insurance or the company itself can be privy to the feedback as good work should always be acknowledged. In the end, even though Rachel was making the transaction as easy as possible, it still got to be too difficult when dealing with the chosen jewellery store, after Id selected my jewellery, I was then not welcomed to the sale price etc etc, I was willing to walk away but then between Scott from Shiels Carindale and Rachel made magic happen and I ended up with some very nice jewellery again. So thank you Rachel and IVAA for your excellent customer care

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Afternoon Belinda, Thanks for your feedback, we are very grateful. We are so happy that we have been able to help you during your insurance claim. I have forwarded your feedback to our team and thanked Rachel in particular for her efforts. I have also passed on your feedback to your insurer. Thanks again for your feedback and the 5 star review!

Excellent customer care

Always responded promptly and experience was smooth and professional strongly recommend using this company wonderful customer care well done !

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Hi Salts, Thank you for your feedback and 5 star review. We are so glad to hear that it was a smooth process and we were able to respond promptly. I have shared your comments with our team and thanked them for their hard work.

Great Timely Service

Ben was fantastic. Fast and efficient service. Just great. The claim was managed superbly with detailed instructions and help along the way.

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The Dave, thanks for your feedback! I have thanked Ben and shared your comments with the entire team. We appreciate your kind words and hope you have a great long weekend. Thanks again.

First class

The experience from beginning to attend has been first class. Veronica was the person I dealt with and she was informative, on top of hergame, prompt and patient. It has been a pleasurable experience during a stressful time. I rarely rate a service at the top but do not hesitate to rate then a 5.

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Morning Michael, Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback. It’s great to hear that Veronica was able to help with your claim. I have forwarded your feedback to our team and have thanked Veronica for her hard work. We are very humbled with your 5 star review, so thanks again and hope you have a great day!

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Questions & Answers

Hi there. Do IVAA settle in cash payment so a customer can choose where to go or how to replace an item or does it have to be through a jeweller with IVAA conducting the payment/transfer?
2 answers
Hi Jonno, it depends on which insurer you are with. If you email us at questions@ivaa.com.au I will be able to look into your file.Thanks Matthew. I’ll email.

hi matthew from IVAA, My claim id is col191573353. please call me as am looking for my jewellery claim to discuss
1 answer
Hi Gaya, we don't have that claim number in our system. Would you mind emailing me your surname directly? clientsupport@ivaa.com.au

I am dealing with Veronica who has been very patient with me. As an older person I still cannot grasp how the excess payment works. I know on my claim #32183 I have to pay $250 excess and on my claim #32241 I have to pay $400. I also know I go to a jeweller and pick out an item of jewellry or 2 items depending on what I find to replace my ring. How do I know who to pay the excess too. For example if I bought a $1000 ring which would leave me with $960 what amount of excess do I pay for seperate items. Thank You Doreen Swift Email traleejan19@hotmail.com
3 answers
Hi Doreen, Normally when an item is replaced via an insurance claim, the insured (which is you) will pay the excess directly to the jeweller and your insurance company will pay the rest. I’ll ask Veronica to give you a call to discuss the details. Kind regards, Matthew.My experience tells me that the XS is payable to the Jeweler who supplies you with the replacement jewelry on the issue of which exit supplies I can only imagine your insurance company can clear this up for you in any case that should appear in the settlement adviceI had $699 to spend as replacement and I had to pay $100 excess to the jeweller. Which means I had $599 in actual money to spend. I bought a bracelet reduced by half for $750 so ended up paying $151 including excess for a brand new bracelet which I received a valuation for and proof of purchase. Was so easy , couldn't be happier.