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Kambrook Soup 2 Simple KBL620BSS

Kambrook Soup 2 Simple KBL620BSS

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Fell in love with this soup maker

This makes amazing soups and I have made many versions of soup and some following recipes and some through trails of left over veges in my refridgarator. It's has three major modes to make the soups and it has good vacuum legs so that the soup maker doesn't move at all while churning the ingredients. I have used this very often and found it easy to maintain and used to clean the jar straight away. very useful for the long winter months and rain days when u have those funny hungry cravings .you can make very healthy creamy soups without using cream as churning is so perfect it makes the flavours standout so well.hughly recommend in getting one

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Easy and Dependable describes the Kambrook Soup2Simple!

I just love my soup and made it for years in a big pot and blended with a stick mixer. But then Soup Makers changed everything. I have endured the excellent results but shockingly poor quality of the TV advertised one and its replacements (2) under warranty, then the leaky seal of the Tefal Soup and Co. ( see comment in Q&A) below, nevertheless I was sold on the easy to use concept and kept researching for my next.

I settled on replacing with this latest model from Kambrook because of its 2-year warranty. But this has far surpassed my expectations. No, it has no "countdown", "reheat" or "keep warm" or "Steam with an Insert Basket" functions...But it cooks my vegetable etc soup perfectly every time, stays hot waiting to be served, and remains hot for a "seconds" serve.

The wider based SS jug is easy to clean around the blades and can be soaked in hot water a few mins if not done straight away. Forgotten ingredients eg extra flavourings can be added through a separate mini lid after the program has been set. So far nothing has burnt, or frothed out. It has min/max load safety switches and can be used for cold smoothies. Until summer/Dec it was used 5x /week, with perfect results and no hiccups. Now the cool weather has approached I am easing back into it. It is so simple, I didn't even need to get out the instruction booklet. Maybe its only drawback is its volume for a larger family or gathering. It is fine for 3 large serves.

Oh and the previous review mentioned noise? Yes its noisy, it is a blender. The thing is you press and "forget"... until at about 10 mins it does its first blend..but you soon get to learn to predict and be prepared for it after repeated use. It is not unusually noisy compared to the electric blenders/processors and mixers that I've used. But dont have your back to it initially as it certainly can startle you!!!

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Noisiest unit imaginable

Bought this model and it does make excellent soup but ......... when it starts up the kids, dog, cat and the birds all flee the house due the incredible noise!

Similar to a cement mixer or chain saw you don’t even want to be near it while it mashes up the ingredients!

The end result is first class but suggest you use the garage to be out of hearing range!

How could anybody build something as noisy as this?

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Questions & Answers

Are the blades in the base or attached to the lid?
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Blades are in the (non stick coated) base. The jug is not immersible. But I love it. It is noisy but so was the Tefal soup and Co. at 3x the $ before its seal began to leak. I replaced it with this Kambrook model as it was cheaper than fixing at Tefal Parts and Service agent, and it had 2 yr warranty! It does not have a warm or reheat function but soup stays very hot in the SS jug!


Soup 2 Simple KBL620BSS
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