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Kambrook Soup 2 Simple KBL620BSS

Kambrook Soup 2 Simple KBL620BSS

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good when it works


bought one 3 months ago lasted 3 week got new one lasted 6 weeks cooks soup perfectly and after buzzer lets you know its ready will not turn on again has done it with the both of them going to different brand now

Purchased in January 2020 at Big W for $80.00.

Happy Shopper

Happy ShopperVictoria

  • 10 reviews

Can’t fault it!


Purchased in July 2019 at The Good Guys for $119.00.



  • 7 reviews

Fell in love with this soup maker


This makes amazing soups and I have made many versions of soup and some following recipes and some through trails of left over veges in my refridgarator. It's has three major modes to make the soups and it has good vacuum legs so that the soup maker doesn't move at all while churning the ingredients. I have used this very often and found it easy to maintain and used to clean the jar straight away. very useful for the long winter months and rain days when u have those funny hungry cravings .you can make very healthy creamy soups without using cream as churning is so perfect it makes the flavours standout so well.hughly recommend in getting one

Date PurchasedOct 2017
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  • 6 reviews

Easy and Dependable describes the Kambrook Soup2Simple!

Date PurchasedSep 2017

TheLoneRangerSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 26 reviews

Noisiest unit imaginable


Bought this model and it does make excellent soup but ......... when it starts up the kids, dog, cat and the birds all flee the house due the incredible noise!

Similar to a cement mixer or chain saw you don’t even want to be near it while it mashes up the ingredients!

The end result is first class but suggest you use the garage to be out of hearing range!

How could anybody build something as noisy as this?

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Questions & Answers

Heather P.

Heather P.asked

I loved my soup maker that I received as
Christmas present. It made delicious soup. Unfortunately after using it approximately five times it has started tripping my Clipsal switch every time I turn it on. I have tried to return/exchange it but stores won't accept it without a receipt. What can I do?

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#1 You did not mention whether the Clipsal triggered 1. "immediately" the KSM was switched on or 2. happened during its operation .... So BEFORE proceeding as below, check your manual to make sure that you abided its instructions. The unit has safety sensors which may have activated the Clipsal to cut out.

Check for eg that min. & max. load levels were obeyed. Consider if the KSM had adequate fluids (not just solids) at least up to the min mark or covering the solids no higher than the max mark. Gently shaking jug or stirring contents may have been needed to free an air bubble off the sensor (for eg - a long shot idea!) Or perhaps the contents were too heavy and it triggered another type sensor cut out... Consider any other "Sensor" type problems offered...However it doesn't sound like a user issue to me even without further info.

#2 Do not mess with an electrical fault as the Clipsal is recognising a problem!
(I would NOT even use it to re-check unless you are a qualified electrician!)

Approach your problem with the store differently. This item is an "electrical" item so it is more than just an issue of receipt or change of mind transaction or for something that "does not work". Your issue has a HUGELY important difference.... Your correct claim is that "the item is "FAULTY and UNSAFE" and that you don't want you or your family electrocuted or for your home to burn down!

(Of course it is not up to you to verify that it IS unsafe as you are not qualified! You simply want an assurance of why it's not working and that an electrical fault is not causing the issue.)

Therefore you are drawing the store's attention to a "Safety Issue" and something too that may well need a Manufacturers Batch "Safety Recall". The store needs to honour their obligations and immediately offer you warranty conditions_ refund / exchange / repair options apply. In all cases it is their responsibility to ensure that a faulty electrical item needs to be taken off you and reported!

(There has been recent court cases - in pst 5 yrs- involving WW who sold faulty electrical goods that eventually caused human injury and also same with ThermoMix, so rest assured in this knowledge that the law is serious about companies allowing dangerous goods to stay in circulation - they were fined heavily.. So know that you have sturdy legs to stand on here!)

You can get further advice first (Ph consumer Affairs in your capital city) before going back. Then if possible return it to the ACTUAL store or secondly another chain branch and state that "the item has an electrical fault." and further that you "cannot put your family at risk by trying to use it again." Be bold and clear!

Produce any evidence of purchase (as maybe further advised by Consumer Affairs - for eg a credit card statement entry is considered by Aust. Law as proof of purchase) and let the store take it from there. If needed let them know that "Consumer Affairs advised you to do this". If needed, request to talk to the highest manager in the store and repeat the issue directly. Just KNOW that the store is obligated to handle a report of a faulty electrical item and is governed by Australian Law to do this.

Then LEAVE the item at the store, either because they are now assisting you, or IF they've continued to be obstinate (unlikely) you might say "You have (or here are- and do it) my contact details and this is your problem as this Soup Maker is dangerous and not safe for me to use."

The store can also verify that the item originated there via its own stock records. So remember the point of proof of purchase is about stealing and obtaining refund by fraud. Your situation is different you have a faulty product that you would be happy to keep if it weren't faulty and dangerous! and you can tell them that if needed.

Also, the store needs to see that you are serious, as this does not sound like a user type fault, so you need to assert issues of safety and "let them take it from there". However please NOTE that they are NOT obligated to refund or exchange without having a reportedly faulty item "Serviced" first so it could take a few weeks, BUT bigger stores usually see this as a cost, and no longer bother: they usually just go ahead and offer an exchange.

"Choice" also has good information about your rights. see online.

If all this makes you feel uncomfortable, You can also contact Kambrook, as the serial number will designate its batch / age. Also Kambrook would not want you to have it cause human or property damage and will give you further advice, and they too are regulated by Australian Law re safety compliance of its goods.

Fingers crossed, but mine is now out of its 2 year warranty and still working perfectly several times a week at Feb 2020. And finally, yes!!! I am glad that you agreed - it DOES make "delicious" soup!



My soup maker won’t start. The lights come on flashing. It beeps once. Then beeps again and won’t turn on. HELLLLP

2 answers

Same with ours!

Bin I'm, afraid!


Either a component has failed or user error... hopefully option 2! Need more information. How old ? Have you been using it successfully so far ? Was it ready to cook when it failed? Sensors will operate if overfilled or insufficient liquid or missing the lid or not connected to base correctly.. I would empty the soup maker contents and start again making sure that liquid and food does not exceed max fill mark. Place the lids on and reset.



Are the blades in the base or attached to the lid?

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Blades are in the (non stick coated) base. The jug is not immersible. But I love it. It is noisy but so was the Tefal soup and Co. at 3x the $ before its seal began to leak. I replaced it with this Kambrook model as it was cheaper than fixing at Tefal Parts and Service agent, and it had 2 yr warranty! It does not have a warm or reheat function but soup stays very hot in the SS jug easily for seconds!

BTW there is /was another Kambrook SoupMaker that has blades in the lid so worked like a hand held cake mixer. The jug was immersible. I chose my model over that sale which was cheaper again, as the lid /blade assembly was more awkward to handle. for eg to add last minute condiments you just expose the hole in the lid for this model..

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