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Kia K2700

Kia K2700

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Bewt little truck

We purchased it for an engineering business where it had to carry 1 tonne or more loads the length and breadth of NZ. It has now done 304 000km without engine, transmission, steering, suspension, body or cab giving any major bother. In that time the air conditioner pump main bearing packed up but we just took the belt off and live with the usual heat and fan. The radio bombed out and was replaced, but neither of these items were Kia manufactured. For our purposes it has been simply brilliant. Suspension and ride is good providing you adjust tire pressures to suit the load. that big long tray is very useful, especially with the drop sides. I agree with the figures for fuel economy of about 400 km per 50 litres. Sometimes i wish it had a sixth gear, and there is a frustrating jump in ratio between second and third that can be annoying when you are loaded doing hill work, but this happens pretty rarely. So, excellent value and reliability by my count. Oooh, and the other day the lead to the fuel solenoid lead parted so during the repairs we had the compression checked. All perfectly OK and we haven't yet even touched the injectors. All is still going strong.

Date PurchasedOct 2006

Value for money

Bought my K2700 in 2010, double wheel model, fuel consumption about 10km/pl which is not bad, it's basic but reliable, had front wheel alignment problems, both the front tyres had to be replaced at 10 000km, did the wheel alignment and the problem is solved. Equivalent Japanese models are twice the price, you get what you pay for, will most definitely purchase another one.

Date PurchasedApr 2010

Great light truck / big ute.

Perfect truck for the tradie. Great torque for heavy loads or towing. Amazing turning circle. Nice comfy interior. Up nice and high for viewing traffic ahead.Worst thing about it is a slow top speed, lucky to hit 110 kmh, but it saves on speeding fines. Suspension is pretty soft. The tiny dual wheels on the back keep the tray low for easy loading and if you get a blowout the other one is there to save you. Terrible design for valve on inside wheel though, almost impossible to reach with air hose. Good economy on fuel. Consistent 400 kms on about 50 litres diesel fully loaded. Love the long tray at the back. No problems with anything yet at 90000 k's.

Date PurchasedAug 2006

Great truck not fun to work on

Good truck little slow good m.p .g. 50fing words thay use the dam truck for wars u can run it on used oil. Cooking oil fish oil baby oil I like it u like it she likes it I'm a pick man and it come with a bed sleep more then two I never have to make it

Date PurchasedJul 2004

Engine overhauled at 96000 km, nou at 130000km blown head gasket

Good on driving and loading. Good wiper and water washing system.
Not good: big truck, no power. Spare parts very expensive. Difficult to do maintenance work on the engine, and to remove seats before work can commence. Double wheels good for loading but in South Africa bad at toll gate as they se it as a code 3 truck.



i've had mine for coming on 6 years and it's been dealer serviced very 7,500km. absolutely nothing has gone wrong or needed repair. no rattles or leaks and drives the same as new. it has a brick like motorhome body on the back and is always close to it's GVM but returns 400km before i refill it which works out at around 12lt/100km. this is quite acceptable considering the sticker on the window when new showed 9.3lt when unladen and driven nicely.

i put and aftermarket tubo on it at 33,000km before a trip to tassie to help me get up the hills and it's now up to 112,000. it's done plenty of dirt road work as well. it's simple compared to common rail stuff so any bush mechanic would be ok. no complicated electrics to go wrong either.

i believe the donk is based on a 1966 perkins diesel and the running gear is/was mazda. cast iron head and cast iron block so no blown gaskets. the k2900 is no longer being imported but with it's factory turbo and alloy head it would be worth while chasing up
reliable, strong, crives like a car
12'' rear duals are great for loading height but a need tyre pressure monitoring system and extended valve stems like i have. a bigger fuel tank would have been nice. dealer servicing too expesive but it has been trouble free. a sixth gear would have deen nice plus overseas market got 4x4 too - wow!!!

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Mines great fantastic tray


Well mine has done 80,000 K's in about 16 months no problems so far. One the warrenty period is over I will service it myself very easy to do and now cheap oil filter is also available. Very popular as a courier truck. If only diesel would be a bit cheaper.
1 cheaper than other trucks with same features
2 good size tray can carry 2 pallets with ease even one nore skid can be fitted
3 very good on diesel almost 11 KM for one litre
4 spare parts are not expensive
5 Lot of factory fitted features i.e CD, head light tilt, stearing wheel adjustment e.t.c
6 market acceptane is getting better
7 spacious cabin can fit good size two passengers
8 very good size side mirrors for back view
9 Good torque even when overloaded which is the case most of the time
1 not many after market parts available
2 the name KIA is not respected in the Australian market
3 not a truck but a big ute so mech. try to rip you off telling its a truck so service and things like wheel alignment are expensive
4 the air filter is a bit dear and needs to be replaced very quickly
5 Needs to be seviced at every 7500 K's
6 might be a nightmare to sell


Great feel that u will have When you drive it , u feel that u are driving a ferrary Not a Truck .
the Best of all that is its price , gain tons of Features cheap
gain Power ,qualification , strength , speed , and Comfort
Comfort means that the engine is completely separate from the cab and is accessed by tilting the cab forward - a quick and easy operation ,
also comfort means the easy and professional driving
and at last it's Historical Feature that was the huge Box with 3.1 metre x 1.6 metre tray top and together with huge payload of 1.5 tonne ( I think it can be 2.5 ).
ُُEconomy , comfort ,
doesn't be Exported to several countries


A great truck in size and durability and value for money. I got a new 2006 model this year for AU$10,000 less than I could have piad for the upgraded K2900, that has only a more bigger motor and slight mechanical improvements yet overall looks and feels just like the K2700.
I like this truck as the view is great and has geeat comforts of a car or 4WD.
Pity Kia didn't contunue this model as the K2900 is a lot more expensive for little difference.
Value for money, very good on the diesel, strong and reliable, comfortable to drive, good sound system, nice additions like drinks and coins holders, nice design overall to cab inside and out! This is my Space: 1999 Eagle One!!! haha!
Pulls slightly to the left but not a huge problem, is a bit sluggish on take off, but I didnt expect it to perform like a Holden Monaro or HSV!
Pity the inside rear wheel cannot be accessed to put air into it without taking the outside wheel off, poor design there.
Not enough accessories (like rubber tray mat) and only the drivers weathershield available to buy.


Like i say good value. Myself i have front rotor problems need skimming at 20000
And warp soon as rain comes (same as pregio) but all in all i will for value upgrade to the new model.
Good on price, great to drive, good int design in fact you cant fualt the cab at all, good on fuel.
Bad design on rear inside tyre to check air, diff ratio could be higher as at 3000 revs you are doing 95kmh an is starting to work hard.


Good option over a 4x4 SUV for long traveling along a huge country like Brazil...or Australia I guess. Not used on hard work, but it seem to be great!
Confortable, economical. I own a double cabin 4x4 for trips with the family here in Brazil. Like the "overlander" look I got from it. Spent a few coins to make it more confortable (sound system, alarm, glass film etc).
No accessories available, not even from the importer! Expensive mantainance during the covered period of 3 years or 100 K km. Painting of the WORST quality I ever saw! Try polishing some and you may get to the metal in seconds!!! Umbelivable poor quality on that!!!


The truck is a very well thought out design and size wise. A pity it has major issues with engines and steering. It would be great if another manufacturer took this vehicle design and put a reliable motor into them with adjustments made to help with the steering pulling to the left.
We are going to get rid of ours as soon as we get it back...when who knows could be many more months with Kia. I will not buy another Kia vehicle ever, neither will any body we tell about these issues, its not worth it.
Big tray for such a small truck. Allows you to get into underground carparks with ease.
Truck pulls to the left...and apparently they all do no matter what you do with whell alignments. We have had 4 sets of front tyres in 15 months. Oil pick up blocks and causes big end bearing to seize...is common on these. Warranty claim trying to get any thing done is hard.....very slow at dealing with claims.

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the k2700[bongo]and pregio are designed by mazda in the 1980s,and oil pick up blocks are common?? maybe if you don't put oil in it.

I got what I paid for a bargain.

it seems that some owners have had troubles with the k2700 sounds like maintenance problems to me, and the blame gos to kia or is it the owners fault? I would say its the dealers fault, dealers don't care if bargain brands do well and why should they its better to say "you get what you pay for" and then sell you a german jap vehicle at 3 times the price and 3 times the profit, is there a conspiracy? well the dealer said oil change at 10,000klm and diff oil at 50,000klm but owners manual said 7,500klm and 15,000klm for the diff, so after 30,000klm on the clock i serviced it my self. After working as a courier for 25 years I can finally say I got what I paid for a bargain.
330,000klm with no problems,parts are well priced,good on fuel 650klm for 60liter tank of diesel{city} air con,cdfm radio,power windows power steer,and wow intermittent wipers,all for $23,800 au on road 2003.
needed left wheel camber ajust, front pads wear out quick but brake early and down change earlier you will get 45,000klm, new rotors at 200,000, and new clutch at 250,000.

Hi. I bought a 2005 Kia K2700 light truck(in 2012). I only get about 450 kms from a full tank. The truck itself has been very well looked after and all services history is up to date. I do 97%city driving with occasional 20km freeway trips. You get 650kms surprises meah yes 650kl is what i would get if i drove around empty,but i do get 600kl from 60 liters,so if your geting 450kl that is because you are doing something wrong or you have a sick truck,firstly a new diesel owner will drive it the same way as a petrol car,this is wrong because you need to use the torque (luke) and not the horsepower,also check the air filter and tyre psi i use 50psi front 65psi rear,but i think you may have got a truck that needs a injection service this happens to all diesels every 150,000klms and costs $2200 for k2700 (or about $4000 for rail turbos) my engine was done at 164,000klm with no second service so far (i use additives-diesel power-and quality fuels)370,000klms and still going like a champion.I have a 2005 model from new. Odometer meter reads just on 75000 klm. Best fuel economy when engine new was 450-470 klm per 60 ltr. When engine was being run in , i set it up as a truck/earth moving mobile service vehicle (carrying maximum weight at all times). The fuel economy has dropped to 400-430 klm per 60 ltr. Because the vehicle is fully loaded and working hard all the time, i service it every 5000 klms (oil, filters and air filter). City/semi country driving is the norm. If i was to remove the weight the fuel economy would be much better, by how much i am not sure. Because of the continual weight i fitted a set of air bags to the rear suspension. Have gone through a few sets of drive tyres also.(3 sets). This little truck has been driven hard on both sealed/unsealed roads. Can't seem to be able to kill it. Recommend one to anyone.


I'd love to buy a little truck like this. All the junk on the US vehicle market is overpowered/ overpriced that the American people can't afford any longer. It would be nice if us people in the US could buy this...but Corporate Oil won't allow our Govt. to approve imports. We are stuck with fuel pigs. :(
Fuel economy
Not available in the US

Questions & Answers

Kia 2700 flatbed pickup engine won't shut off when the ignition switch is turned off. Removing the alternator wire to the charging lamp indicator in the instrument panel, the engine shuts off OK. What may be the cause ?
No answers

Hello, I have a 2012 k2700 right hand drive Kia flatback pick up, the speedometer works intermittently. How do I fix this?
1 answer
Intermittent functioning indicates an intermittent connection in some cable or connection. That is, the cable may have a break in the wire that touches every now and then, or a connector is not pushed home.

I have a 2016 Kia bakkie 2500 model. The valve are making Rattling noise what cout be the problem?
1 answer
Excessive valve clearance could be a cause of rattling if you are certain that it is actually valve noise. Is the upper end lubrication adequate? Valve trains need oil, of course. Use a short length of broom handle (300 mm) for this test: place one end against the valve cover and press the other end against soft part of your head immediately in front of your ear hole.(functions like a stethoscope) When the engine is running you should only hear rapid continouos clicking if the valve action is normal. Choose others points on the engine and listen. It may lead you to deciding it s piston knock and not valves. A good mechanic will be able to conclude what this noise that you report actually is.


Kia K2700
Release dateJan 2006

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