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Worst phone call of my life

I had a half hour strategy call and it was potentially the worst call i have had in many years of business and working with ad agencies. He basically read a script to me and then rudely told me that I probably wont be right for them. They said because I was a new business they couldnt help me, even though I had a $30k budget (not that they asked). This companys tactics are embarrassing.

My novice Adwords campaign outperformed theirs!

I was charged a $1000 month fee to manage an Adwords campaign, and told I would need to spend $1000/month on the actual campaign. After i started, they told me my budget was too low to perform, and that I needed to spend $2000/month on ads. So I was now spending $3000/month on my campaign which was resulting in a $500/day revenue return. On my campaign I ran before signing with them I was spending $1000/month and getting around $500-$1500/day revenue return. I had signed for 3 months and couldn’t get out of the contract, my sales fell massively and it cost me in money I paid them, wasted Adwords money and reduced revenue. It took my account another 7 months to recover back to how I had it running before I introduced their campaign. Huge waste of money I couldn’t afford with my new business.

Sucked in and no call back

I was impressed with King Kong’s advertising and even accepted the daily email marketing, so I called them to ask for their digital marketing services for my new online business. When I called, the lady who answered sounded like she was in the kitchen unpacking the dishwasher!! She came across uninterested and bored. I told her my requirements and she said she would have someone call me back because she “didn’t know if they could help me” What?! Digital marketing is what they do!! It’s been 2 months and NO call back. Why? Because I was a NEW business and most likely they knew that it would be VERY obvious if they didn’t achieve any results. I headed straight to the whirlpool forum and read the King Kong reviews and my assumptions were proven.

Three strikes and your out!!!

I signed up for a 30 minute 'strategy session' with King Kong recently to discuss my business and marketing needs. It wasn't a strategy session at all, but just a hard sell manipulative sales opportunity for them!!

They will ask you very specific questions which you think are to understand your business, but it is actually to collect information they can use to bring out your potential objections and then use it against you to manipulate a sale. They have no intention of providing any value to you in that call - it is just to sign you up at any cost. If you don't say yes in that "high value strategy session" they will schedule a follow up because "you will have questions" - but of course that is another sign up opp for them.

I agree with the other reviewer, they will loudly proclaim how great they are, and that "only they" understand digital marketing and know about how to properly develop and market my business through Adwords. Crap detector buzzing! That's total nonsense.

For the privilege of getting the 'best' they want to charge you a minimum of $17400 for 3 months work. Only $6000 of that is for actual AdWords- that's how highly they value themselves!!

$4400 hundred for a WordPress landing page (wtf),
$1000 in setup fees
$6000 to manage you adwords campaign.
$6000 for 3 months Adword spend.

When asked why the $2000 a month for their management fee, the answer was "because we are the best and get paid for results not time spent" - very convenient answer!

The real reason for the high setup costs is three fold:

1. To extract as much money as possible in a short time, which is consistent with their 'churn and burn' strategy (this reminds me of Amway or multilevel marketing, which is extremely predatory approach).

2. Because they know people often think that high cost means high value (it doesn't). Judging on discussions online about them, they also probably can't deliver on their promises and will lose you as a customer once you find out after you have spent the money. They make you sign a contract for your monthly spend so if it doesn't work (which many ex-clients say is the case) you still have to pay!! If it is about results as I was told, why would you need a contract that doesn't provide warranties for non-performance on their part?

3. Also, with such high setup costs you will feel you should sign up for a longer period of time to "maximise" your return on that investment. That is psych 101. So, they try and lock you in.

There is no way I would recommend using a company that uses outdated high pressure sales techniques that are highly manipulative. It shows they don't understand sales or people at all, which actually about building trust and a relationship with clients. FAILED!

If they are that good, why the hard sell? If the "strategy meeting" is any indication of their intent and competence, then I would say steer clear. I doubt there is true value here. Just the appearance of it. I think I can get much better for my $17000 elsewhere. Don't get sucked in by the slick advertising to get you in. It is just hype and part of a predatory approach.

For the truth about this company go to WhirlPool forum where there are plenty of unhappy customers, who did use King Kong services:


Worst Ever! Stay away from them...

I had the WORST experience with King Kong and WOULDN’T RECOMMEND THEIR SERVICES.
Firstly I found their staff including senior management extremely RUDE and ARROGANT. Note, It’s not acceptable rocking up to a corporate meeting looking like you just got out of bed and your staff lack in customer service skills.
In terms of quality of work it’s completely unsatisfactory, they got us penalized by Google, our SEO rankings dropped and overall they were the worst company I had every dealt with in my 15 years in the industry.

I was fooled by their “we are the best” slogan and self marketing however they don’t deliver what they promise it’s all a show. I was also fooled by all the 5 star google reviews which I am guessing are all staff and friends which I will bring to Googles attention. I looked deeper into other forums and found out that I am not the only one who had similar problems with this company.
Do yourself and company a favour and choose someone else, they over promise and under deliver.


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