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KitchenAid Food Grinder / Mincer Attachment

KitchenAid Food Grinder / Mincer Attachment

Food Grinder and Mincer Attachment
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Good for small batch meat grinding

Purchased this unit as the wife had a Kitchen Aid mixer. I purchased the unit from the Amazon in the US as the pricing locally was ridiculous. No fault with the mixer so figured the mincer would be the same. The neck of the mincer is nice and wide and being that the unit is made out of plastic is not subject nor retain the heat generated when grinding large batches of meat. My first effort at sausage making was only 7kg of pork. My second effort was 22kg of pork then an additional 4kg of back fat. If you go to the effort of removing the "stringy" type fat the unit whips through well diced meat. I found the mixer heated up a bit as did the blade and plate interface after 2-3kg of meat. This required me to stop and clean and put the auger, blade and plate back in the freezer to re-chill and put the meat back in the fridge to re-chill. As with any grinding, it all works best when cold. The unit I found easy to take apart and clean, although the end of the auger closest to the Mixer motor can generate or accumulate what looks like black grease/rubber. It could be the metal from the drive shaft of the auger, but as yet haven't had it taint any batches of mince. As such if you are making small batches of mince and don't want to stash a whole meat grinder this unit is suitable. If you are going to do larger batches of grinding I would recommend either forking out for a butcher to grind it for you, or get a dedicated unit.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Best home made snags...

Confessions, we have only used it once so far. However in saying that, we will be using it again. It was a little cumbersome to assemble and use, and difficult to clean, but I'm sure there is a secret to that, we just need to find it. Looking forward to researching recipes for this come summer and cooking up a storm.
Home made product without the additives.
Difficult to clean, little expensive compared to other units on the market.

Questions & Answers

Sausage metal grinder accidentally washed in dishwasher. Metal changes colour is it still safe to use? What product can I use to restore?
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Yes it will still be safe to use. It is a cast product so will most likely start to pit and get white oxidation on it. Not sure of what you can use to restore, but give it a coating of vegetable oil in an effort to stop the air getting to it and oxidising further. There are plenty of forums stating wipe it with warm water then buff it with a cream of tartar paste, but once buffed it will quickly re-oxidise. One of those things where prevention would have been better than a cure. The alternative is also to look for the plastic version of the grinder body. I still wouldn't stick it in the dishwasher though!thankyou for your advice


Food GrinderMincer Attachment
Release dateMar 2012Mar 2012
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