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Liebherr WKB4611

Liebherr WKB4611

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Not possible to get close to advertised storage capacity

I bought this because I was not particular happy with the tight shelving on my Vintec V110SGES3 - 121 bottle fridge, where the shelves are fixed distances from each other, and which means a lot of label scraping when trying to get shelves out. This is a particular problem for many of the larger bottle shapes we get in Australia.

I had this delivered this week. On attempting to stack it today, I realised the internal dimensions mean that there is no way that you can get close to the 195 bottle capacity advertised.

Wine fridges usually advertise their capacity based on Bordeaux bottle sizes, which is fine, however, there is a significant difference between the shelve depth of my Vintec and the Liebherr.

The Vintec shelve depth, between front and back lip, is 51.5cm, whereas the Liebherr is 43.3. As such the shoulders clash far more significantly in the Liebherr. If I try to stack the bottles in the 5/4 matrix (5 forward/4 back) the front 4 have to lift up to sit on the shoulders of the back 5. This is not the same for the Vintec, where the extra 8cm makes enough difference for the stacking to work for many Australian bottle shapes.

I can get about 90 bottles in the 121 bottle Vintec and that includes a 6 bottle wooden case. I don't expect I would get much over half in the Liebherr.

Looking at the advertised dimensions of the Liebherr it states 670mm depth, however, it is 645, or if you include the handle, about 685. From the back of the fridge to the front, excluding door is 590, whereas the Vintec has equivalent dimensions of 680/630.

Although it does seem good value initially, I have decided to return it, as for a 100 bottle fridge, it's not good value!

I can't comment on its performance as I've not turned it on.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
After further research, I think I've discovered from a French site, that a 'Standard Bordeaux' bottle is 28.8cm, just under 11.5 inches where the shoulder is at 9 inches. Most of my Austalian bottles are 12 inches, with the shoulder at 9.5 inches, which is why they do not fit. I am considering now whether to hang on to the fridge as I have now worked out I can get probably 130 bottles in the fridge by selecting the right set of bottles, which would still be cheaper per bottle than buying another Vintec. Why they don't make a fridge that is an extra 5cm deep internally seems bizarre - does the world only drink from Bordeaux bottles...A number of weeks later, I felt I should update this post. I decided to keep the fridge. I have now got 152 bottles in it, but that includes a number of half bottles (about 15). It took me a number of days to get it stocked as it needed some careful bottle arrangement to maximise storage. I intend to leave this fridge stocked for the longer term storage, so won't need to unpack it any time soon. I am not sure how I can ever pull out one of the shelves, as I am pretty sure the second and third tier on each shelf would topple sideways, but that's a problem for the future. The Liebherr is quieter than my Vintec although for me noise is not an issue as it's down under the house. With the solid door I suspect it will be cheaper to run. Having had to move some bottles within the Vintec, I actually appreciate the variable shelf height, as with the Vintec, where the shelves are fixed height, unless you have the right size bottles, you can end up with the shelves getting stuck and two or more shelves coming out at the same time. At this point I would change my number of stars to 3.5. If this runs with no problems for the next 2 years, then I would give it 4 stars. As with the wine, it's all about longevity... I do think the fridge manufacturers should get away from the rather meaningless 'Bordeaux bottle' measurement because it generally leaves people upset that they can not get anywhere close to that as the Bordeaux is one of the smallest 750ml bottle sizes around. Instead fridges should be measured at the number of the largest 'standard' bottle size, e.g. a typical Pinot Noir or 12.5" shiraz bottle. Then everyone will be happy as they may end up getting more bang for their buck rather than less.

The best designed wine Fridge and best value for money in the Market

This fridge does not have a glass door.Therefore it is better insulated than its competitors and holds a more uniform temperature over its internal space. The shelving is intelligently designed so that dense stacking of bottles with a shorter fatter profile is possible. With some other brands, the stacking density is reduced by up to 50% because it cannot cope with these bottles. Pinot Noir typically uses these bottle shapes. The inter shelf height distances allow for efficient stacking without wasted impractical space Because a glass door is not fitted, the price is much lower for the same sized fridge- a huge advantage.
The controls are easy to use and the operating temperature is always visible. The fridge is QUIET so can be situated where noise is not tolerable. The manufacturer is a large well established company so service should not be difficult.
The finish is black all over so the cabinet whilst large is unobtrusive in appearance. It is not beautiful but it is a great performer.

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Hi Dave, Thank you for your very positive review of your new Liebherr wine cellar. We love reading that you appreciate the features as much as we do. Kind regards, Taneille Andi-Co Customer Care 1300 650 020

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Liebherr WKB4611
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