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Vintec 30 Bottle Wine Cabinet V30SGE

Latest review: Compact sleek unit. Keeps bottles at optimum temperature. No issues in the four years since purchase. Love that shelves can be moved to accommodate as required. Very quiet to

Vintec V40SG2E / V40SG2ESS

Latest review: Was a great unit while it worked for 24 months. I'd expect something to work for a little longer than that. Stopped cooling upper compartment but can't find receipt. Seems to be a common

DeLonghi DEWC54S

Latest review: The display panel failed outside of warranty, so I ordered a new display panel and PCB. Installation of these was relatively easy (though it did involve door removal and dismantling of fridge fascia,

Hisense HR6WC30

Latest review: Purchased recently, this was recomended as the better purchase over the Haier/Vintec brands. Blending beautifully with blackwood buffet this 30 bottle Hisense Bar/Wine fridge is a real surprise.

Kogan 8 Bottle Thermoelectric KATHM8WNCHL

Latest review: Actually this is the second time I bought this fridge, the first one I bought was given to my head chef to use at the front of the restaurant and it looks great on display and keeps the open wines

Liebherr WKB4612

Latest review: I'm an enthusiastic amateur cheese maker, so it might seem odd that I bought the Liebherr WKB4612 "Barrique" wine fridge. Having owned the fridge for roughly three weeks, I'd like to talk about my

Liebherr WKB4611

Latest review: I bought this because I was not particular happy with the tight shelving on my Vintec V110SGES3 - 121 bottle fridge, where the shelves are fixed distances from each other, and which means a lot of

Lemair LWC59

Latest review: Noisy and poor energy rating but affordable and otherwise works absolutely fine. Freezer consistently cold enough, no problems with frosting. Fridge maintains a consistent temperature. The one

Vintec V40SGE

Latest review: The fridge looks great for a start, I love the blue light it emits in the kitchen at night. Have had no problems with the termperature. Runs nice and quiet. Great way to store red wine in

Husky HUS-WC-66B-ZY

Latest review: Had the fridge running 2 weeks 3 April 19 The motor is so loud l can here it from the other end of my house. Installed in kitchen Called HN replacing it.... see how we go with

DeLonghi DEWC166S

Latest review: We've had ours since March 2014 and had no problems. It moved house with us in October 2014 and has not missed a beat. It's fairly well stocked and doesn't seem particularly noisy. It's in our

Vintec V30SGMEBK

Latest review: Have only owned for 3 weeks now. So far it has been a handy item in our household. It easily holds 18 bottles of champagne as the bottles are larger than the red wine bottles quoted for the maximum

Vintec ALV150SG2E / ALV190SG2E

Latest review: If you got one a couple of years ago it would have looked sexy. But after sometime it will make loud snapping sounds. Buy one now you will be lucky to get one that is square meaning door doesn't sit

Hisense HR6WC29

Latest review: Beware when attaching the handle onto the fridge door. Best to be installed on its side otherwise the nut assembly which is encased within the door will drop to the bottom and then it is a major

Husky Vino Pro HUS-WC168S-BK-ZY

Latest review: One of the most disappointing purchases I have made. The temperature variances inside the fridge are just not acceptable! When the thermostat in the bottom layer (red wine) is set on 22, it's

Heller HBC115B

Latest review: This fridge looks great but from day one it didn't ever get very cold. I don't think the thermostat was capable of a temperature below about 10 degrees, which is fine for wine but too warm for beer.

DéLonghi DEWC30S

Latest review: The compressor relay failed after 5 years and while these sorts of items can be purchased individually for other brands for $15 or so, Delonghi only provide the relay if you buy an entire new

Vintec 121 Bottle Single Zone V110SGES3

Latest review: I can echo every other complaint. Ours lasted just over 2 years before playing up. Gas leak which couldn't be repaired on site. $185 call out fee and the tech didn't touch a thing. Apparently this

Heller WCH40

Latest review: Looked good, sold by RT Edwards. Cost $250.75 on the 9/2/2029 Kawana Store, 11.00am. Fridge started to form condensation after two days. It took two days running 24 hours per day to get to

Hisense HR6WC36D

Latest review: I bought this fridge 2nd hand being only 18 months old and apparently under warranty. Three months later it is being recycled metal. Admittedly buying 2nd hand items is a risk, however the fridge

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