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Horrendous Customer Service

Just letting everybody know that the Customer Service skills displayed at Liquorland Stargate Shopping Centre in Port Kennedy was diabolical today.
It only takes one bad apple to destroy a stores reputation and the treatment that I received from the staff member behind the register has shocked me.
How can you expect repeat business if you treat paying customers so poorly ?

Woodend Liquorland

Woodend liquorland don't seem to stock any local wines but mostly just the generic coles brand liquor which the staff desperately try and flog you with (I'm assuming there must be some incentive)! Non Coles brand liquor seems to be overpriced and even when on special seems to match the competitors normal price! Staff seem to have no idea of local brands anyway. Definitely not recommended.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Online customer service

Placed an online order on the 24th of January for a case of beer. Was contacted by the customer service team via email that they were out of stock and a refund would be issued if I did not respond within 24 hours.

No stress, closed the email and went elsewhere assuming my refund would begin processing the next day.

Received another email on the 29th stating that if I am happy to receive a refund please respond, if not a refund would be issued after 3 days. I don't understand why the same customer service team member provides the customer conflicting instructions to receive a refund and the goal posts change on the time frame it will be issued.

Refund was issued via PayPal on the 30th and will take up to two additional days to process.

Pointed out the frustration of inconsistent instructions and was thanked, told the order was cancelled and will be refunded. Instructions were provided if I wish to repurchase the item again, lmao no thanks.

Just As Bad As First Choice Online - Typical Coles Company - No Customer Service

I ordered a case of wine and it had to be collected from Abbotsford as they were out of stock elsewhere. This is quite far from me but was happy to do it. I wanted the wine for the weekend and I thought if it was in stock I would be able to get it within 24 hours. Still waiting nearly a week later. They don't respond to any emails and just tell you to wait on an sms. How long should we do this for considering the event I wanted it for has now passed. Another one of Coles shopfronts making it seem like i's going to be convenience and seamless and of course it's not.

Clifford Gardens Toowoomba - rude female staff!

Most Liquorland stores I’ve shopped in are usually pretty good but the Clifford Gardens at Toowoomba store takes the cake for rudeness. The shop manager with ribbons and bows in her hair, stares at you as you walk in, doesn’t help (even when I have a trolley and 4 kids with me and ask where something is!) and points to things rather than actually being helpful. Every time I’ve seen her, it’s the same thing. Other staff members in there seem ok but she is the rudest woman I’ve ever encountered. If she hates her job and her customers so much - she should leave!!

attempted to card me at 40 for buying a bag of ice.

Rude arogant woman at the counter asked for id when trying to buy a bag of ice. She was clearly in the middle of a power trip which was deflated when i asked her to hand back my money.
i wasn't even buying any of the poison they peddle to the community.
Im never going back to that dump.
A waste of my time.

Misleading 'FREE' delivery

When buying online the website clearly promotes that there is "FREE delivery on orders over $150". However I was charged $6.95 for delivery on an order of $249.95. When I queried this I was informed that the offer only applies to "wine and/or spirits". I found this misleading as this condition could easily be made this clear on their website, without expecting customers to troll through the online Terms and Conditions.

Disrespectful and rude

I’m 24 was getting drinks for my Christmas party and the girl wouldn’t serve me because my sister was with me with no I’d.
I get it but what a joke.
If I was buying drinks for her, do you think I would be dumb enough to take her in!

Closing early

On nrl grand final day 2018 manager at Balgownie store closed early 5 customers got there half hr before closing when manager saId we close early on a public holiday when pointed out public holiday was tomorrow he said closing early whilst all other stores were operating normal rang complaints line and was told they will get area manager to call me still haven't heard from them i guess customer service is not their policy i now shop at bws

Shell service stations giving out expired 4/12/18 liquor land vouchers with receipts on gold coast

As a regular shell user who uses six pack beer dockets regularly , amazed that Shell servos on Gold Coast are issuing beer discount vouchers , with already reached expiry dates for Heineken six packs ect .
The discount is worth $9 a six pack , have queried at three different Gold Coast shell stores , no explanation, and with liquor land staff, who understandably can’t explain it.
Rip off , have went in with four dockets , were told were not valid , due to expiry date , yet I purchased fuel after the 4/12/18.

Lliquorland Warehouse

Misleading and deceptive conduct. Shopped at a branded store as LiquorLand Warehouse, they have a massive sign within the store stating "Price Beat Guarantee" and a clear writing stating "Terms and Condition", no one knows the Terms and Condition, called up their Call centre which routes the calls to Liquorland and no one knows the Terms or Condition. They over promise, contradict each other and mislead customers. On price matched and beated the price by 5cents and another by 40 cents - No correct process and mislead customers. Stay away

Online customer service pathetic

Ordered some wine and cider to be delivered. The cask of wine when opened was off, undrinkable. Sent three emails to their customer service and they asked for a photo, so I sent them one of the expiry date on the bottom. Just wanted a refund or a replacement sent, they said take it into a store with the emails and invoice. Are you kidding, why do I now have to go into a store? The whole point of purchasing online is so u don't have to go into a store. Not happy and they will not get my business any more.

Terrible service

My 19 year old daughter went into Mareeba Liquorland with her 23 year old partner to buy me a bottle of Grand Marnier. She pointed out the bottle for Partner and he grab it and took to counter to buy as she did not have her ID on herself staff became abusive and would not let her leave. I rang store to complain and they inferred that she was lying. I am an ex publican and she was brought up in pubs and this is the worse experience that she has ever experience. She is a law student and she is very aware of her rights which were clearly violated today will never go back.

Rude & arrogant staff, terrible customer service

I was totally embarrassed by a rude staff member today and refused service because my 17 year old son was with me. My son wanted to get a few favourite teachers some wine as he is finishing Year 12 next week. He'd asked what their favourite wine was, didn't write the names down & subsequently forgot. I suggested we looked up and down at the different wines until he spotted a name that he recognised (Pinot Noir) together we looked at the price labels & different offers and then I selected 3 bottles.
At the register I was told that they suspected me of purchasing alcohol for an underage minor, refused to serve me and asked me to leave the store. I rejected the claim and pointed out, not many 17 year olds have the sophisticated palate to enjoy an expensive bottle of Pinot Noir, probably preferring Cider or Alcopops and explained they were Teacher Gifts and my son had helped me find good offers on price tickets. I was told to complain if I want, but he was the Manager so don't bother and he threw a leaflet into my Grocery Trolley and told me in a raised voice to leave the store. Terrible conduct of staff member, no common sense applied to the transaction, erroneous quotation of the law. I was embarrassed, angry, made to feel like a criminal and totally humiliated. Will never shop here again!

Customer service NO STARS!

My husband went into Liquorland Mt Ommaney Brisbane to buy drinks for tonight and he was there to buy a few I might add (Sat 10/11/2019 10am) and the girl at the counter was just talking to another lady while he waited patiently... She totally ignored him and just kept talking about jobs, this that and the other...5 minutes' (agitating mins) later, he said 'I'll just go to Dan Murphys!' Very very disappointing! We will avoid going back there anymore at all costs. We will have to be desperate!

Do not buy from Geelong West Luquoreland store

Terrible customer service. I am a 40 yo and was refused a bottle of wine bacause I was with my underaged daughter. The store assistant wrongly assumed the wine is for her and refused to sell it embarrassing me and my daughter. Shocking.. I am never buying from there. Jarrod the store manager can drink it all. Cheers mate well done


Even though it says they close at 6 pm on sundays I get there at 5.30 pm and they are closed. Infuriating.

Website wrong

I found a good deal on their website and went into their Aitkenvale store to be told that deal does not run here. I had the page set to that store and it told me it was available... Although for $20 freight they will send it to me in two weeks??? So if I can't buy it here when the store was loaded with that product than how can they send it to me for that deal price?? I'm still in the same place. They stated they could not sell it for that price in north Queensland... Except I got the product from a different retail store a few weeks back at that deal price and it was a place just up the road???

Liquorland lost a customer today

Dear Liquorland Managers/Customer Service

I am a well mannered woman very well aware of when to use please and thank you.

I went to your Stockland, Caloundra store Sunday 14/10/18.
I started to ask the attendant:
"I want a box of 6 Parson's Paddock Shiraz, but I don't want to upset your display so would you be kind enough to get it for me, please"

She interrupted me after "I want" with 'you want what", I tried again, again she interrupted me - at least once or twice more - in the end I was so 'fuddled' I just said "I want a 6 pack of Parson's Paddock" - she then said "I was just looking for a PLEASE"!!! We proceeded through the purchase, I left saying to her "I would probably have said please if you hadn't interrupted me after I said 'I want'!"

In short - SHE WAS THE RUDE ONE! She literally interrupted me after I just said 'I want'.

Perhaps she had had a bad day, maybe she had just dealt with a difficult customer - I don't know - she has lost you a customer who will not be going back!

Service with a helpful hand and a smile. :)

Every time I enter though the drive through at Mount Colah Liquorland, I am always greeted with a smile and every time with no fail. there is not one gentlemen in that store that has not offered to place the cases in my car and not just mine they take the time for a lot of there customers and show a lot of respect for everyone who enter there store and I can't rave enough about how happy I am with there services. they have really upped there act.

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How do I make an official complaint against a person who works for Coles-Myer Liquorland.
3 answers
Hi Teena I went to Coles complaints and reviews.com and went from thereHi Teena, I tried to complain to the Coles store manager, only to be told Liquorland is a separate business to Coles. I would suggest you to go to the Liquorland website and see if they have a link to make a complaint/comment. Good luck.Hi Teena, https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.complaintsboard.com/liquorland-b123267&ved=0ahUKEwiCyZPKhovUAhUMkJQKHRteCv4QFggdMAE&usg=AFQjCNHArpjydmq9TvKGRLr3nPsCUbVRfg I lodged my complaint on the Liquorland website.

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