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Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter

Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter

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It really makes the biggest speakers on your old unit a great option

I bought this unit after looking at the Chromecast which is ceasing production. The set up was simple, it easily paired with my phone, it requires either a red/white or aux input connection. I couldn't get it to work from a headphone socket. It doesn't need Wi-Fi like the Chromecast so if your Wi-Fi is weak it is a good option. It has the best sound from my Phillips MIDI CD/ Tape/ Record player and now with Bluetooth the bases are covered.

Love it! Wirelessly send Apple Music, Spotify to older hi-fi systems or computer speakers.

Adds bluetooth functionality (imagine wirelessly sending Apple Music, Spotify) to any speaker (read older hi-fi systems, externally powered desktop computer speakers, etc). It automatically connects to my phone once turned on and the receiving distance is decent, say a large living area or small shop. Just turn it off once music listening is done. Outputs decent sound quality over 3.5mm jack for externally powered desktop computer speakers or over RCA for older hi-fi systems, loved it on many occasions. Belkin should make one for the car which uses USB power and receives bluetooth audio then send it to AUX with play/pause, next/previous buttons built-in.

Alternate option: Chromecast Audio which is $10 dearer than this but with more features. Less privacy though.

Logitech BT doesn't connect

Have had this for six months and have found connection very intermittent - it often doesn't pick up, even after multiple attempts at a close distance; over all very disappointing.

Very Strong connection but no ask to connect

It is no doubt that the connection range is very strong with its charger but every time I turn on bluetooth, it just automatically connect to it no matter what. Then I found out there is option to set the device to ask for connection, which means only force all registered bluetooth devices connect to it.

Great device, no USB power unfortunately

Easy to set up.
A great device for streaming via bluetooth to your stereo. I have it connected to my stereo amplifier. You could maybe connect it to a tiny set of speakers with the headphone jack but in this case the speakers would operate as headphones i.e. very little power.
The drawback for me is the lack of USB power supply, which means that this unit is always on regardless of when my amplifier is on. My amp has a USB connection so ideally I would power the device from this so when the amp is off, so is the device.

WYSIWYG Very Cheap and Fine Quality is Achievable if you Know How.

Some people don't understand their TECH when they buy integrating hardware. This is integrating hardware because it serves only 1 purpose and is not designed for multiple connections. It also has its limit for quality depending how you may expect things to work.

This device is not an amplifier or a sound card so what you use between devices is very important. Where the sound comes from is primary important because the device sending is the quality control point of delivery you will hear. Note: this type of non cable connection does nothing to the quality - meaning, if you have good sending quality the loss can only be through the receiver audio device amplitude output. And nothing else.

Lets look at this a little more closely - The Logitech blutooth Audio Adapter is designed to only pair to one digital input device. Remember - input - process - output. The pairing has a code that you input on your digital end device (iphone, tablet PC bluetooth, etc..) This code allows your device to send a signal through the paired device (Logitech Audio Adapter) to the output it is connected physically using RCA jacks. In this case the Logitech Audio Adapter is designed for integration or connection to a Media System Amplifier. Why? Because it has no capability to adjust the input signal or change the signal shape to amplify the sent signal even if it is coming from a PC. You cannot adjust the the signal in transit. However, you may get interference from other devices if you have a high magnetic field in use. Devices that can cause this interference are Refrigerator Motors, Washing Machine Motors, Dedicated Audio Amplifyers and #3 Phase Power Sources. Some Electric Fans can also cause interference. But I am mainly looking at home and work related environments where this device is likely to be used. Home entertainment systems can be an issue but because they are usually housed inside a cabinet that serves as insulating interference.

When setting up the RCA end don't sit the device next to or on top of your Amplifier. That would be dumb.
Make sure that is at least 1 Yard or Meter from the Amplifier. The docking through RCA jacks is an important mention because the Logitech also allows you to use a mini 3.5 stereo jack to integrate with more modern systems. Don't use the mini 3.5 jack connection this if you can use RCA. This device is not designed to be connected direct to speaker jacks. It MUST BE CONNECTED VIA an AUDIO AMPLIFIER to the SPEAKERs.

One last thing - the Logitech Audio Adapter requires a power source to operate. This might seem annoying but you can buy a USB adapter to plug it into your tablet or laptop if you are really stingy on power sockets. The device isn't designed for mobility. It's sole purpose is to integrate Digital signal through Analogue output devices.

I have tested this device with an iPhone4s, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet (undocked), Toshiba Laptop (Docked) and an Ipad Mini - bluetooth to Logitech Audio Adapter - RCA connected to Sony Media Center Integrated Amplifier 5.1 System. No equalizer or shaping of signal pass.

On the iPhone the the signal is weaker because there is lower amplification from the device to send the signal. The Amplifier audio needs to be at approximately 65% higher than normal range to compensate loss, but the signal quality is reasonably good despite this result. You can use noise clipping but it is adequate at 128 Bitrate. Less bitrate and you will notice loss and hiss.
The Ipad mini is similar to the iPhone as it has its issues with shaping but you can use Itunes equalizer to clean things up. Suggestion here is to never buy DLC audio under 192 bitrate. I always try to get 320 bitrate. It pays off if you seek quality at the audio production end.

On the Surface Pro and the Laptop the sound is very good to excellent depending on how you work out the sound shaping. I use very good Audio Programs on both my devices and I can fix almost anything as I use software equalizers to shape the sound being sent from the device to my Amp. I don't need to do much to enhance something that sounds crisp, clean and mellow with the right timbre for hearing an orchestral ensemble and the choral choir like you are there live. Buying the right software really depends upon what you are after.

Audio quality is very tricky to achieve with this small device but it is achievable if you have the right tools and better still the audio quality is superior. Primarily this could be the only thing that most people forget about apart from what they think their digital device is capable of doing. If you want good sound quality you must have the whole package to achieve the result of transferring digital audio through this Bluetooth device. It's just not possible any other way. You also need to forget about space when getting 320 bitrate audio because it use x2.8 time more space than 192 bitrate which in audio quality terms, is inferior and clipped even if it is ripped from CD. You should always choose the highest quality which would be between 256 or 320 bitrate.

OF NOTE - you must not pair more than one device with the Logitech Audio Adapter as it may damage the device and obviously cause signal interference. Duh! As in Ben' review - I think people expect more with maybe less understanding of audiology and technology but with this expectation, failure is far greater because the actual intention is not thought out or understood and discerned for the right purpose.

Awful sound coming out of 3.5mm jack!

Finally got my hands on one these thinking it would be a great investment, only to be disappointed.

The pairing and playing from multiple bluetooth devices is easy and great. Sound ok if solely using it with RCA output. However that's where the positive ends.

The sound coming from the device is awful! I am not too sure if this is how it's intended to sound but I am getting cracking and poor audio coming from the 3.5mm output. There is also a constant humming noise in the background when nothing is played. It honestly makes my $200 speakers sound like it's worth $2 at the gift shop.

I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting, trying on different devices and speakers including Logitech's own desktop speakers. All yielded with the same result. The only time it sounded decent was when I connected it through the RCA output, however most of my accessories are 3.5mm (including the Logitech speaker I intended to use it on!)

For $50 I could have bought 5+ cheap overseas substitute that would no doubt sound better than this. I am very disappointed with this purchase!

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Bluetooth Audio Adapter
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