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Logitech Harmony 650

Logitech Harmony 650

MPNs: 915000116 and 915000173
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The booklet supplied says set aside at least 45mins to set it up, a total of around 20 hours later I get it to work to suit me, still got a few bits to do.
It does work quite well if you have the patience and persistence to achieve acceptable operation.
Their help desk is rubbish, mainly concerned with Logitech protocols etc, calling for Ser No when the thing doesn't have any.
Sadly there doesn't seem to be any viable competition so we are stuck but if ever there was an example of corporate bullying for profit its got to be one of these. How many are made I wonder and the set up process/support is rubbish. Come on China lets see an alternative.

if i could take back changing over I would

Absolute rubbish. Randomly takes over my Air conditioning and there is no way to remove it from the remote or reset the remote. Do not buy this product. Avoid at all costs.

Terrible universal remote

Almost always never works correctly have to go to the help button almost every single time to get it to work the way it should. Would highly recommend another model as this one has failed on me 4 times with the store just replacing it with a new one.

I don’t write reviews. This remote has forced my hand!

Runs out of batteries because it never turns off. constantly asks you to press 8 main buttons before you can use it. Make sure you are not a robot! Worst!

This product shows real thought and engineering

I have two Logitech Harmony 700 remotes, purchased years ago. Both are still used for their original purpose and when I went to buy a third for a new home theatre in another room I learned they aren't available anymore; replaced by the Logitech Harmony 650 I'm reviewing. As far as I can tell, except from the colour (silver instead of black) it is identical to the Harmony 700, and also that instead of being rechargeable by USB cable the 650 uses replaceable batteries.

Well, I say "uses replaceable batteries", but after a year of daily use I've yet to require new ones.

This Harmony 650 replaces six other remotes: TV, Foxtel box, DVD recorder, Oppo player, amplifier, and a pedestal fan. The Logitech programming interface is a thing of beauty. When you twig to how it works - didn't take me long and I'm not that bright - it is not only quite intuitive but very flexible in what it allows you to do with the Harmony 650 remote.

The only complaint I have is actually with one of my older Harmony 700s. One of the hard buttons doesn't work so well now, requiring multiple presses to work. But that is with a Harmony 700 I've had for 10 years. Maybe Logitech have fixed that issue in the presumably updated Harmony 650.

EDIT April 2019: I should also say that Logitech's Harmony 650 can be used for a Foxtel iQ4K box. While the supplied Foxtel remote is Bluetooth - and the 650 is IR only - the iQ4K will receive IR commands in line-of-sight. When you are adding a device in the MyHarmony software, select 'Foxtel' then 'iQ4'. Works perfectly (actually I think better than the Foxtel remote).

Easy to replace Umpteen remotes & batteries

Bought the first of these in Apr '17, easy to setup, replaced 5 remotes and the assorted batteries they used which was a cost saving in itself. Got another in Jan '18 as we were getting some new equipment and used that to set everything up.
We use rechargeable batteries and they work a treat in the device so no need to stock heaps of spares.
It is so easy with the MyHarmony program for Windows to get device codes, create activities, add any additional codes from a remote. Once you setup an activity then you can see the Logic in their Tech !!!
Strong signal to control all your IR devices, Easy to Setup, Simple to Use and best of all Good Value so it is Highly Recommended.

Shares in Duracell?

Terrible. Goes through batteries every couple of weeks. Doesn’t turn off it seems.
You need to explain the use of it to any visitors As it is very different to other universal remotes. Buttons stopped working but I didn’t try and fix. Can’t get rid of it quick enough to be honest.

I hoped it would last to at least 5 years

My first 650 remote had problems with the PC setup , I eventually used a different USB cable & it worked ok . I took it to back for a replacement cable & Office works required the whole package (including remote) for replacement . The second remote worked flawlessly for 3 years. The most used (forward) button is now playing up , I have no hesitation about using another 650 as I have the buttons programmed & saved in my PC . A nice quick plug in - update - use as normal operation. Its just a pity it doesn't last to at least 5 years. BTW Office Works is the best price .

Worked perfectly!

Does the job and not complicated at all. Not sure what all the fuss is about in relation to it being tricky to set up... just read the instructions... took me 5 minutes and I have average/normal IT skills.

Recommended !

Logitech Harmony 650 Model 1713404

Always have had good experience with Logitech.
Software setup is complicated. YOU Need to be, VERY tech savvy, who has lots of luck.
Once you have made a mistake, it's there forever. Even uninstalling does not work, you have to use third party software to completely remove.
Company support is ZERO, only support is computer auto responders, and generated text box
Download user manual, is as good as man BOOBs.

I am really sorry I bought/wasted my money. I definitely don't recommend,

I like it. It replaced everyhing

It reconfigured our TV, set top box, foxtel etc using the app. No problem at all.
There seems to be a button equivalent for eveything the original remotes had, and if it doesn't the context sensitive buttons around the screen will get you to that obscure menu you need to get to.
The only weird bit is getting used to whether you are adjusting the volume on the telly or on the set top box. It takes practice to get used to that.
I like the function buttons "watch tv", "watch movie" etc. Very easy way to get everything to turn on.
Not sure why someoen complained about battery life... the screen detects movement so turns off to save power and we haven't had to change the batteries yet, after 6 months.

Logitech 650 do not whole up under normal use

Logitech 650 is a good remote when it works. This us my third and last remote I will purchase. These rremote do not last. They fail within two years after purchasing. Logitech don't seem to care

Unreliable after a while

Worked great for a few months, easy to program also. But now it is constantly not activating all appliances, have to use the Help button all the time to turn on or off individual appliances.


Poor range. The batteries have to be new around 3 m. Buttons died. Only buy one if you wnat to spend time waving it around trying to get it to work

It's cheap and barely functional

Let's start by saying that the remote for our Samsung UNH6400 TV got rave reviews from those that used it. But we hated it. We have a black leather lounge and because of the Samsung remote's size and shape, we were constantly losing it. So I decided enough was enough and went looking for a universal remote to replace it.

I liked the idea of the Logitech Harmony range, especially those with the little LCD screens (I'm a sucker for technology). I wasn't prepared to spend the $260+ for the Harmony Elite or Harmony Ultimate One, but the Harmony 650 seemed like a pretty good deal at $70. It did all I needed it to, had an LCD screen and was very affordable. So off to Officeworks I went.

When I got it home I set to work straight away. The setup required you downloading the MyHarmony app (Windows or Mac) and using the supplied USB cable to connect the remote. The MyHarmony provides access to a sizeable database of devices you can configure. Finding the right model, the process is as simple as selecting the device and mapping a few few key commands to buttons on the remote and then synching via the USB cable.

While I found it relatively straight forward to identify the devices and get things working, others have not been so lucky. Like other USB devices (e.g. mobile phones), getting your computer to recognise drivers can be somewhat challenging to resolve.

I also found that the instructions for creating more complicated scripted events were very limited. For example, I have a media server app setup on my TV (accessed via the Samsung Smart Hub). I wanted to assign a script to the Harmony 650's "Watch a Movie" button. This involved mapping the coloured Samsung Smart Hub button, then scripting a click of the centre button (to select the media server app). I worked it out, but the sequence of events to get the whole script mapped to a button was a little confusing and definitely could have been better explained.

Using the remote, I have noticed that the commands are almost always delayed. Often I'll use the volume buttons and will give it "a bit too much" as I don't see any response on screen. When the remote does finally change the volume, it either takes it all the way down or up and is remarkably (too much so) sensitive. The remote frequently fails to do anything when a button is pressed. This is not always programmable buttons either, rather basic functions like volume or power. I've also read stories of the buttons ceasing to function after a while, so fingers crossed I get a few years out of the device at least. But I'm already unimpressed and we've pretty much given up and gone back to the Samsung remote.

If you have Foxtel and an AV receiver this is a must have

For the price this surprised me. It works. You use a computer to program the remote then connect via usb to sync the configuration.
This one remote replaced 3 remotes I was using. I have removed the batteries from those 3 and stored them away so there is less living room clutter.
Buttons feel good and are more responsive than the Foxtel IQ remote and both Sony remotes. Remote has backlighting and wakes when you pick it up. Not sure of the battery life but takes 2 double AA batteries, would have been nice if this remote was rechargeable as it has a usb connector however this would add to the price.
If you have more than 2 devices I would highly recommend this.
However some new TV's (Google Android, AppleTV, YouTube) feature voice control/voice recognition and this is missing as the remote is simply IR.


I’ve had this remote for about 1 year now and still going strong. I control 4 different devices with this.
Highly recommend it and the price is great for what it can do .

Great Device - Buttons die over time but can be fixed

I purchased 2 Logitech Harmony 650 remotes back in 2013. Functionality wise, its fantastic, easily programmed from a vast library on the Logitech portal or by just pointing old remotes at it and have it learn the codes. After 4 years, the "button failures" commonly experienced by others, are now being experienced. This button failure seems to be limited to the buttons that use the rubber based tactile surface, of which there are 37. The buttons that use a metal based tactile function, of which there are 13 - navigation keys - are all functioning. Will get to how to fix the rubber buttons later in the review.

What I like about this remote is its user interface. The button layout, colour screen menu and feedback make it easy to operate, read and understand. The buttons are backlit and screen is "very legible" even when misplacing my 1.5x reading glasses. It can be used to control up to 5 devices, as if you are controlling one (i.e. controlling volume from the surround system, display controls of the LED TV, source content from the Play Station or from multiple streaming devices, I could go on, as if they are the one device, like powering them all on and off with the touch of one button). Its like conducting a symphony of devices with the one baton. Most importantly, everyone in the family was able to use it, without significant instruction.

Logitech offer a one year warranty, I got four years from the one device until experiencing button failure, given its price at the time ($55 in 2013, now $78 in 2018), it is excellent value.

I bought 2 in case one failed, as I liked the UI and was willing to take the risk of both failing given the price and given my Logitech experience, which has often been a good one. I was not disappointed, I was going to use the second device as a donor, but it was unnecessary, as I was able to obtain new tactile rubber contacts off the internet that use a different coated surface to the original, which appears to have solved the problem. The current "repaired" remote has operated for another year without further issues, no buttons have failed.

I would highly recommend this remote to anyone in the market, its relatively small, fits the hand readily so it can be balanced with drinks and food, the smaller screen is bright and easy to read, and by the screen being small, translated to longer battery life - battery (2xAA) changed once per year with relatively heavy use.

What I really liked, is that when I experienced the button problem, I was able to strip down the device and fix it, without breaking any components. The remote is assembled extremely well, even if some of the parts (i.e. rubber buttons) were of an inferior make. There's a lot of data on this on the Internet, search "Harmony 650 repair" explain the fix, basically what worked for me was removing the battery cover, the batteries and then the four screws inside the battery compartment. There are two screws underneath the backing strip of the IR cover, all are easily removed with a 00 Philips head. Then, using a spludger or guitar pick, separate the front and back cover. I suggest you start using the pick from the bottom edge of the device and slowly work around the edge to release the plastic tensile clips. The remote readily separates into five parts, front cover, top and bottom keypads, PCB with tactile contact points and the back cover. The fix only requires you to work with the PCB, clean the circuit tactile points on the PCB with a bud dipped in 90% alcohol solution. I purchased new tactile inserts - search "ButtonWorx Individual Button Repair" on the internet to obtain the tactile insert kit - which is placed between the white reflective sticker and the plastic reflective plate. Peel back the sticker from the reflective plate at the front of the PCB. Place the tactile inserts over the instructed holes on the PCB, within the plastic reflective plate. Put back the reflective sticker and re-sandwich the 5 components (covers, buttons, PCB), Then reinsert/tighten the screws and finally re-apply the plastic strip in the IR cover, reinsert the batteries and battery cover. It should operate like new.

(NB: Without the kit, others have attempted to add graphite or thermal paste to the rear of the buttons, or the PCB contact points, this fix does not last long).

easy to program remote

This is the second Logitec Harmony 650 we have used in the household. Once programmed it works all parts of the home theater system very well and is a great controller for "Dummies" with the ability to program specific tasks like watch TV or watch a movie with one button press.
Programming was as easy as downloading the saved file for the 650 via the USB from the computer.
The Help function is good if one part of the system hasn't responded to an action.
It is comfortable to use and fits the hand nicely and responds well to button presses when new..

The previous 650 developed the same problem with the tactile buttons unresponsive by losing their conductive coating as has been experienced by other people in the reviews. This happened after 2 1/2 years of use rendering it useless.
Normally pulling it apart and recoating the rubber buttons with graphite solves the problem with tactile switches and it did for another three months but then the same problem Next time the switches were coated with a silver circuit board paste and that worked for another three months before the silver decamped from the rubber.
Now the first 650 sits as a parts donor for #2 when it dies.

Tactile switches are used in most of the control functions where as the ok and directional buttons use metallic switches, a much better switch.all round. Maybe the tactile switches are built in planned obsolescence.
The number buttons and screen control buttons use tactile switches which are used more often than the buttons that have the metallic switches so they will fail sooner.
Shame a good controller is failed by poor quality coatings on rubber switches.

It is to be hoped that this replacement model does not suffer the same fate in the same time period or that if it does fail it is in the warranty period or that Logitec have upgraded the switch coating to give more life especially when the number buttons are used often.
Would I buy another, probably, providing we get good service out of this second controller.

poor build quality

Bought one a few years ago, kept on getting a white screen, so you had to keep the batteries out, and put them back in again to get it to work. Got the run around from customer service. So I stopped using it.
Got it out other day won't work at all now. stripped it down (I am a retired electronics engineer) and found it had cracks in the glass where the flexible cable connects to the screen. Obvious manufacturing fault.

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I have just bought the Harmony 650 and was disappointed to discover that I still need to use the Foxtel and TV remotes which defeats the purpose of the universal. My TV remote gives me one touch Netflix and YouTube and the update says Foxtel usage is limited as Foxtel Remote uses Bluetooth not IR. Is there going to be an update or advancement for this remote to get up to date with the latest technology as I'm feeling I've just wasted my money?
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Even though Harmony says "usage is limited" (based upon the idea that people will use the Foxtel with BT) it still has all the IR codes and these work. We have an IQ3 and use the 650 in IR mode to control the IQ3 - works a treat so you have not wasted your money. p.s. the use of IR is actually more reliable to control the IQ3/IQ4 as they sometimes lose BT connectivity

Does the Harmony 650 work with Foxtel and Normal TV ? I just have basic Foxtel (not IQ2 or IQ3) Thanks for your time
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Yes it doesAnother response says it will. I'd be guided by that. there is a huge list of remote controlled appliances that the harmony will control. I have an obscure PVR and it was there.It can control anything that uses an infra red remote. Anything the very large database doesn't know you can still program using it's learning function.

I cannot get my new Harmony 650 to recognise my Bush BVR501FV Freeview 500GB HD DVR. It does not seem to be listed in the device list as I get the not known message. Is this the case or am I missing something. Thanks
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Hey Steve, buzz our Harmony Universal Remote Priority Support Line 1800 726 063 Monday - Friday 11:00am - 1:30am (AEST) Saturday 11:am - 10:30pm (AEST)Not all devices are listed as we found. I had a fan (Torion) which was virtually unknown in Australia. The answer was to manually add an unknown device, name it as say in your case as "Bush DVR" then connect your remote to the PC (USB) & use the add command to the device & follow the instructions to "train" the commands. It can be time consuming & laborious especially if you need to programme all of the buttons but once you do the first command it's just repeating the same pattern. Hope you sort it out!


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