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Lytworx 165cm Solar Floor Lamp

Lytworx 165cm Solar Floor Lamp

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A Little Harsh

I bought this for our outdoor patio/dining area as the hardwired light is blindingly bright. The product description says it "casts a warm glow", which suggests it has that soft, orange (tungsten) kind of light. After leaving it out in the sun to charge for 10 hours, it turned on automatically. The light colour is actually more like a fluorescent bulb, so it's harsh and takes a bit of time to adjust to. It's stylishly designed, weather-resistant and has a weighted base to stop it toppling over, but the pull cord switch feels like an afterthought and resembles really cheap, polyester twine. It's nice to have on just so there's some ambiance, but we place far enough into the yard that it's not blaring in our faces. Based on the light colour, I wouldn't recommend this product, unless, you know, you're into that sort of thing.

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