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Maglite LED Flashlight 2,3,4 D-Cell

Maglite LED Flashlight 2,3,4 D-Cell

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Maglite 3 D-cell LED - a pile of crap (sadly)

Tried replacing the bulb, no go. It is recessed beyond the reach of my pliers. No instructions are on their website. Their support documents warn against opening up the stupid thing. I think this company is now run by the same morons who like to lock down computers by soldering in the routine items of upgrade like memory and ssd's. I'll be looking for a different brand from now on.

maglight torch

i have 3 maglights now and yes the first one the batteries did expand because it was summer and I didn't have to use it for eight months so I suggest that if it is not used for a long time simply remove the batteries until needed. love the torches they are number one


Do not purchase this brand. Attempted to open the battery compartment to change out batteries. Would not open. Called MagLite. I was told- they DO NOT stand behind their product. No warranty. I will never purchase another Maglite and neither should you.

Don't waste your $$$$

I have owned Maglites of various sizes for years. Their quality has gone downhill. Their customer service is worse. The batteries will eventually swell and get stuck inside the light, rendering it useless/trash. I've NEVER experienced this with any other flashlight I've owned. I have antique flashlights that do not have this issue. The company will not help. They will only offer to sell you a new flashlight for about the same price you'd pay in the store. There are much better products out there for a lot less money. Search the internet for similar experiences with the Maglite.

Solid, easily modded, and one of the best quality flashlights I've owned - Maglite 4D Review

My review refers to the Maglite 4D. I bought mine in 2008 and it has seen use in wildlife rescue, park security, it has been dropped on concrete, down tunnels and knocked onto roads etc, and it is still going strong. These maglites are incredibly durable and tough.

There are two versions of the Maglite D cell flashlights available - One uses the standard incandescent bulbs, and the other uses the "MagLED" light. Bear in mind that if you purchase a MagLED edition (that comes with a white LED light already installed), the bulb cannot be replaced. I highly recommend purchasing an incandescent maglite as they are cheaper, and purchasing a Maglite LED drop-in mod separately.

Despite what you will be told ("LEDS last forever") they can and do blow, however it is extremely unlikely, but in that unlikely event, it is much more useful to be able to simply swap out the LED for another if it does. If you purchase a MagLED edition maglite, you will have to buy a new maglite as the LED is not covered by their Reduced Lifetime Warranty that they provide for Australians (10 years instead of lifetime).

Definitely one of the best all-round flashlights out there. All I can say so far is that despite the beatings mine has received, it never says die, and it turns on every single time, no excuses.

Just as good (if not better) than the incandescent version

I've always loved Maglites. They have outlived many other torches I've had in the past. The 3D cell is my preferred size/model. The size and weight serves as a defensive weapon, plus the amount and range of light I get out it is just perfect for my needs (at home, camping, etc). I previously had an incandescent bulb version but replaced it with the led version. My main concern, when switching, was: 1) brightness, 2) distance, and 3) beam width. The led version, works just as well (if not better) than the incandescent version.

I bought mine from Master for $40 but see it selling for $30 now.


Mag-lite have been the best torch you could get for years. Bright light and defensive weapon together in one convenient package. One guy even wrote a book about Mag-lite Combat Techniques. Yep an aluminum tube full of lead makes a great weapon. Flash em and bash em. I've bought them for my friends and family as gifts, that also provide a sense of safety. Everyone loves them and use them every night.
Shop around. Don't pay too much.
Very well made American torch that has been the standard for good torches and has been copied by many. Provided you keep the batteries clean and fresh it will out live most owners. I've had a Mini Mag-lite for many years and love it. The 4 x D-cell LED mag-lite I bought recently at my local supermarket is outstanding. It came with a set of batteries and was purchased quite cheaply.
Heavy. Superseded.

3D Maglite Amongst the best 'older' style torches available!

I've owned my 3D Maglite for years now, this was to replace my 2C that I endowed to a friend.

I've noticed that the incandescent bulb thats standard is a battery waster and the light emitted is absolutely garbage, so I dropped in a non standard OEM LED upgrade bulb from Nite Ize. This greatly increased the Maglites output and lengthened the time on one set of batteries!

I have now changed the LED bulb to another 1 Watt LED bulb and have a little more lite again.

The tirch itself is bomb proof and there are "many" available options to upgrade the torch itself, with better reflectors, LED upgrade options, and other tricks. However as left standard the incandescent variant shouldn't be used too often as the batteries will ensure that you put a mortgage on your home to feed this hungry torch!

There is a 2D, 3D, 4D, 6D LED Maglite as standard, however you will pay in Aus about $100 +++ for these as the range increases! A word of warning, that the LED Maglites have a inbuilt safety mechanism as the heat from the LED itself cant be heatsinked effectively and dissipated into the torch, so Maglite designed the LED to self regulate light output based on its heat buildup, so you may experience a drop in light output as it regulates the heat build-up to protect itself.

Personally, the Maglite itself with the incandescent bulb is cheaper and gives you the ability to drop in an aftermarket bulb for another $35 there abouts, whereas the LED variant is quiet costly, however as good as you'll get for a OEM LED Maglite for the everyday Joe punter...

As said that this torch can be used as a weapon for self defence purposes, and a myriad of parts and upgrade options exist on the market to ensure that you have a tactical torch thats both functional and cosmetically appealing!
Solid weight, water tight, parts last, good anodising to protect from corrosion internally & externally, with regular maintenance will outlive the earth!
Size, standard bulb & OEM LED bulb output nowhere near as bright as some smaller torches, power thirsty bulbs, C & D batteries as expensive as torch itself! No option in Australia for C & D Lithium batteries to reduce weight.

Update - I dropped my 2D from about 6 feet quiet a few months ago, straight onto concrete and expected the worse! As soon as I got down off the roof - clicked it on a it worked perfectly! Hows that!! Nothing like a toy torch, this thing is beyond tough and reliable!Update - just serviced my Maglite torches last weekend during SEQ's severe storms. I really understand now what owning a Maglite is all about 'Dependability & Durability'...

Old school technology still reigns supreme engineering wise

I've owned 3 Maglites in the D size barrels, both the 3D and the current 2D in Pewter.

These lights are fantastically built and are again bomb proof, water resistant and able to be driven over with a truck! However the light output from the incandescent bulb is still shameful - and the LED variant is not that much better!

It's best just to buy the ordinary Maglite D size torch and pull the incandescent bulb out and replace it with the Nite Ize LED 1 Watt Upgrade or another Cree drop in that can be bought online, I have done this with my Maglites and now have a brighter LED light, its nothing breathtaking however the light is whiter, goes further and is totally shock proof and still able to be replaced if the LED ever fails (I keep a lesser wattage spare in the tail cap). These LED's reduces battery consumption while greatly increasing lumen's and reducing heat from the standard bulb. A fantastic upgrade however buy these kit's online and you'll save some dollars!

The Maglite is something you'll just need to buy once, and you'll find that it'll be passed down in time. Spare parts are easily found and cheaply purchased, and upgrading parts like the lens plastic glass to actual glass is easily done.

With some care and yearly maintenance with good quality greases and oils, you'll maintain these lights like a tool and find that they will faithfully serve you well. Just keep in mind that you should inspect your batteries every few months to keep an eye on if your batteries are leaking? I always use Energizer or Duracell Ultimate's in the D size when available - as they have a low leak tenancy and last a long time.
Weight, durability, quality of product, lifetime guarantee! Feeling of security...
Sometimes weight & physical size can be an issue when hiking.

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I dropped this torch from about 6 feet the other week onto the concrete driveway - it landed pretty flat and managed to hit barrel and cone reflector quiet hard. Luckily no dent and only a impression into the aluminium of the concrete surface resulted. Torch still works perfectly and now has a little battle scar... Cant do that with these modern day toy LED torches...


Maglite torches are famous for their legendary toughness and reliability. When you pick up a Maglight, you can feel the solid construction, high quality materials and build quality. The LED bulb provides a powerful beam of light and the focus of the beam can be adjusted by rotating the head of the torch. Whether you buy the 2,3 or 4D model, you have the comfort of knowing you are buying a quality torch that is going to provide you with many years of trouble free use.
Solid build quality, Reliable, Tough, Powerful light
More expensive than other torches but it's worth the price


maglite make high quality torches. these are great. they are sturdily made. mine has lasted years with no fear of failure. the beam can be adjusted by twisting the head of the torch. solidly made. quality workmanship. if you want a strong light that can be trusted then this is a great choice
these are serious torches that do the job they are meant to do. they are powerful with a very strong beam. They are quite heavy but they are sturdily made - you can drop a maglite and it will survive
nothing - when it comes to torches these are amongst the best

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LED Flashlight 2,3,4 D-Cell
Release dateJun 2009
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  • MPN: ST3D016

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