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Atomic Beam Torch

Latest review: This torch is extremely bright and I thought I purchased a gem of a torch. Put it in my pocket and walked with it for about 2 hours one night. This resulted in the button breaking and the rubber

LED Lenser P Series

Latest review: I was given this as a gift many years ago. It gets intermittent use, but every time I use it I am impressed with how bright it is. A few weeks ago it wouldn't turn on. Playing with the switch showed

Maglite LED Flashlight 2,3,4 D-Cell

Latest review: Tried replacing the bulb, no go. It is recessed beyond the reach of my pliers. No instructions are on their website. Their support documents warn against opening up the stupid thing. I think this

Eveready Dolphin Torch

Latest review: I have bought 2 Dolphins in the last year. The first failed after 9 months, a fluke-no. The second failed after 2 weeks. Service response non existent. Rubbish product! Would not offer safety when

LED Lenser H Series

Latest review: This was a Christmas present and I liked it until the light would turn on by itself 5 minutes after being turned off which flattened the batteries. I contacted the NZ supplier and later Led Lenzer

Dorcy 500 Lumen LED Rechargeable Spotlight D1080

Latest review: Charges quickly, plenty of use per charge, very bright. Stable enough to stand up by itself. Good unit all round. Not cheap, but worth the

Fenix PD35

Latest review: ok so i have always used torches like dolphin, magnalite, etc. which are ok if your in a small area and only want to see directly in front of you, but when i moved out to 2.5 acres, the torches were

Tomcat LED Pocket Torch

Latest review: I purchased two torches from adultshopping.com.au a Tomcat 5.5 1w LED Metal Torch, its super bright made of strong metal using AAA batteries, also purchased a Camelion 6 Volt LED Flash Light in

Maglite Flashlight C-Cell

Latest review: I owned a C size Maglite years and years ago possibly towards 2000 till 2004 - the C size torch was a little easier to hold and manage and far far far lighter than the D size cousin. The C size torch

Klarus XT11GT

Latest review: Cree XHP35 HD E4 LED 2000 Lumen up to 316 meters. Comes with 18650 Li-Ion Battery and USB charging cable but i just use a phone charger via the mini USB port on the side of the torch. Has 4

Led Lenser K Series

Latest review: The K3 is a tiny little offering from the Gerries at Led Lenser. The K3 is a solid performer which offers a huge amount of light from such a small offering! It takes 3 button batteries via the

Pelican MityLite 1900

Latest review: Supplied these torches in the mining industry. Hands down the best torches that I have used. Small in size,but very concentrated beam of light. Can light up my shed at a distance of just over 50

Olight M2R

Latest review: Olight are making waves in the global flashlight market. Have had many torches over the years but these are what you've always wished they would make. Superb quality build, rugged, durable,

Lendleser MT Outdoor Series

Latest review: I bought a Ledlenser MT6 torch on 7/12/2018. Its ability to focus the beam quickly and easily is excellent as is the variation in beam angle of which it is capable. It boasts 600 lumens and

Energizer Folding Lantern

Latest review: Versatile area light - robust- we bought a new one this year after having the last one for 10 years. I thought it had stopped working, so bought another one- but turns out still going strong. Light

Energizer Hardcase Pro Inspection Light

Latest review: I've bought 2x of these torches for work, and I can say this is one tough torch. It lights up small areas, and is perfect for illuminating small areas such as desktop PC's, in a car, under a

Dewalt DCL043N

Latest review: Whenever I go camping or boating and have this with me, people fall in love with it. It has a really bright (1000 lumens rated) spotlight which has a true 400 metre throw! Whilst Dewalt rates this

Pelican VB3 2220 LED

Latest review: Purchased this item last year. I work as a firefighter and have it attached to my radio loop on my tunic. Great for hands free writing and close up work like undoing locks and reading fire alarm

Metabo ULA 14.4-18 LED

Latest review: This Is a Review about the Metabo ULA 14.4-18 LED torch.This is the upgrade or later model to the previous halogen globe model 14.4-18 volt torch. A much improved edition, much brighter and lasts a

Atomic Beam Headlight

Latest review: I was pleasantly surprised by the Atomic Beam Headlight. I was drawn to it because I could strap it on to my head and keep my hands free. When I tried it out on climbing up into the ceiling it really

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