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Makita DML186

Makita DML186

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Makita's worst product?

This puny flashlight gives off about 20 lumens, but for some strange reason Makita has it rated in its 2016 US Catalogue at makitatools.com at 500 lumens! Lies! On other sites they say "500 lux", a totally different measurement. I contacted them about the inconsistency and poor performance but they claimed they could not help me since the information was from their US website, yadda yadda, passing the buck, it's a different light (it's not, the LXLM01 is exactly the same as the DML186 and BML186), send it back to the eBay seller at your own cost, yadda yadda, go away, we won't help you, not our responsibility (even though it's our company that lied to you). Got it? Welcome to Makita customer service in Australia.

Bottom line is beware of this product which is mislabelled in the catalogue and is really a very weak light that is dimmer than a $5 cheapy from Clint's Crazy Bargains.

Update: I have found the perfect use for this light. My wife and I go for a long walk every night, and this lamp is great for that purpose, lasting 50hrs (they claim). The light is good enough to illuminate our path.

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