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Makita DUB362Z

Makita DUB362Z

4.8 from 6 reviews

Will change your life!

I bought this after a tool shop car park demo by a Makita rep impressed me. I already had a brand name plug in blower at home but this seemed quieter and more powerful. It has completely changed the way I clean up and garden. For the first time wet leaves and grass are not a problem, cleaning the lawn of leaves or anything short of bricks is trivial. This thing is really, really powerful it makes my mains blower look like a toy while at the same time being quiet enough not to worry about annoying neighbours. There is an optional nozzle (PN:197889-6) that fans out and speeds up the air that I found very useful for a wider effect, less than $20 it is worth ordering. This blower is more powerful than some backpack blowers I've tried but still lets me talk to someone next to me in a normal voice. Don't ask me how I know but with two of them you can hit 40 Kmh on a skateboard (wear a helmet). Can launch tennis balls into next street, clean a desk in 2 seconds, empties sand pits and style hair almost instantly. Seriously this is so good it is fun to use. It does flatten 2 x 6Ah batteries very quickly when set on '6' but that's plenty of time to clean back and front yards. I will never forget a neighbour across the road trying to move a single wet leaf off his plastic lawn with a Bunnings brand mains powered blower. after 15 mins I went over and the DUB362 cleared his green carpet of leaves in about 30 seconds. He went straight out and bought one, regaining his manhood and binning the cheap plastic toy that shamed him. Experience the power - own a real blower!

Date PurchasedOct 2016


I got it as redemption for a mower. I tried it today to clean my double garage and the driveway. It took less than 2 minutes. My 8 years old son loved it. It can blow a thong from 2 metres easily. It was good value for a mower dml380, dual charger, 2x 5ah batteries, blower dub182 and blower dub362 together $599

Date PurchasedAug 2018

In a word, it's a beast.

Have had an electric and a petrol powered blower before but they have not been as strong as this blower.
Overall the Makita Blower has a quality feel and materials used appear to be of a robust nature. It has heaps of blowing power (on its maximum setting you have to fight against the backwards push) but at the same time, it is not overly noisy. However, you really only need a lesser power setting for most blowing jobs and this will also increase your battery life. To this end, there is a power dial going from 1 (lowest) to 6 (highest). Reserve 6 for those stubborn bits of lawn debris stuck to wet paths.
In any case, battery life is not an issue. Even set to full power, I can easily get through blowing my back pergola, side path and front driveway & path three times over before a recharge is required. The blower features two 18v batteries (supplied) and a twin charger (supplied) which will recharge them in an hour or so. The batteries have LED power indicators on them but there is also a twin LED power indicator on the blower to quickly check their status. All up, the unit weighs about 7kg which can be slightly on the heavy side for some people (particularly when you are fighting its full power blowing mode.

There is little to criticise with the package but I will take Makita to task in two areas;
1) Apart from a cardboard divider separating the blower from the batteries/charger, there is no other packaging to support movement in the packaging box? While not an issue for the blower which is wedged in, the (heavy) charger and heavy (batteries) are free to fall around in the box?
2) The second issue is a (presumably) cost cutting measure by Makita where they fail to include the end of the blower nozzle in the package. That's right...on a $619 unit, they don't include the end nozzle which leaves you with a blower tube and some connecting lugs that do nothing. It makes the unit look unfinished and has you hunting through the box looking for the missing part. Further investigation reveals this is supplied as an “optional extra”. Presumably Makita feels that you really only need the blowing tube so by leaving out that part (a dollar or two's worth of plastic at the most) they can increase their profits further. Particularly when you now have to fork out an extra $27 plus for the “optional” nozzle. Yes I did and it does help with the blowing but shame on you Makita for your penny pinching and the only reason I won't award five stars!

However, apart from those two (admittedly) minor issues, you really can't fault it. The skin (blower) has a 3yr warranty while the batteries and charger are 2yr. The ability to just grab it and use (without having to refuel and struggle to start or drag an extension lead around everywhere) makes it a worthwhile purchase in my books and certainly a recommendation to buy.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Great Product

I purchase a brand new Stihl petrol air blower. It was a nightmare to use. Constantly pulling the stupid rip cord to get it started and noisy as hell.

A tradesman was working at my home and I tried his Makita DUB362Z. I was blown away. Amazing power and compared to a petrol units noisy motor, its extremely quite. I have since purchased one of my own. The only issue is the initial investment of buying the 2 Batteries and the Charger which as sold separately.

So if you can afford it, you will never look back. Even the wife and kids can use it.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Love it!

Hubby loves Makita products and this is so good! Powerful and strong, I use it quite alot with other Makita products we have such as the vacuum cleaner etc. We have the Makita Power tool combo is battery charge is fast and lasts a long time.. My neighbours want one too. Does the job perfectly and I find myself really enjoying to use it

Date PurchasedJan 2017

I Love this Tool!

I'm in tool heaven! This new blower (released in 2015) is unbelievable, like a hurricane. It pushes your hand backwards, it's sooo powerful. It's like a petrol powered tool. I can now clean up in a fraction of the time. This tool is much more powerful than the other electric blowers Makita makes. Buy it, you'll love it. Brushless motor too!

Questions & Answers

Does the battery for this suit other Makita cordless tools? Where Makita uses two 18v batteries for some tools (I think) would this battery also suit these tools?
4 answers
Yes!!! All makita batteries suit all makita tools .. For eg, I have 4 batteries, 2 big ones and 2 small ones. I use it for Makita radio, the makita blower, vacuum cleaner and also cordless drills, angle grinders etc... hope that helps.Yes. There are a few Makita tools that only take some types of 18V Makita battery, but generally batteries are interchangeable.Yes it does. That’s one of the benifits of sticking with the same brand. I purchased the 5.0amp Lithium-ion. They are expensive but they will last you a near lifetime. Worth the investment.


Price (RRP)464
Maximum Air Velocity193
Vacuum FunctionNo

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