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Makita LXMT02Z

Makita LXMT02Z

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Great tool for hard to reach and fiddly jobs

This is a handy tool for those hard to reach jobs. It won't replace any of your other tools but it will definitely complement them. Great for neat cutting, sanding odd shapes but don't expect it to cut metal other than nails, thin walled pipe or mild sheet.
If your into repairing/replacing tiles or re-grouting there is no better tool.
Great for removing difficult glues, sanding hard to get to spots.
This is not a tool you would want to use all day or to complete large jobs, it's the tool you'll reach for when you get to the most fiddly jobs and the ones requiring neat and precise workmanship!
Check EBay for blades & accessories as they can be expensive in store.
Very easy to use, very precise, great for hard to reach jobs
They are a little noisy when run at full speed. Accessories can be expensive so shop around!

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Release dateFeb 2013

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