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1999-2004 Mercedes-Benz MB140D

1999-2004 Mercedes-Benz MB140D

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mb140d solid performer

Hi i have had my van since 2004 90000kms on it only major problem was the injector pump wentand was fixed by a local mercedes whisperer! it is now our camper van and has 245000kms on it it is a great van although bit of a slug. info on repair specs are impossible to find here is the front Hub nut torque settinf after changing wheel bearing 235~275 NM (from Mercedes Tech) took me days of looking hope this helps someone. and parts are getting easier to get.

Date PurchasedMay 2005

Really nothing else compares

One of the noisiest vans around and a bit underpowered ..

But that really is all you can complain about !!

We purchased this van in 2009 it was an ex coach with moderate miles, I took out the middle seat row and moved the back seat forward into that spot. The result is a van that seats 9 with 6 feet behind for all the tools and crap I carry with me.

Its turned out to be the best vehicle for our family with 3 young boys and their friends we just have so much room. When we need to move stuff we just fold the seat down and start piling stuff in ... recently Sheree my partner managed to load 12 bedside cabinets, 5 Queen Headboards, 2 x Chaise 4 seaters, 2 Kayaks and 3 kids all in one load .. to be fair she was really good at Tetris, I probably would have fitted 1/2 as much and forgotten one of the kids.

The comfort level is astonishing compared to most commercial vehicles, wind resistance is minimal and economy is great .. we are getting 10km / Litre consistently.

Now Sheree and I end up yelling at each other a lot in the old girl just to be heard above the engine noise and we would rarely get past 100kph which seemed to be flogging the engine to death ... but here's what changed !

1) I removed the engine fan which was ridiculously large and noisy and replaced it with an electric one in front of the radiator.

2) I removed the engine cover and packed Bats insulation (doesnt burn) around the back of the engine before replacing the cover.

All of a sudden not only could I hear the stereo on low, but could talk to Sheree and even the kids in the back without raising my voice.

Performance ... o.k I have to change down lots of gears on extended slopes but on the flat she now cruises along at 120kph (gets quieter around that speed) and even hit 140kph from time to time when I'm not paying attention.

So your all about to say I'm speeding, but to be fair I travel Rotorua to Wellington and back every week and that's 1000kms which I do after midnight to get a clear run .. the van has performed faultlessly.

When we first purchased her we fitted new brakes, rotors, tyres, gave it a good service oils etc and have only just started to replace tyres and brake bits now after 8 years.

We are spoilt for choice in terms of cars we can drive as Sheree and I are both petrol heads .. but I find myself driving the van everywhere ... why ???

Oodles of space, incredible economy, reliability and when I get tired I can sleep comfortably in the back ... I would so love to replace her with a vehicle with some more power but there's just nothing else out there that compares.

I have been so impressed by the engine that I started looking for a later model turbo one out of a ssangyong and ended up buying Sheree a Stavic for her and the kids to travel in.

Like any Mercedes (even korean ones) the safety rating is amazing for a Van with no airbags .. they get 4 stars out of 5 so a really safe vehicle for me and the kids.

This one is particularly pretty in burgandy and silver metallic paints and still drives really well for a vehicle that is now approaching 20 years old.

Seating comfort is good, legroom and headroom great, suffers a bit from korean build quality inside and pretty sure the ugly gearbox is Korean too .. but the engine is so reliable and space is so huge that it makes up for the rest of the short comings

All in All incredible bang for buck !!

Also for anyone interested I have a service manual (unfortunately in Russian and an excellent source for new parts in Australia)

Date PurchasedFeb 2009

Very happy with the ole girl

I have done long distances loaded to the gunnels, plus towing very heavy trailer & returning with empty trailer & empty van. Fully laden, the trip was slow (about 85 to 90kph), noisy (until a partial solution was found) but very comfortable & still felt ok and mobile after reaching destination (Im in my 60's). 4 of the 5 forward gears within the gearbox all get well used when the hills are needing to be climbed and one needs to be able to wait patiently for the van to get you up them there hills. (A good change to observe the wild life and count the items of rubbish on the side of the road)
The gearing is (at a guess) more suitable for flat roads or around town as when a hill comes into its view, it dies. Same with strong (60 + kph) winds.
Noise was certainly a factor which made trying to listen to its radio. That's a HOPELESS thing to do if travelling over 70 or 80 kph
Same for wanting to discuss anything with my partner.
BUT... I initially found that a thick woolen jumper wrapped around the gear lever made discussions more able to be had but I ended up relining the underside of the engine cover with a brilliant, specifically made sound deadening material which is similar to a sheet of rubber but with some sort of material/ compound within it.

The road handling and seating arrangements in the van are in my view are excellent.

I bought the van for $1500 (kiwi $ & it had a broken drivers window, broken LH mirror, no Air Con & some fire damage to the rear hood lining.
It had been a people mover and the entire roof was lined with a fabric and a closed cell foam attached (glued) to the underside of the roof panel. The van is carpeted throughout. (front & rear) & up the walls to the level of the side windows.
I did try an later model MB140D but no carpet was in the rear and no head lining and it was just SO ridiculously noisy in comparison to the cheap one we purchased.

I've found it impossible to get Mercedes Benz Agency assistance for it, as they were not brought into NZ as a standard import model & kept being told that its an obsolete model.
However, to date, I have found almost all parts i have wanted to tidy the old girl up, at the car wrecker/dismantles and they have been very helpful with hints on how things are done to rectify any small problem I have had plus in being able to supply used components.

Would I buy another one? Yep, I sure would but I'd make sure it has far more sound deadening material fitted than the standard tin can type of vans.
By the way, tis good not worry so much about getting speeding tickets. :-)

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Great Campervan

So much space inside it's incredible. All the space made for an easy campervan conversion. Engine has no issues 16 years on with no major work, (that's in the books anyway) which is amazing.
Cons: Engine is extremely noisey from inside the van. It's pretty much right next to you as you're driving and gets loud. Have gotten used to it and only is an issue when trying to have a conversation with cute backpackers picked up along the way... Also very sluggish up hills, but I'm not racing anyone most of the time so not a huge issue.
Been able to find a dealer on eBay who can get a hold of any genuine part brand new for decent prices and a regular mechanic who says it's easy to service and work on.
Can't find a manual anywhere for the life of me which is annoying.

Date PurchasedJan 2016
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The seller on eBay has the username Parkeeparkee

Great as a camper

I bought mine in 2004, brand new. Had a camper fit-out done with a pop top, in Tasmania. The first 12 months had lots of little problems to do with quality control on assembly. Since then have had an excellent vehicle. Totally reliable, so cannot comment on parts availability. Regularly go on long drives in a basic but comfortable machine. The roominess is astonishing, and I am quite tall. We get around 100k per 9L on diesel, and when towing a 16ft boat gets to 10L which makes for great economy. I stick to surfaced roads, and have a friend also with MB140D who goes on really rough roads and Aussie gibber desserts, with only busted tyres to complain about.

Since the last write-up, the viscous clutch for the radiator fan packed it in. Bought a new one from Mercedes at approx $300 and had it installed by a diesel mechanic in Nowra. A 2 hour job so not expensive. He is rebuilding the old one for approx $70 as a spare. As a result, I did some research thinking to get future parts, if necessary, from Korea. Discovered that after Mercedes stopped their deal with SSangYong in December 2003, SangYong continued manufacturing in 2005 under its own name in Korea. Then a year ago the factory went to China and is still manufactured there today under the SSangYong brand amongst others. Recent changes are different headlights and grill. I have also found a website by FourGreen who ship parts worldwide for the important bits but have yet to work out the part numbers for ordering. Looks promising!Can definitely recommend Shoalhaven Diesel Tech of South Nowra. Small operator Peter who knows his way around the Mercedes Van. Quick efficient and not expensive.


good economy,Manual available on 2 dvd with installation cd.there are not many benz workshops resulting in long trips to get service if you need it.
200 000 klm on several vans no mechanical problems,but have changed fan belts complete with belt tension pulley as soon as belt shows fraying.All doors are 2 pack paint over galvanize.Heater works quickly for a big van.
Parts expensive but parts are available even new about half price from merc wreckers.Leaves can accumulate behind side strips on front screen.Fitting of 2000kg tow bar difficult to obtain and fit.windscreen drains over motor firewall might cause rust at a later date

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where did you get the workshop manual, can't seem to locate one


waste of money this van is expencive to repair we had to do a clutch and brakes and the cost was about $4000, If i had the chance all over i whould never have bought one. The only thing this van has going for it is it size.
The van storage space is grate, and its pretty good on fule
The van has no power the gearing is all wrong. If you try to tow with this car it will struggle to climb hills i somtimes have to drop back to second gear. Very noise ic cab


This is a great transport van for any business that needs a relaible and fuel efficent vehicle - this certainly is both. It has one of the larger carrying capacities in its field which also doesnt hurt. It also has a large door opening for even the biggest packages to be able to fit. If you travel in this van all day you will like the confortable and smooth ride and the traditional car like mod cons that come with it; including stereo, heeight and reach adjustments, cup holders and the like.
Well known German reliability.
Lots of space for all your carrying needs.
Diesel engine for the highest fuel efficiency possible.

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Love my mb 100 camper, highway, dirt road, city anything I throw at it is no problem. Not sure why the bad reviews, has more room than vw or Toyota and side door entry so much higher. Trakka fit out is excellent , bed is good kitchen excellent. 2.9 diesel is plenty of power low gears great when Forrest driving. Love this van.

Questions & Answers

Hi, have been having trouble lately starting my Merc MB140D. Strangely the glow light only comes on after I start driving and not when I turn ignition on
1 answer
NZRover 9 months ago Common problem, check glow plugs and replace if necessary ... and fit aftermarket glow plug timer .... factory ones often fault and not worth trying to sort out when cheap replacements are available Regards Richard

Hi! Got a mb140d 2002 and starts runs fine but moving in low revs it shudders? Someone suggested crank angle sensor??? Any ideas please?
1 answer
If it's like a clutch shudder rather than engine misfiring could be collapsed springs in the clutch or input shaft bearing at either end .... dont think the diesel even has a crank angle sensor .... it's a very old engine design with mechanical pump ..... Richard

Hi all, Will the replacement of the gear shift bracket take out the sloppiness of the gear shifter on an MB 140D? I see they are available on EBay for $120.00 including postage. Cheers Mark
2 answers
Wouldn't have thought so ... more likely sloppy linkages and poor adjustment .... the bracket just holds everything in place so unless you can see it moving around when you work the shifter theres little point in changing it . RichardThe shifter base under the stick it wears out if you look you can see wear I have cut bras plate shins and pack it out works ok for a year or two then do it again


1999-2004 Mercedes-Benz MB140D
Release dateJan 1999

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