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VS30, NCV3 and T1N
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Drives Smooth, Costs Huge!!!

Sprinter van driven 32,000 miles a year used in delivering Bread, Rolls, donuts, etc... 30 60 seconds stops every night, 6 days a week. At 250,000 mile it still drives close to a new feeling in steering and comfort. I have gotten used to the dashboard being a christmas tree of lights after 100,000. The emissions has cost $10,000 in repairs, and, there are still many things wrong with the emissions. I doubt it will pass the test this coming year. I get about 15.5 mpg and compared to Gas, the fuel/cost is a little more. The exhaust has fallen apart in all locations (no short trips here for moisture condensation). The driveshaft failed at 150,000. Brake calipers get sticky on the sliders and cause uneven pad/caliper wear (fluid flushed every 2 years). Glow plugs changed, Fuel injectors all leaked creating "Black Death" syndrome. If I had gone to the dealer this would have been a $4,000 repair, I cleaned and chiseled my way through it myself for $200 and 8 hours of r&r. Front shocks failed at 90,000. Eats headlight bulbs every 60 days now for 8 years. ha ha ha....Two heating fans, One heating control unit, side door tracking system (we use this 5 times a night, mostly use back doors. (lube all doors every 14 days), and grease all suspension every 6 months. Fuse box is melted by heater fan fuse. variious rust spots on exterior, car is kept clean regularly.

Purchased in January 2012 at Mercedes-Benz Dealers.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Acceleration / Power
Gear Shifting
Fuel Efficiency
Interior Design

Difficult to compare so inspect with a good mechanic.

Bought the 2011 313cdi campervan, medium WB high roof 6 speed manual 4 months ago.It had previously done 275,000 km. as a courier van, & mechanically is perfect.A slight patch of rust{near the sliding door} was the only disapointment-you should check that carefully. They can have a big range of safety features, from 1{driver only} airbag,, etc etc .If you put the VIN.into the Mercedes website, it will show the complete specs,so you know exactly what it has. Preferably have a good Merc or diesel mechanic check it over before buying.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Love my van

Use car to live in has high roof can stand up in it has so many hidden safety features like wind assist it brakes that side of car so you dont get blown all over place. Also esp and somthing that stops will spins lowers revs got stuck on gravel hill when first got it didnt no there was but to turn off so you could gun it up dirt hills spin wheels but mecedes literture doesnt tell you about all theses things you have to find out from forums and google and trail and error great van love it well built drives awsomely but only get about 12litres per 100kilometers which i dont thinks right for little4 cylinder 311cdi 2010

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Absolute p.o.s.a death trap.

fuel economy ok.but cant make use of it because it breaks down consistently.seatings good.driving position & glass ok.entry exits ok steering circle good.heating.air con good.my view on this vehicle is dont buy one ! You will go bankrupt paying dealers to delete codes that pop up for no reason but put the van into limp mode or worse into neutral in the middle of the road.merc benz should be sued!!!

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Which is best for Australia - Ducato or Sprinter?

I’d like to see a genuine set of comments solely on the reliability of the Ducato vs the Sprinter from real people who actually own the vehicles or operate them. It’s hard to find objective quantitative data on reliability alone, but anecdotally the FIAT experience seems terrible with people who own motorhomes being the most frequent users. And Motorhome manufacturers use FIAT for no other reason than the clever means by which FIAT import the chassis, enabling them to import them CKD and save enormously on costs. And FIAT have become the major supplier by far to the Motorhome industry worldwide. But are the FIAT’s hopelessly unreliable or is there a campaign to discredit them? Ditto the Sprinter, where in this forum many comments savage the Sprinter for unreliability whereas we all know they are used almost exclusively worldwide for Ambulance duties where reliability I would have thought was paramount. So where lies the truth about which is the most reliable and dependable?

Date PurchasedDec 2017

If they`ve been crap,Ambulance wouldnt use them

450,000kms so far, goes and goes and goes...regular service and maintenance and No Headaches, I'm using it as a Owner-Driver 10-12 hours per day/5days per week.Great turning circle, breaks/stops like a Thunder, consumption is not the very BEST German part(Renault is more cheaper to run),drives like a luxury car, city, freeways..max speed(my personal160km/h),for some reason bulbs are going off very often, can recommend it for every kind of industrial work

Date PurchasedSep 2013

It’s Amazing!

I’ve had the 2016 Sprinter 513CDI for 12 Months. It drives like an absolute dream. My confidence in the brand has not been tested.
The oil was due to be changed at 30’000 km. Like any Diesel engine the oil gets dark and I changed it at 18’000. I like to keep on top of the preventative maintenance to avoid issues.
I’m not putting the vehicle under exhaustive commercial demands, rather it’s a motorhome. It comes in at 4.5 ton and has had to tackle some steep terrain, in both blistering hot and freezing cold conditions. I can’t fault it.
I’m not going to break any land speed records but for reliability it’s 10/10.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

perfect van, wouldnt buy anything else

643.000k and still going strong. yes we do over 100k per year in all our vans. Hyundai's, Crafters ( which we also own ) are NO match for the Benz. I will NEVER EVER buy another VW even if it were given to me IT WONT DO MY JOB. Now the Sprinter, one seized power steering pump @ 550k. dual mass flywheel 590k and an exhaust sensor @ 620k. 1 set of F disc pads and front shocks. . . Preventive maintenance every 300k new belts and pulleys. Since warranty ran out I service it myself, complete oil and filter change including air cleaner every 33k. ( GENUINE filters only - vectron oil ) it doesn't use oil between changes and we service the mining industry in central OZ so 10% dirt roads. Fuel consumption is on par with the Hyundai's and less than the crafter. I only use the best quality diesel, BP and the likes. Poor quality fuel and oils can and will lead to early particulate filter and injector failure. so look after your Mercedes and it will give you years and many Ks service.

Date PurchasedMar 2012

New Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 Clunks like a Junker

my preordered optioned out $$$ 2016 sprinter 4x4 developed Terrible drivetrain clunk's after 10,000 kms
Took it in 3 times to 2 dealerships and was told it was normal after break in period by both dealerships including the regional sales manager because Mercedes engineering told them so over the phone.
Thanks a lot for the fuhk around! I feel like a whipped dog after this humiliating experience and tremendous waste of time, patience and money. And yes its that bad.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

CANBUS system the big headake. Does its own thing on a regular basis. Indicates errors that dont exi

Driving experience excellent with aftermarket shocks.
Interior is as good as we need, all well positioned.
Electrical system hopeless. Battery flat in a week. Standby current one amp! Should be nearer 259ma. Intermittent srs fault. Check engine light more on than off with mostly long trips. (motorhome). Front bulbar running lights faulty, globes perfect. Key battery went flat now all record of mileage lost. Latest is check engine cannot be reset and DPF will not clear. This makes the vehicle useless. Cannot afford huge repair bills. There are 5 computers that stop connecting. Brake fluid is sometimes empty but actually full. Top Gear was correct about Mercedes.
In 1973 I was on the team for and built a new car plant. Prepared rally cars for WRC events.

November 6th 2018 Update: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter NCV3 Computer Problems

Specifically an ambulance conversion bought at auction. Local MB dealer not interested as they service the local QAS units and know how hard they are to sort.
In desperation went to Euro Car, 30 Maud Street, Maroochydore. In the workshop was a sprinter motorhome from Tasmania getting sorted. Apparently the word gets around. Having experienced the most severe limp home mode ‘black death’ where the vehicle just goes, no dash, no lights at all except brake lights, no clue as to how fast you are going, serious help was needed. These gentlemen work with MB who recommended replacing the emergency vehicle specific computer and supplied a new standard one. Unfortunately not a simple plug in. The other 4 computers had taken strain and needed coding. Euro Car have a contact in Germany. With his help errors were eliminated one by one. The radio, distance recorder, abs brakes, door locks, blown light bulbs dash warning with globes perfect, tyre pressure warning, indicators flashing too fast and many more.
Three camping trips later now going like a dream. Very good cruiser with the optioned ambulance seats, good direct steering, firm brakes. RWC reqd new shocks which are German aftermarket. I now know why they are a top seller, well built body, engine just run in at 350k, no oil showing in the crankcase breather pipe to the turbo inlet. RWD means does not bog on campsites as easily as the other Euro vans. Nothing like this is cheap but still way ahead on buying any standard dealer van.

One caution:- do not let battery voltage drop below 12V! This can confuse the computers. Can discharge in less than a week as the computers have a high standby current.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Two engines in and two engines blown. What a joke.

I will not fix it, again. 3 strikes you are out. I will sell for scrap so that no one has to go through what I went through with this crap vehicle. I consider myself lucky reading other reviews.. I paid 2k CAD for one then motor blew within 4 months light use and then changed engine which cost me near 4k Cad installed. Lasted all of 3000km and blew. I don't understand how a class action suit has not gone through. I will not get into all the details but it had no injector black death probs, h20 pump good, turbo good, changed oil but still just blew. Mine was the dually 3500 and many told me a 5 inline was and is a joke for it but heck even lesser lighter models with the same motor blow. many other probs too numerous to mention but..
If you can not remove the glow plugs do not buy the engine or van.
If black death present( remove injector cover and look) do not buy.
Check engine light on (being off is almost impossible) do not buy
Dually 3500 do not buy
Just terrible.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Scary info

I am lucky to know a mechanic who works on the ambos for 20years. He said since merceedes put maintainance to 30.000 km, he’s seeing new motor replacements needed at round 300.000. A replacement motor cost is round $20,000

My merceedes sprinter 2011 - Yearly service 13.000 to 14.000 per year.
My sprinter with only 82000. Mechanic said “I have things going on mine van which he’d only ever seen in vans with much higher klms.” Now that’s scary thinking of what he’d said regarding motor.
Several engine oil leaks - Merceedes Goldcoast fixed under warrenty.
* Coolent - leak common place at fuel holder. Hard to see. Easy fix.
* 70,000 New Tyres (

Date PurchasedOct 2012

stop building intimidating vehicles its sadistic for no reason other than conseet because its a merc

handles ok, interior ok, very bad sound system. can be a reliable vehicle if computer wasnt set up to drag you to the dealer every other day.your identification in badge section is for engineers not us! when working on these vehicle trying to tell the scanner what your working on is difficult.

Date PurchasedOct 2012

Broke down again no one with knowledge to fix in akaska.

Driving fine. InterI or fine. Running cost good milage. This has been a money pit. Repair....repair. ...repair! Shame on mercedes and dodge. Resonator. Electrical. Transmission. Much more. Every trip was a tow. Every trip was hotels. The worst is the No one is experienced to fix it. Had to fly home from alaska and return and still not ready.

Date PurchasedSep 2009

Man in Van for a Day

Anyone out their taken a third class train ride in Vietnam? Then you know where Mercedes got the prototype for their seating for this van, just cover the bench in a little artificial slippery fabric and that is done. The drivers seat is so flat, lacks any support of any kind, I hated the vehicle from the moment I sat on it (Sic).

I am in the market for a van and the Sprinter is in my market segment, but after a day of a little suburban and mostly highway driving I have concerns, oh and then I read the other reviews on product review and these concerns have grown.

I tested a 2016 313 CDI from a hire company. 31,000 ks on the clock.

20 kms into the journey on a quiet country back road the first problem struck, BIg Red Warning light on the 1960's design dashboard said I needed to get oil out as the engine was overfull. Stopped immediately and rang the hire company, they said "Oh its just what Sprinters do, their a little bit sensitive", really! I should just drive on and ignore it, "yes", OK . The warning light with a beep came and went all day long.

Twice the engine just turned off, yes that's right, just moving along and no power train, Pulled to the side of the road, turned it off and on and it seemed to fix itself. I think this Van has mental problems and on these three incidents alone I have ruled it out of my buying process.

Now what do you get for $60K?

Let me be positive before I harpoon this whale in the last few paragraphs.

Its got lots of space, everywhere. So lots of air contained in a white tin box.
On good tarmac it is smooth and handles surprisingly well.
Light and easy to drive
Its little engine (2.1lt) is able to keep up in traffic and on the highway/expressway, no problems at all
The Auto gearbox is smooth and does the job without any concerns.
The drivers position is panoramic and the glass goes on forever, which makes looking around at the scenery a pleasure, like sitting on a bench in a lovely park
7.1 litres to the 100kms actual driving result without trying is remarkable for a vehicle this size,
Lots of cup holders and storage pockets
Cruise control
Rear reversing camera and sensors

The rest of it is CRAP, and I don't use that term lightly.

On your little hard bench you are surrounded by hard cheep ill fitting plastic like they made Boombox recorders out of in the 1980's. Brittle, grey and slab like, its inhuman. Think cheep Chinese/Korean van of 20 years ago
Pocked just out of drivers reach are heaps of buttons and the radio, no concession to any man in a van here
Hard to see dashboard, you have to peer through the steering wheel and wobble your head around.
No where to put your elbows, maybe Germans don't have them, I must look next time I meet one. BYO slings from the First Aid Kit at work.
Hit chopped up pavement going around a bend at 70 K's both front wheels leave the road the Van continues to go straight ahead until the tarmac become smooth again and the wheels get a grip. It tried to kill me.
Turns itself off at will (not yours)

Now read the other reviews, as I have just done, and weep. Discount the five stars reviews as they all seem to only have one review in the system, dead give away for dealers who need to move this expensive junk out of the yard.

No love lost with this Fraulein when I gave her back.

So ended my day as a man in a van, I thought I would celebrate my survival with this little essay.

Bye for now

Date PurchasedMar 2016

We are finished with Mercedes - Benz Sprinters!!

We had a 2006 Pleasure Way Class B and now a 2013 Winnebago Era and will never buy another Mercedes Diesel. Spent a couple vacations at Dealers waiting for failed sensors with the 2006 but the 2013 has far exceeded that. Nearly every trip we've taken in this Era has included a day at a dealers - Atlanta, GA, Nashville TN, Savannah GA, Scarborough ME, Gainesville FL - to name a few. Sensors won't talk to each other, DEF sensors fail, and on and on. So much for thinking we could travel the ALCAN highway. We won't even try Route 66! Another problem is finding a MB dealer that can service our RV. There are only 3 in our state, the closest being 175 miles away. We thought Mercedes Benz would be a reliable ride. We would never advise anyone to even consider these vehicles.

Date PurchasedApr 2015

The Best Discision I Ever Made In My Life

Second To None ,comfortable to drive big and high cargo compartment.It's like you're living in a different world.Handles heavy load pretty well.One good thing oil and filter change in every ten to fifteen thousand km instead of thirty thousand km's recommended by the dealer.When you look after it ie service in time, drive to the speed limit, road and weather condition it will in return reap you reward as far as running cost is concerned. Very reliable vehicle.

Badge316CDI ELWB
Date PurchasedMar 2014

We all though Mercedes Benz meant quality!!!!!!!!!!!!.

We all though Mercedes Benz meant quality.
I am interested in collecting owner information of those individuals or companies who have had major expenses & Faults in maintaining Mercedes Benz Sprinters, who would be interested in being included in a class action law suit again Mercedes Australia. David 0429 999 958
Only 6 of the 275 Sprinter owners I spoke to so far would recommend to buy a Mercedes Sprinter van again. They are Poor quality Sprinter van. I am on my 2nd “Lemon” Mercedes Sprinter! My first van had been towed 10 times during the first 8,000 kms. And this was my fifth harmonic balancer to be replaced and would take another 4 days?! When I purchased a brand new Mercedes Sprinter van I was immediately faced with continuous faults, break downs and issues with the engine and the mechanical working of the vehicle. After months of Cricks mechanics working on my vehicle and replacing parts constantly due to many different mechanical issues. Sprinters have a bit of a reputation for rust, Although lots also attribute the Sprinter’s pockmarks to thin, water-based paints? What are we paying for.!!!!!

December 29th 2016 Update: Limp Mode

"Limp Mode"

I am trying to ensure that Mercedes Australia fix their Sprinter vans, before they kill somebody. I was talking to one of your drivers, [name removed] (Sunshine coast) which has one of the latest Sprinters and like I am, he and many others are very concerned about one of the major problems with Mercedes Sprinters. The problem is that is randomly switches into Limp Mode, without any warning at all. Similar to [name removed], I drive all day, every day in my Sprinter van on the highway, suburbs and around smaller streets with the van deciding when and where it has full power and when it doesn't giving no warning at all to the driver this is a very dangerous fault and I have been caught on the highway without any power at all, not able to move out of the way of heavy traffic. Mercedes dismiss this problem as being a major issue, however unless you have driven in limp mode you do not realize just how bad it can be. I believe someone will die or be severely hurt, it is just a matter of time if not already. [name removed] was telling me of two examples of many. One, he was going to turn at a set of lights, when he started to turn the other vehicles on the other side were quite a way off and he should have had plenty of time to make the turn, however the vehicle randomly went into limp mode and he had no power what so ever! The vehicles coming towards him, saw he was struggling and they slowed down. This time everything was okay, however it will take just one driver to be distracted and someone will die, due directly to the problem of the Sprinter van randomly going in to limp mode. I do tolerate this every day! The second example [name removed] was going up a step drive way and the van went into limp mode again, having no power on a step driveway and started to roll back which would have been very freighting, not having control of the vehicle. These safety issues are my immediate concern however I also need to mention the wasted time I endure every time the vehicle goes into limp mode, as you have to stop and waiting up to 20min to turn the van off and back on again. This problem has increased as my van has aged and is now switching 3 to 6 times a day. My van has only done 140,000km and I purchased it new. I can't count the number of times I have nearly been hit while driving due to this problem, sometimes only cms and nobody would ever know it was due to a fault in the vehicle and nothing that the driver was doing. Mercedes have a duty of care to all their customers and it seems they put their profits over safety. I believe this problem will also cause additional problems with the mechanical working of the vehicle later on. One particular incident that I will never forget, with my first lemon van was when the van just stopped turned off in the middle of the DAguilar Highway and a truck almost hit me at highway speed, narrowly missing me - an extremely frightening experience and this is why I so persistent that this problem needs to be rectified! Another experience I had was when I was going through an intersection and my van went into limp mode and a vehicle coming towards me, did not slow down until she got close enough for me to see she was texting, I had to beep and she swerved at the last minute to just miss me.

Badge316CDI ELWB
Date PurchasedJan 2012
Mercedes customers demand that firm (Mercedes Australia) come clean over Engine & Body faults. We demand you come clean!!!!.Good Morning Mercedes Australia & Sprinter Owners In regards to our conversation over two weeks ago, by phone & email, I still have not heard from you regarding upgrades to the ECU, I believed the absence of the upgrades to the ECU is one of the major problems we are all having with our Sprinter vans, It seem you are reluctance to address this issue, I bought this to Mercedes attention over 6mths ago now and after speaking to over 600 sprinter owners which I was told I was the only one having these problems!!. Not So!!! Sprinter owners who have had the upgrade are having far less problems than those who have not, I believe you are putting not only your customers at high risk of injury or either death also the public. I believe this relates to your company - Work Place health & safety - Category 1 - reckless conduct that exposes an individual to a risk of death or serious injury or illness that is engaged in without reasonable excuse. (We are asking again urgently for all updates to the ECU, and dates when they came out).Hi, I believe that Mercedes Australia have now stopped my van randomly switching into limp mode, which was one of the major problems during the warranty period. The cost to do this was $4,082.665 according to the paperwork I received. (There was no payment and the van was out of Warranty) I believe this is why Sunshine Coast Mercedes did not want to fix my vehicle under warranty and have told their customers that it is part of the safety network, so they can charge their customers over and over again when the vehicles are out of warranty. They are prepared to put their customers safety at serious risk, even injury or death over money. I believe this is why Mercedes Australia have supported Sunshine Coast Mercedes and other Mercedes dealers. This fault should be a ‘recall’ by Mercedes Australia and not the customers cost. This is definitely why vehicle manufacturers must be responsible for the products that they produce. Get my full story davidbevis@bigpond.com Carmakers driving huge retail rip-off, says ACCC Please email ACCC then we can start a Class Action. info.centre@accc.gov.au

At 370,000km Plus 2010 Mercedes Sprinter 416 (906)

HI Guys
Thought I might share my experience as a driver in Sydney NSW.
I bought my Sprinter brand new 2010 automatic high roof, MWB, 416 which is the super single.
over time this is what I had to change,

PROS- Overall I enjoy the driving experience, but durability it is ok, I still think Toyota van are more durable and $$$ better.
CONS- repair cost , it will get expensive to maintain. I think Mercedes expect you to change or upgrade vehicle in a few years. Another issues is finding a good mechanic that want to work on the van and charge a decent price. A lot prefer not to work on the vehicle or charge higher price because of the Mercedes badge.
5 speed - updated version 7 speed is better

@ 370,000km

Under Warranty 3 years or 100,00km
new computer, new engine sump,

After Warranty
2 front shocks had to change twice, $1000 and one time
Alternator changed twice $1000
water pump $1000
Drive Shaft $2700
These prices included labour

There is the usual maintenance, which Mercedes recommended 30,000km oil change
after warranty I change the oil every 15,000km
Transmission fluid
Change of timing belt
diff fluid change
power steering fluid
oil, air, cabin filter changed
brake fluid changed
Cost $$$$
changed the brake pad and rotors probable 5 times cost $1,200 at one time.
Regular insurances cost every year

Windscreen changed due to crack from flying rocks- make sure you have insurance for this.

U need a high paying job to look after yourself, earning just average wage as a driver won't work,

Date PurchasedApr 2010

Take care of your Sprinter!

Hi folks)
As a man who drives so many cars I can say that Sprinter is a pretty good choice if you know how to take care of it! Since I used to drive long distance I try to check it every 6 months without looking at the number of miles. It's like going to a doctor regularly LOL).

Generally speaking the car is reliable. But honestly, I'm a big fan of Germans!

Running costs would also go down if you do your regular checks. I could write a long review, but I'd better point out one of the most important things in my opinion.

Do check oil more frequently and make sure you know how much you need.
It all depends on ur model, year and engine.

For ur convenience u can find some sort of table in the Web.
I use the one on this site for instance:

Oh, I've almost forgotten my fav part about mercedes that stands out among others - is soundproofing!
Germans are the best!!

Date PurchasedApr 2014

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sprinter 519 cdi does not turn key, charged the vehicle battery and changed the key battery, what could be the problem?
2 answers
If the key wont turn, all I can suggest is spray some DRY lube like graphite or silicone lube in & give it a try. [Maybe ask an auto electrician first.]I tried that before I posted this question, it did not work

Hi does anyone know what the problem is when the glow light remains on constantly after engine is running on a 2001 Mercedes Sprinter motor home? Engine starts perfectly even in cold weather so I am thinking not glow plugs. Vehicle is female family member travelling Australia so we advised to get diagnostic from mechanic but would appreciate advice to help make sure that she is not ripped off. cheers
1 answer
There are lots of different problems that the light could be on for. You have to ask a competent diesel or merc. mechanic what it means, to isolate the fault, as there are lots that it could be.

Does the sprinter rwd van have a split differintial in the rear axle
No answers


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